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  1. WWWarrior added a topic in Local Events   

    Concert On The Commons 2018


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    New Buildings Update
    If you didn't have a chance to attend one of the community information meetings on the project progress of the new schools, here is the link to the District website that shows the presentation in pdf form.  At the meetings the SHP architect in-charge narrated a "fly-through" graphics presentation that provided a walk through idea of what things would possibly look like inside the two buildings (which I really thought was helpful). Click on the link below and then when on the website click on the noted "Campus Designs Presentation" to open the pdf file.
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  3. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Chemtrails   

    I agree Odd Person, Hair was one of a kind and liked to stir things up.  Great guy!  RIP
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    Beer Klub April 2018
    Host:   JED
    Theme:  Imperial IPA
    Date:  THURSDAY !!!  April 27th 7:30PM
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  5. 4xeverything added a post in a topic GH Sandwich Shop   

    My kids love it! I like it. I can see an easy pick up after a long day at the pool for a late summer dinner, and it won't break the bank.
    The side of rice is great, and so is the side salad. The gyro is my favorite. 
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  6. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Albino Squirrel!!   

    Haha! I still can't figure out how to get this *@$% photo to post, but that recipe does sound delicious.  ;D
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    With Spring springing, your lawn will never be treated better.
    Special prices abound for a short time only. Ladies, call me and let me do the heavy lifting for your husband.
    Can't get out of the house? Let me come over to mow your lawn!
    I will tidy up the perimeter every time. No need to stress. Just lay back and relax. Let Blighty Landscaping do the trick.
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    Find a 6 year old. They can fix it.
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  9. Oddball added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    We need to hear what busybody would say about this issue.
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  10. Kovu added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    The problem I have with your stance is this: Is it the wishes of others to demand they act and regulate themselves the same way? I would think not. If it is the case that you see RVs as an eyesore then what if someone pointed something out about your house - like the color it is painted - being an eyesore.
    This was debated during the time that the village ordinances were being re-vamped and I was a part of it. There were several members of the committee that said the same very thing you did. I argued that an ordinance that keeps people from being able to enjoy their passion by making them spend more money to do so is not right. Why shouldn't someone be able to park their RV or camper on THEIR property? Why shouldn't someone have the ability to use their property in a way that suits them, yet does not impede others? One person on the committee stated it was a "quality of life" issue and that it wouldn't look good. Bah! My tendency is that when I notice RVs and campers in a neighborhood I see people who are vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, and family-oriented.
    I can understand that you may not think that the site of RVS is "beautiful". But, maybe your neighbors don't like the color of your house. Or, perhaps, the landscaping you have in front of your house looks unsightly to a professional landscaper that lives down the street. Who knows?
    What has the world come to where we want to micro-manage everyone's PERSONAL property?! Who is qualified to become the ultimate "Do it my Way" official? In a country where government takes so much from us already there are STILL people out there that want more restrictions written by their government. I don't get it.
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  11. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    Regulate something that doesn't exist?
    Treat the entire Village as a historic site and not just the part of it that is?
    One of my great fears is that those properties that have been "blessed" as "historic" will be hamstringed with "social or political activism regulations" ex. the color of paint, the style of door, the landscape, etc. and will be over-lorded those who claim to know better because they're activists.  Your life, your lifestyle, your individual freedoms, are now challenged by self-proclaimed activists who seem to want to run everyone's life.  No, Utopia is a made place or a crossroad in the middle of a Nevada desert or among the cornfields of Southern Illinois. A trip to Greendale, WI or Greenbelt, MD will easily convince you that they shed the Depression era "craftsmenship" long ago for the benefit of the community. Do you not know the Greenbelt is the home of a large NASA research facility and 10's of thousands of residents? Greendale has the largest shopping mall in Wisconsin?  In Greendale, where after learning the mistakes from building Greenbelt & Greenhills units without benefit of an attached garage, those tiny garages have now largely been turned into living space (family rooms and larger kitchens). Two family units have regularly been turned into larger, fancy one family homes.  Well, there goes history.  Yet all I hear from activists are we need to be more like them !
    Like it or not, we live in a community, not a museum.  It is not a perfect community and it has both its charm and its challenges. While it is very important to recognize our past, it is also important recognize that we can't relive that history.  While you may feel we should, I respectfully disagree.

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  12. Bryan M added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    Wait, what?
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  13. NoBeefWithU added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    Thank you WWWarrior for your comment because it further establishes the argument. Because of the low comcentration of recreational vehicles in Greenhills, it is even more compelling to have them regulated. Their regulation would only have a negative impact on a few number of individuals and in contrast a better image of our homes and neighborhood for all. 
    As I hope it was clear in my arguement above, this is in no way a legal issue but rather cosemetic. Greenhills, one of the established green belt towns, is recognized as a nationally historic landmark. Rightfully so, Greenhills is rich in its history and craftsmenship that dates back to the Great Depression era. In an effort to protect and further establish this town, my argument is to regulate the RVs that are present in the driveways of some of our neighbors. Bring your RV out to clean up for the weekend is great, but long-term driveway storage can be an eyesore for neighbors. 
    Living in Greenhills for some years now, I am, have been, and always will be concerned for the betterment of our community and overall image as a whole. I am in no way intending to “rip on”, “defame”, or target my neighbors in anyway. I am merely suggesting that in the case that we choose to decide to better regulate the storage of our RVs, we could see a more clean and bright image for Greenhills. 
    An activist is a person who would like to bring up change within thier social or political enviornment around them. To my knowledge my argument spikes the idea of change within our community and therefore, I could assume the title of an activist. Change is a vital part in getting better. We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results. I appreciate your comments in hopes of starting this conversation of change within our community. 
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  14. Oddball added a post in a topic Chemtrails   

    Man, I sure do miss Hair!
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  15. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    I have to agree with Bryan M as I really hadn't noticed this to be a growing problem.  RV's on the older West side of the Village could and would be generally problematic.  Frankly, parking for just normal vehicles is an issue there.
    So, I embarked on a rather non-scientific drive-by count of RV's on the East side streets yesterday.  I came up with a total of nine recreational vehicles (including a john boat on trailer on Julep, which based upon the amount of rain lately, could be just being prepared).  All were parked on hard surface as required, one on Ireland actually behind the house.  So.....nine out of say 650ish residents does not seem to be the invasion level of RV's suggested.  Activist, huh? 
    As long as the RV's are not on the street, blocking foot traffic excessively, they are not a legal issue.  The only concentration of units occurred on Carini with two being across the street from on another.  So, my instinct from posting many years here on Junedale tells that "perhaps" someone is trying to needle someone about their RV
    So why would an "activist" be driving around looking for issues to complain about?  Why would they be so concerned that they would be "defamed", of course just after they got done defaming some neighbors????  The "elite" and their undervalued homes??   Hmmm....let me ponder that point?
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  16. WWWarrior added a topic in General Discussion   

    EXTENDED - Spring Clean Up
    OK, OK........will this crazy weather ever change???
    Greenhills "Spring Clean Up" Leaf Collection

    The Village of Greenhills Service Department
    will also collect leaves between April 16th-20th.

    Each Greenhills street will get at least one pass by the leaf truck.  To ensure your leaves are collected, please have them raked into neat piles along the right-of-way prior to April 16th.  Avoid raking leaves into street gutters where they may clog storm drains or behind parked cars where the leaf truck cannot reach.

    After April 20th, you may bag leaves for collection by Rumpke on the regular collection day.
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  17. NoBeefWithU added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    To clear things up. I am noting to the problem of people leaving their RVs in their driveways. I am in no way alluding to the people who choose to park their RVs in their driveways for the weekend to clean it up and get it ready for the camping trip. I am targeting those who make their RVs an “attachment to their homes” and leave it in their driveway but never take it out. I am mearly suggesting that they we require RVs to be stored in a facility when not in use. 
    Christine, I am choosing to use a psudonem out of the protection of myself from people who choose to defame activists by using idiomatic slurs of words as a defense against those who want change in our community. My original post was an informal use of hyperbole to make a point. My intention is not to “rip on” my village and neighbors, but rather to show the death of my thoughts on the issue. I do not have any neighbors personally that have an RV, no one in my street for that matter. I just seem to see RVs as I drive on the other streets. Although I don’t have to look at RVs everyday, I deeply care about the image of our community.
    Greenhills is an amazing community of dreamers. People who see the good and potential in the community. My suggestion is simply to remove the RVs from our driveways as just one step in the right direction of cosmetic changes in Greenhills. 
    I truly appreciate your response. Healthy debate is good for fostering change in this “dump” we live in. 
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  18. Christine added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    “What ever happened to taking care of our things and restoring Greenhills to the historic and tight-nit community it used to be” -- you ask?
    Well unfortunately, people like you have decided to go onto a neighborhood blog, create a pseudonym for yourself, and start ripping your village and neighbors apart -- all the time ensuring your identity is covered.  The neighborly thing to do would be to approach your neighbor, ask them how their long, dreary winter was and say “wow you guys look like you may be doing some camping”.  Chances are your neighbor will respond “yes, we are very excited and we brought our RV home for a couple of weeks so we can prepare it -- before we take it back to our usual storage spot”.

    With regards to Greenhills -- it's a dump that has been in progress for years.  We wish is wasn’t a dump – but it is -- and we are here because we have hope and we love what this community stands for -- and we love this dump.  We all do our best to maintain and some are more successful than others, some have more money than others, and some have more time than others.  The great thing about Greenhills though is that if you wanted to put up an Arby’s sign -- you would have 20 neighbors ready to help you put up that sign in a moments’ notice.

    As for taxes – we pay too much.  I know many love the school, but the fact is we live in a poorly ranked school district in the state of Ohio and locally, our demographic is lopsided, you can have a $150,000 home next to a $20,000 home -- plus the definition of “historic” doesn’t mean – old, dilapidated and trashy.

    As you, I would also love to call on our Greenhills leaders to change and regulate the “retched beings”, but the “retched beings” are not RVs.

    How do I feel about the issue?  Let you know my thoughts?:

    Thought #1:  Stop hiding behind a blog and go talk to your neighbor(s) – unless you’re not welcome
    Thought #2:  Only a clueless wonder would tear down their village and neighbors on a public forum and then ask, “what ever happened to our tight-knit community”?
    Thought #3:  Happy Camping All -- because the greatest thing we have going in Greenhills is Winton Woods Park.  That’s a resource Greenhills has to tap into from a marketing perspective and I am all on board with “Greenhills - RV Town and Golf Cart Community”.

    Thanks for your wisdom NoBeefWithU Newbie Wan Kenobi! 

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  19. nuttly added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Barracks?  Your calling a lot of long time villagers homes barracks?   The older and wiser I become I can  take dumb comments like yours and put it aside and laugh.  Warrior I do find your post very interesting and informational  
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  20. Bryan M added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    Honestly, I can't say I've ever noticed, but maybe that's just where I live (Japonica). Personally, under most circumstances, I don't think it would bother me at all if lots of neighbors had RV's. Who cares what they do in their spare time? Obviously if they were blocking sight-lines or sidewalks or taking up parking it would be a problem -- but even then it's not so much about the cause as the symptom.
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  21. NoBeefWithU added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds
    The Village of Greenhills is the little engine that couldn't but complained about it afterwards. Everyone seems to have a perfect idea of what they want Greenhills to be. They want a nicer shopping center, more industry, more community events, however this ideal quickly declines with the care of our homes. What ever happened to taking care of our things and restoring Greenhills to the historic and tight-nit community it used to be. 
    The subject I am addressing today is the increasing amount of RV's added to the crackled driveways of our neighbors. It seems like everyone and their brother is getting an "amazing" RV that is an eyesore to the rest of the community. If you want to have an RV to go "glamping" a half a mile down the street at winton woods, store it somewhere else. Just because you love your RV doesn't mean that your neighbors love it too. I love Arby's so I think I'm going to buy one of the vintage signs, mount it to my truck, and park it in my driveway everyday. Lets all join the Gornickies and make Greenhills into a loving recreational motorcade of friendship. It seems that everyone is getting them now. Even the Greenhills "elite" are getting them (probabbly because of the money they save on their under valued home for taxes, but that's a different story). 
    Another point to consider is what it says for buyers in Greenhills. Trees and manicured lawns no more, Greenhills will soon be known as RV town. We need to call on our Greenhills leaders to create change and regulate these retched beings. How do you feel about this issue? Or is it an issue to you? Let me know your thoughts below.
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  22. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Several well known names in either the Bayham area or Ligorio/Carini areas, then some properties on Avenell.  It seems the intent was to target both them and their neighbors, judging from the person's email indicating their intent to attend the meeting.  A rough count of residents attending the meeting was about 60. A great majority still didn't really understand what and why it had happened.  The meeting was chaired by the Village Manager and was intended to give those residents information on best how to proceed to counter-claim the complaint to the County Board of Revisions.  No representative from the County was present.
    Of the 76 complaint properties filed with the county before the March 31st deadline, 74 were for substantial increases.  Two were for decreases, properties of the person complaining and one other property in the "D" section.
    Besides the apparent targeting of past and present Village officials, the person filing the complaints offered justification for their action as a way to increase property tax income for both the Village and the School District  (one assumes shared blame).  Unfortunately for the those two folks who asked for decreases, any such increases they were proposing would not provide the "WINDFALL" they claimed.  School levies and Village levies are voted upon and are a specific dollar amount that do not increase with higher values.  This has been long standing law in the State of Ohio for nearly 50 years. Voted millage is called Outside Millage and represents the great majority of anyone's property tax bill. There is a small provision in what's called the 10 Mil Inside Millage that does float with assessed values.
    In this case, if in some really bad dream the $2.5 Million of increased value being claimed were to proceed (which is unlikely but affected residents still have to go through the process of counter-claim) the Inside Millage would generated $2,678 for the Village and about $11,000 for the schools......certainly not a "Windfall",  Both amounts pale in comparison the amount of time, effort, cost of hearings, etc. that this whole effort by one person has caused.  Certainly, the County Auditor's office never intended the Board of Revision to be used to be "weaponized" for neighbors to attack neighbors in such manner.  I suspect that some new filing guidelines are forthcoming at the County in the future.
    The Village intends to assist in whatever way with the 74 property owners in their counter-claims, assuming all do not wish to have there assessed/taxed property values increased over and above what the County has already calculated and does for the entirety of Hamilton County.
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  23. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Of all the people she has targeted/threatened over the years, how many of them own property on her list of 70?
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