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    Hello Blighty.
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    Blighty I made that exact same sandwich with one exception.  I fed the spinach to my hamster.  It is amazing how well a PBR compliments the flavors within this sandwich.  It is also amazing that I am posting on this site after being on hiatus for all this time.  Where have I been.   I walked across a dessert with Jim Morrison and took a frigate across the Pacific to China where I joined a clan of Buddhist Monks who took a vow of silence.  After several months in the Himalayan Mountains, I strode back down to the base and headed to the Middle East and opened a Falafel and Chick Pea stand.  I made a healthy profit that furthered my adventures to Europe.  I backpacked across the continent until I was able to board a steam ship with a ticket I won in a poker game.  Wait that's Titanic.  How in the world did I get back here.....and what does this have to do with sandwiches?  Nothing absolutely nothing say it again!  Yeah! Good God!    
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    Community Yard Sale June 9th

    The Greenhills Community Yard Sale for 2018 is scheduled for June 9, 2018!

    This is your chance to help some of your unwanted items find a new home!  Arts and craft supplies, home goods, baby items, clothes, antiques, furniture or electronics...there's someone interested in what you have to offer!  The community yard sale always brings a large turnout all over the Village.

    Interested in participating?  You may register simply by responding to this email address with the following information:

    - Name
    - Address
    - Phone number
    - Email
    - List of items available for sale

    The list you provide does not need to be exhaustive or overly detailed - we categorize sales by what kinds of items they have to better direct interested shoppers.  Also, your phone number and email are NEVER shared, we collect them simply to stay in contact with you leading up to the day of the sale.

    Why register?   By signing up and listing what you'll have available, you can attract interested buyers to your yard sale.  A map of sales all around Greenhills will be available on the day of the sale, on the Village website and at local businesses.  Signage directing shoppers will be put out around the Village for the day of the sale. Submit your registration form to the Village of Greenhills office by Wednesday, June 6 to ensure your address will be included on the map for this year's sale!  Registration is FREE, so sign up today!
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    Pre-season Pool Passes


    The Greenhills Swimming Pool is opening Saturday, May 26th!  This year is already a hot one, so come cool off and relax at your community pool this summer!

    Passes are available for residents and non-residents by clicking here.

    Swimming Lessons
    SwimSafe offers a wide variety of swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  Instructors are highly qualified and trained by SwimSafe staff. 
    Register online at
    Classes fill quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible.  Visit the link above for more information on dates and times.  The cost for residents is $25 per child per 10 day session; non-residents are $50 per child per 10 day session. 
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    TotalPlace    2The TruthUncleMaryland32.5  *Flying Dog   2El Lupulo LibreJED #1Ohio32.5  * Brew Kettle   3ChillwaveJED #2Ohio31.5  * Great Lakes   1Saber Tooth TigerBeerBobOhio32.75  * Rheingeist   3Double Crooked TreeWWWMichigan31.5  * Dark Horse  
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  8. Bryan M added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    Oh geeze, I would've been kicked out in the first month! I regularly forget to close my garage door.
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    This whole subforum sounds like something Saunie does on a constant basis.
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  11. suzy creamcheese added a post in a topic Let's write a book together - right here   

    I find Jed DREAMY....
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  12. Oddball added a post in a topic Let's write a book together - right here   

    This is a really good book.
    I'm gonna have my kids read it.
    Is there a sequel coming out soon?
    Why am I here?
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    Take no offense, Edge. Nothing derogatory, but you look like the Yeti trapped somewhere between the summer of 69' and the Disco era.
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  14. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    I have several friends who live in communities that have a strong home owners association.  They have all the rules and regulations that you seem so enamored of Nobeefwithu.  Residents can only plant certain bushes in front of their homes, garage doors can only be open for so many minutes at a time and for so many minutes cumulatively during the day, colors and shudder designs are all controlled, no flags, and on and on.  Thank God we have nothing like that in Greenhills.  When did we become so passive that we let other people tell us what we can do and not do?  Do I like huge campers parked in driveways?  No, but I would say something to the neighbor if it bothered me, and at the end of the day just suck it up because, at least when I was young, we live in a free country and we have the freedom to be stupid and annoying.  And there are much larger issues in this community than a camper parked next door, like tens of millions in debt by the school district, a dead shopping center, a crazy person filing legal complaints against 80 residents, empty lots where schools are now turning into . . . who knows what.
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  15. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Take no offense, the term is used by old time Greenhills residents.  All the "military" style apartments are the "barracks".  Nothing derogatory, just what they are called due to shape and style.
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    Concert On The Commons 2018


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    New Buildings Update
    If you didn't have a chance to attend one of the community information meetings on the project progress of the new schools, here is the link to the District website that shows the presentation in pdf form.  At the meetings the SHP architect in-charge narrated a "fly-through" graphics presentation that provided a walk through idea of what things would possibly look like inside the two buildings (which I really thought was helpful). Click on the link below and then when on the website click on the noted "Campus Designs Presentation" to open the pdf file.
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  18. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Chemtrails   

    I agree Odd Person, Hair was one of a kind and liked to stir things up.  Great guy!  RIP
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  19. WWWarrior added a topic in Beer Talk   

    Beer Klub April 2018
    Host:   JED
    Theme:  Imperial IPA
    Date:  THURSDAY !!!  April 27th 7:30PM
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    My kids love it! I like it. I can see an easy pick up after a long day at the pool for a late summer dinner, and it won't break the bank.
    The side of rice is great, and so is the side salad. The gyro is my favorite. 
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  21. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Albino Squirrel!!   

    Haha! I still can't figure out how to get this *@$% photo to post, but that recipe does sound delicious.  ;D
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    With Spring springing, your lawn will never be treated better.
    Special prices abound for a short time only. Ladies, call me and let me do the heavy lifting for your husband.
    Can't get out of the house? Let me come over to mow your lawn!
    I will tidy up the perimeter every time. No need to stress. Just lay back and relax. Let Blighty Landscaping do the trick.
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  23. Blight Reporter added a post in a topic Couldn't play the track you requested on Google Play Music   

    Find a 6 year old. They can fix it.
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  24. Oddball added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    We need to hear what busybody would say about this issue.
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  25. Kovu added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    The problem I have with your stance is this: Is it the wishes of others to demand they act and regulate themselves the same way? I would think not. If it is the case that you see RVs as an eyesore then what if someone pointed something out about your house - like the color it is painted - being an eyesore.
    This was debated during the time that the village ordinances were being re-vamped and I was a part of it. There were several members of the committee that said the same very thing you did. I argued that an ordinance that keeps people from being able to enjoy their passion by making them spend more money to do so is not right. Why shouldn't someone be able to park their RV or camper on THEIR property? Why shouldn't someone have the ability to use their property in a way that suits them, yet does not impede others? One person on the committee stated it was a "quality of life" issue and that it wouldn't look good. Bah! My tendency is that when I notice RVs and campers in a neighborhood I see people who are vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, and family-oriented.
    I can understand that you may not think that the site of RVS is "beautiful". But, maybe your neighbors don't like the color of your house. Or, perhaps, the landscaping you have in front of your house looks unsightly to a professional landscaper that lives down the street. Who knows?
    What has the world come to where we want to micro-manage everyone's PERSONAL property?! Who is qualified to become the ultimate "Do it my Way" official? In a country where government takes so much from us already there are STILL people out there that want more restrictions written by their government. I don't get it.
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