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  1. thecoles added a topic in Concerts and shows   

    Seeing the FooFighters 2nite, in memory of Mike Farrar, his favorite "new band". And on his birthday? I guess Mike just aligned the stars that way. Got a hookup for backstage and will do my best to get a dedication to you for "Everlong", your fav.  Happy Birthday, Mike.  Miss you every day.  These hills aren't as "green" without you.
    Chris Cole
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  2. thecoles added a post in a topic Library Staying in Greenhills   

    I am so excited!!!!!! Yay!!!! When I moved to Greenhills from North Carolina this summer, one of the things I was looking forward to was being able to walk up to the library and check out books and order in books from other libraries and have them sent to the Greenhills library for pick up.  This is great news indeed!  Now if someone can come up with a way to make the Butt Shack stay, life would be perfect!  
    Maddie Cole
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  3. thecoles added a topic in Concerts and shows   

    HELLYEAH coming to Bogarts - November 29, 2016
    HELLYEAH will be performing at Bogarts on November 29 at 7:00 pm.  If you are a hard rock fan, do not miss this show!   HELLYEAH was founded by Vinnie Paul Abbott, former drummer of Pantera and this Cincinnati show marks the first time that HELLYEAH has played Bogarts or Cincinnati since Dimebag Darrell's horrible murder in Columbus in 2004.  If you haven't checked out HELLYEAH before, definitely look up their prior 5 album releases.  The music is incredible and and the sound is hard to define - it's a mixture of the classic groove-metal sound of Pantera mixed with classic southern rock/ZZTOP and outlaw country (country rock).  OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BANDS ARE FORMER MEMBERS OF Mudvayne and Buckcherry.  Definitely worth a trip to Bogarts and $29.00.  HELLYEAH are known to play at least 2-3 Pantera songs in their sets in honor of Darrell Abbott.
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  4. thecoles added a topic in Concerts and shows   

    2017 Bunbury Music Festival June 2-4
    The 2017 Bunbury Music Festival in downtown Cincinnati is in need of volunteers. You can volunteer for one day or all three days of the festival and volunteering gets you all access privilege around the entire event, a t-shirt, other band merch and the ability to see and hear all of the bands on the incredible three day roster for free.  Registration for volunteers starts the first or 2nd week of November.  Every year at Bunbury keeps getting better with 3 stages and 30+ performers - past performances by bands such as Janes Addiction, The Killers, The Flaming Lips, Twenty One Pilots, Neon Trees, Tears For Fears, Florence & the Machine, G. Love & Special Sauce, Ice Cube, MudCrutch (Tom Petty's side band), The Wombats, The Mowglis, and many more.  2017 lineup hasn't been announced but rumor is that Weezer is one of the headliners.  Most of the bands performing are classified as indie rock and alternative but there are some funk, blues and rock bands that perform as well, so there is music for everyone, regardless of your taste.  This is a family friendly festival where you see every age group from 8 year olds to 60 year olds.  It's a well organized event on Yeatman's Cove with food and beverage vendors, a lot of meet and greets with bands and a great atmosphere.
    To volunteer, log on to and click on the Volunteers section near the bottom of the page.  Volunteering for Bunbury 2017 begins in early November so keep checking the page.  To volunteer, plan on working 2, 4 hour shifts.  You must be 18 years or older to volunteer.  Some of the volunteer positions include beverage sales, box office, bullpen security, backstage assistant,  team leaders and more and you can request morning, afternoon or evening shifts.  This is a great way to check out a lot of established and up and coming bands for free!  Regular admission for one day is $25.50 and for all 3 days is about $80.00.  If you volunteer, it's free!
    Maddie Cole
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  5. thecoles added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Who-who-who who.....who whoooo .....are you?
    Is anyone else in the Junedale vicinity being awoken at night by owls calling out to each other with the trademark "who-who who who....who who" call? It's been occurring nightly for the last few weeks between 1:00 am- 4:30 am and lasts for a few hours directly in the trees outside of our windows on the western side of Junedale.  We are nature lovers and all and part of living near Winton Woods is enjoying the various wildlife that resides with the woods...and we realize it's owl mating season, but we wish they'd hurry up and get it over with!  Those of us who live towards the Beechwoods end of Junedale haven't been sleeping well for at least a couple of weeks.  According to owl calling research on YouTube (cuz' that's what you do late at night when wild animal noises occur and you can't figure out what it is), it is a GREAT HORNED OWL.  Quite a beautiful bird according to online pictures.  We flashed a spot light into the top part of the neighbor's front tree one night and it flew away.  It's wing span was huge - about 8 feet!  It was a big sucker and caused a mini-monsoon waterfall from shaking the upper branches of the tree when it departed as it had rained that night .  These owls have been calling back and forth to each other for a few weeks now for hours at a time in the middle of the night.  So here's to hoping they find their mates and it ends soon!  Lately, they've been calling out to another very eerie animal with an incredibly violent sounding screeching noise which literally bolts you out of bed.  No idea if the owls are honing in on a prey or if it's a turf war with an EASTERN SCREECH OWL it's calling out to, or more like arguing with.....just looking forward to them find their mates and for these midnight rendezvous to end soon.
    Sleep deprived and frustrated,
    Maddie Cole & Kelly Moore
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  6. thecoles added a post in a topic New tree to be planted in memory of Mike Farrar   

    Just wanted to share that enough money has been raised for 3 trees to be planted in various locations along the Winton Woods walking trail & the Harbor Point amphitheater. The exact locations have not been determined yet but we have requested for one of the trees to be planted next to his favorite bench overlooking Winton lake across the park road at the bottom of Bossi Lane, one has been requested to be planted next to the mini-amphitheater at Harbor Point where the music concerts are played and the 3rd tree to be planted at the park's discretion. Each tree will have a donation plaque in his memory and the dates of the plantings are not yet set but we will update the link when known.

    The money was raised by private donations from Greenhills residents who loved Mike and want to continue to keep his memory alive.

    We love and miss you, Mike. Rest in peace.

    Chris & Kelly Cole
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  7. thecoles added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    Update on The Village Troubadour - they are hoping to be open before Thanksgiving. Sounds like they've had a lot of repairs to do and it's just taking time. But it sounds like it is going to be great!!!!!!
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  8. thecoles added a post in a topic Memorial photos for Mike "Hair" Farrar   

    I spoke with Matt today, one of the owners of The Village Troubadour. He's agreed to post a memorial photo of Mike "Hair" Farrar and also a painting from Samantha Farrar in honor of Mike. So excited!!!!!! Samantha wants to paint something special and with her busy schedule, it may not be finished until December, but knowing how talented Samantha Farrar is, I am sure it will be amazing. By the way, he said they were hoping to have the Troubadour open by Thanksgiving.

    Thank you Matt for honoring this humble respect paying homage to one of the truest, most genuinely kind and decent man I've know....and that Greenhills loved so much. This means so much to the Farrar family and they have been floored and humbled at the outpouring of love they have received from this community since Mike's death. The family just doesn't understand why so many people are doing and want to do so much to honor Mike....but their humbleness is one of their qualities I think is one of the best things about the Farrar family.

    Our goal was to get a memorial bench dedicated to Mike. Greenhills and the generous donations of our residents made that happen in a matter of days after Mike's passing. My goal was to get a memorial picture of Mike hung at the Butt Shack, The Village Troubadour, The Back Door & The Village Keg.. So far, I am 2 for 4....I am sure Stricker will gladly hang a picture of Mike at the Back Door and I know that the Hagedorn family loves Mike and his family and will hopefully honor this request out of respect to Mike.

    There is nothing that can't be achieved if you have love, passion and perseverance. And Greenhills residents have these qualities.

    Love you Mikey....this is the least we can do in return for the many things you did for so many of us in Greenhills.

    The Coles
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  9. thecoles added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    Mike would have LOVED the Village Troubadour and I have NO DOUBT that he could have been encouraged to play an acoustic set to two (maybe after a beer and a "bump" of Beam for liquid encouragement:) the very least, he would have been a presence there, a positive, happy and supportive presence which all of the businesses need at the shopping center.

    All bickering aside, I want Mike "Hair" to have a physical presence at the Village Troubadour, and since they are featuring a lot of artwork, oil paintings, etc, I have contacted Marty at the VT and have asked him if he would be willing to hang a photo with a small memorial plaque to Mike at the VT or if he would hang a painting by Samantha Farrar, Mike's niece and a very talented artist, in memorial to Mike. I know I'm not the only one who would agree that it sure would be nice to grab a cup of coffee at the Troubadour and see a picture of a smiling Mike hanging in there....bringing his positive vibe and energy into that atmosphere every day.

    Kelly Cole
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  10. thecoles added a post in a topic Memorial photos for Mike "Hair" Farrar   

    A very special thank you to Andy at The Butt Shack. He's agreed to hang a beautiful 8 X 10 framed photo of Mike "Hair" Farrar in the restaurant. We dropped the picture off tonight.

    We will also be asking Dave at The Back Door and the owners of The Troubadour if they will be so kind to also hang a photo of Mike in their establishments.. We want his memory to stay alive and his presence to not only be felt but seen!

    Thanks again, Andy. Mike loved Greenhills, being a part of our community and was a great friend. He deserves this and so much more.....

    RIP Mikey. Miss you every day.

    The Coles
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  11. thecoles added a post in a topic "Hair"   

    Such a bittersweet goodbye to Mike "Hair" Farrar today. It was nice to see such a huge turnout to honor his life. A lot of tears shed. He will truly be missed. Never forgotten. Many projects in the works for this one-of-a-kind man.
    Thanks to everyone and their huge outpouring to the Farrar family. It meant a lot. Kristin and Mike's girls were beautiful and gracious - a testament to the way they have been raised by Mike and Kristin and their families. Michelle/Mickey and Rick Rieman "Screamin',- thank you for always being the pillars of strength that you are. We love you. You are beautiful souls encompassing the spirit of Greenhills.
    Maybe as time goes by, Chris will see the gift he was given by being able to spend those last final moments of life with Mike. But for now, he's broken. We all are... Thank you to all of you who lifted Chris' spirits tonight and helped him release some of the weight of the experience.
    Much love and respect to the Farrar family and to all of the Greenhills families who came tonight to pay their respects to a great man and family. You are all what makes this village so great.
    Kelly Cole
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  12. thecoles added a post in a topic "Hair"   


    To anyone interested in making a donation in memory of Mike Farrar, there is now an official memorial fund in Mike & his girlfriend Amy's name set up through PNC bank. You can make a donation at any PNC bank - just tell them you'd like to make a donation to the Mike Farrar Memorial fund and they will be able to find it in the system. This fund is a legitimate memorial fund set up thru the IRS with an EIN number and donations are tax deductible.

    Also important to note - this is not a fund for profit!!!!! Every penny of the money donated will be used to support Mike's family. There are many bills and expenses to pay. Mike gave so much to so many, even when he had very little to give. This was just one of the qualities of Mike's that made him so loved by his family, friends and the community.


    Kelly Cole

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  13. thecoles added a post in a topic "Hair"   

    We will be missing Mike for years to come. And all of us have a Farrar story...or two....or three...
    I was blessed to have Mike as one of my best friends for 31 years. He was so much more than a friend, he was like a brother to me. He always said I was the daughter that Dot always wanted and the sister he never had. I often told him that what those Farrar boys needed growing up was a sister. He would laugh and say "but we have you!"
    I will miss many things about Mike, but one thing I will miss the most is his infectious laugh. When he got to laughing, you couldn't not laugh. It was contagious. Every time I walked away from a conversation with him, I felt happy. He had that effect on people. More people should be like Mike - so happy to just make others happy and smile. He lived for it...and his music. Mike imprinted my soul. And I will miss him for eternity. Tonight, we will all have a beer and a "bump" of Beam in his honor:)
    Kelly Cole
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  14. thecoles added a post in a topic Solicitors from "Drug Free America"   

    Just FYI , there is a group of pretty scary looking dudes walking around the neighborhood selling candy. They claim they are recovering drugs addicts and they actually do look pretty scary. They were here a couple of weeks ago. They hand you a brochure, give you a 10 second rap and then ask you to buy dusty boxes of chocolate, tootsie pops and m&m's. they are even traveling with children, which is why I answered the door, thinking it was a kid fundraiser from school. He got very irritated with me when I didn't buy anything and when I closed the door, he threw his brochure against my door. Be careful of these people. Very scary. The brochure didn't list any company name or phone number and looked like something someone typed up and folded. Just be careful. You never know in today's society.
    And Junedalers.....lock your cars at night! The car bandits are at it again! We have a motion detector spotlight that shines on the driveway now as a possible deterrent.
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  15. thecoles added a post in a topic What if I called your employer?   

    I adore my neighbors. I don't adore stalkers or mean-spirited people. And I have enough "bi*** potential where this clear violation of your rights to privacy would call me to action. We have a great lawyer in our family, Mike O'Connor, O'Connor, Acciani and Levy. Let me show you what true neighborly love is and have him right a letter to them about the specific ramifications of their actions. At least scare the bejesus out of them. Totally uncool in fifty languages, but you KNOW it's not us or the immediate neighbors! We all suffer from Mad Love Jack disease:)
    Shut this person down like a power window. They have no respect and that is a little scary. I have a Facebook stalker and had to shut them down with a court order.
    We are humbly at your service!
    Much love,
    The Coles
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