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  1. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Fictional Greenhills Brewery & Fictional Beers   

    Great suggestions WWWarrior! I will take you up on those other themes and see what i can come up with from a design standpoint. 
    I'm not completely sold that the market window is *completely* closed for a quality microbrewery in our community, although to your point there would appear to be a pretty good cadence of local/regional alternatives coming out (Swine City Grand Opening is this weekend, right?). I think it's been fairly well documented that the demographics around beer consumption are shifting such that beer drinkers are becoming more discerning about their consumption and, in order to appease their needs, are instead seeking destinations (local & regional) for consumption of quality product, in lieu of quantity. I believe this is creating a market opportunity for more localized alternatives to the neighborhood bar, the old bar & grill, or the sanitized chain restaurant, where an excellent choice of pours, a nice craft pizza (or a sausage with an unusually broad selection of mustards?), and some familiar company are the compelling attractions. This moves the addressable market of competitors to a much broader footprint from microbreweries to [Corner Bars + Bars & Grills + Chain Wing Places + Microbreweries], and keeps the window open in my judgement, just a bit longer. 
    With a good plan, a love of beer, attention to detail, some creativity/energy and yes, some funding, I think it could work in Greenhills.  My $0.02 worth.
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  2. SoccerDad added a topic in Beer Talk   

    Fictional Greenhills Brewery & Fictional Beers
    So, I always thought it'd be cool to have a Greenhills-themed brewery in the community (please don't ask me if I have the funds to start one), that would reflect some of our history and what makes us unique in guiding the thinking on the beer themes. I do NOT fashion myself an expert, in either types of beer, nor the aforementioned history of the community.  That said, I look fooling around with graphic design sites.  A recent one I heard of is and started tooling around and came up some examples. 
    Would love to hear folks thoughts on other possible names and beers that would accompany the names.
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  3. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Greenhills named National Historic Landmark   

    Intrigued to hear more on this.  Anyone have some insights as to whether this brings with it a material benefit to the community?
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  4. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Shopping center sold   

    Impressive! They made
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  5. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    I love a good fact-based analysis when it can be found. Thought I'd share for the good of the conversation

    Does Investing in School Capital Infrastructure Improve Student Achievement? (Hong and Zimmer, 2014)

    While there is broad support of the merit of additional expenditures for education among the public, there is greater debate within the research community. Some of the debate is an outgrowth of the lack of causal knowledge of the impacts of expenditures on student outcomes. To help fill this void, we examine the causal impact of capital expenditures on school district proficiency rates in Michigan using bond referendum election outcomes as a threshold for regression discontinuity design. Our results provide some evidence that capital expenditures can have positive effects on student proficiency levels.

    Other supporting sources can be found referenced throughout the document.

    Full Disclosure: I support the levy.
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  6. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Spoils Field   

    Cicero -

    Thanks for sharing the the commentary from your neighbor regarding concerns about promotional efforts of the a. Village, b. Rec Committee and the c. Rec Commission. I can only speak to the Commission perspective, as a member here.

    The folks who run Spoils have, from what I can tell, done so fairly autonomously, at a sufficient level of success that has allowed them to remain independent of any other support or assistance from the Rec Commission. I think this is by design, because they have not made any direct requests for promotional or financial support to the Commission, and have reflected that in some of the commentary that has been shared informally, that they are relatively self-sufficient, setting direction for the development of their facility unilaterally with the Village Manager, with a minimum of input/guidance from Rec Commission.

    In my term on the Rec Commission as Chair (since early 2011), I don't recall any representative from Spoils attending a Rec Commission meeting or reaching out for request for support. I should add that it was not my expectation that they participate; again, this simply reinforced the relatively autonomous nature of their operation with respect to Rec Commission. In that same time, a number of the youth sports programs have made modest requests for support (financial and otherwise) from the commission, and we've tried to oblige. My point is that we will accommodate the requests and make the recommendation(s) to the Village on potential funding targets for efforts to support these programs (we are an advisory body without a specific budgetary remit), and will work to promote accordingly (we have sent OneCallNow messages for Soccer and Baseball in the past).

    I'd also add that in our community surveys and follow-up public sessions, the drumbeat from the community has been primarily focused on improving the recreational facilities within the Village Center, e.g. pool, playgrounds, ball fields, etc. So admittedly, we focused on those directives FIRST.

    That all said, I'd quickly add that broader access to Spoils for youth sports, and promotional efforts as we saw in the latest issue of the Journal are great steps to "get the message out" certainly is a rotation toward building awareness of Spoils as an asset. I'd like to see the Spoils story pulled into the broader context of what makes Greenhills great whenever we get the chance.

    Hope this helps,

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  7. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Greenhills Walkers and Runners Club and Paths   

    The Greenhills Recreation Commission is evaluating the establishment of official "walking paths" in the community, promoted jointly with the creation of a Greenhills Walkers and Runners Club. Our plan is to launch the Greenhills Walkers and Runners Club in the Spring of 2014, and with that 2-3 marked paths throughout the community. In order to do so effectively, we are seeking input from the community to evaluate paths, and provide feedback. Residents, whether or not you are interested in weighing on the paths or joining the club are encouraged to respond to the Greenhills Recreation Commission Survey. Thanks!
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  8. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Jan 2013 Beer Klub BARLEYWINE   

    I am out of town on business, but will toast the Klub from my undisclosed location...
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  9. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Nov 2012 Brown Ales   

    I will need to be a scratch. This Wednesday is also Rec Commission. Enjoy!
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  10. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Nov 2012 Brown Ales   

    SoccerDad is in with Bell's Brown Ale, sourced from our own, cherished Village Keg!
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  11. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Beer Klub 9th Anniversary   

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  12. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Sept 2012 Beer Klub Oktoberfest MARZEN   

    I was unable to track down any Moerlein Oktoberfest Marzen. I'm going out on a limb here and suggest that my consumption downtown this weekend might have contributed to its absence...

    In any case, I am switching my entry to Point Oktoberfest, from Stevens Point Brewery

    Point Oktoberfest is a an authentic Marzen Style Lager Beer, a style reminiscent of the beers originally brewed for the first Oktoberfest Celebrations in Germany during the early 1800's. Handcrafted using Hallertauer hops and sweet Vienna roasted malts for a rich amber hue. The result is a full flavored, well balanced beer, brewed in celebration of the upcoming season.
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  13. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Sept 2012 Beer Klub Oktoberfest MARZEN   

    Now I'm nervous: I drank all of my Moerlein Oktoberfest Marzen, so I'm going to have to try to track some more down. Hope there's some at the Party Source.

    ...and to be clear WWW - - I am in with the Moelein Oktoberfest Marzen.

    Who's going to Oktoberfest this weekend? I'm fur sure on Sat, and possibly Sunday...
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  14. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Sept 2012 Beer Klub Oktoberfest MARZEN   

    I'll make sure that the Christian Moerlein Marzen is there, even if I am not. Business travel might trump my availability.
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  15. SoccerDad added a post in a topic Beer Klub AUGUST 2012 - Beers of Ohio   

    ... and I will officially abandon the use of decimals in my scoring.
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