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  1. Christine added a post in a topic Dazed & Confused No More   

    Almost everyday I see something in my house that reminds me of Jeff -- the crown molding in my rooms, the Hansee Mobile in my backyard, my unfinished baseboard around my air conditioning vent where he said "do it yourself"  , the guitar pics and looper, my crooked TV where he said "fix it yourself" .  He helped me with everything, or got someone to help me.  Jeff was just a great, amazing man.  I know Jeff, Barb, Mike, Roger and Grandma CJ are up to something -- up there.  How amazing was it to have all of them in our lives!!!!  I know he's in God's hands now, but it was pretty great when he was with us.  RIP Jeff -- you are missed!!!
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  2. Christine added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    “What ever happened to taking care of our things and restoring Greenhills to the historic and tight-nit community it used to be” -- you ask?
    Well unfortunately, people like you have decided to go onto a neighborhood blog, create a pseudonym for yourself, and start ripping your village and neighbors apart -- all the time ensuring your identity is covered.  The neighborly thing to do would be to approach your neighbor, ask them how their long, dreary winter was and say “wow you guys look like you may be doing some camping”.  Chances are your neighbor will respond “yes, we are very excited and we brought our RV home for a couple of weeks so we can prepare it -- before we take it back to our usual storage spot”.

    With regards to Greenhills -- it's a dump that has been in progress for years.  We wish is wasn’t a dump – but it is -- and we are here because we have hope and we love what this community stands for -- and we love this dump.  We all do our best to maintain and some are more successful than others, some have more money than others, and some have more time than others.  The great thing about Greenhills though is that if you wanted to put up an Arby’s sign -- you would have 20 neighbors ready to help you put up that sign in a moments’ notice.

    As for taxes – we pay too much.  I know many love the school, but the fact is we live in a poorly ranked school district in the state of Ohio and locally, our demographic is lopsided, you can have a $150,000 home next to a $20,000 home -- plus the definition of “historic” doesn’t mean – old, dilapidated and trashy.

    As you, I would also love to call on our Greenhills leaders to change and regulate the “retched beings”, but the “retched beings” are not RVs.

    How do I feel about the issue?  Let you know my thoughts?:

    Thought #1:  Stop hiding behind a blog and go talk to your neighbor(s) – unless you’re not welcome
    Thought #2:  Only a clueless wonder would tear down their village and neighbors on a public forum and then ask, “what ever happened to our tight-knit community”?
    Thought #3:  Happy Camping All -- because the greatest thing we have going in Greenhills is Winton Woods Park.  That’s a resource Greenhills has to tap into from a marketing perspective and I am all on board with “Greenhills - RV Town and Golf Cart Community”.

    Thanks for your wisdom NoBeefWithU Newbie Wan Kenobi! 

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  3. Christine added a post in a topic Why is the WW Board meeting in Columbus tonight?   

    11/14/2016 12:00:00 AM - 11/14/2016 6:30:00 PM - 11/14/2016 7:30:00 PMBoard of Education Special Session
    Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.
    More Information (Directions)
    The Winton Woods Board of Education will meet in special session on Monday, November 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215. The purpose of the meeting is for an Executive Session to discuss the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of public employees or regular individuals or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee or regulated individuals unless such person request public hearing. No actions will be taken by the Board.
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  4. Christine added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    So what happens if the voters decide not to renew?  What's the impact?
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  5. Christine added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    Yes, thanks.  But, for 2020 - 2021 there is an anticipated tax levy for operations of the new schools -- correct?  I believe I saw that in the Forecast for approx. $6M?
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  6. Christine added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    Greenhills - 40% For the Levy - 60% Against the Levy (Greenhills vote it down)
    Springfield Township - 34% For the Levy - 66% Against the Levy (Springfield Township voted it down)
    Forest Park - 63% For the Levy - 37% Against the Levy (Forest Park voted it in)
    Greenhills said "NO" I don't want higher taxes and a school built in this community without seeing the plans and getting a better understanding of what's going to happen to the other buildings, and perhaps "I don't believe new schools will change anything".  Springfield Township said "NO" to the same, plus frankly they will have nothing to show for the taxes they pay.  Forest Park said "YES" we want higher taxes and we're okay if we have reached the "saturation point" with regards to taxation.  Forest Park controls the fiscal direction of Greenhills and Springfield Township and there is something fundamentally wrong with that concept.
    With the new school tax -- if you can afford a house in Wyoming (which there are affordable homes) it's cheaper to live now in Wyoming than the Village of Greenhills -- once you consider all the taxes -- school tax, income tax, etc.  Also now, If you purchase a home in Greenhills for $100,000 or less -- chances are your mortgage and taxes will be equal to one another.  This does not include the additional Greenhills income tax -- strictly mortgage to taxes.
    This is a bad decision for the Village of Greenhills.  There will be consequences.   For those who have crunched the numbers with all the adjacent communities I'm sure you know that Greenhills is no longer a viable option fiscally for new families. Springfield Township is still on the border because there is no income tax, but Greenhills is past the saturation point and so is Forest Park.  But, Forest Park voted it in -- so they have voluntarily accepted any consequences that comes with these taxes.  Greenhills did not!
    Warrior, I know that there are several people looking at potential options and we need some real honesty here.  In the next 5, years what other taxes will be on the table for the school district and potentially the village?  I'm not looking to argue anything -- I simply want the truth and answers regarding the potential of additional taxes -- so that we can make fact based decisions.
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  7. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    Great read!  Identifying the issues and addressing them.
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  8. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    Unfortunately, the voters already spoke twice and that should have been the cue for the board and administration to go back to the drawing board to review options and alternatives.  Even after an independent study recommended that the bond not be placed on the ballot in May 2013.  The board and administration aren't interested in doing what's best -- they simply want money for new schools.  They have no interest in hearing what the voters have to say -- unless the levy passes.  OUR FUTURE/BOND ISSUE FEASIBILITY STUDY OCT 2012_Revised_.pdf
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  9. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    Tomorrow is a big day for our country and our local schools. The district is asking for $61,500,000 to build new schools, in addition to the $49,000,000 that would come from they State. This is the 3rd round for this levy and still the district has not offered any options or alternatives that would truly help the students of this district, turn the schools around and/or help these communities. Voting 'yes' closes the book on looking at potential alternatives such as; developing career academies, merging with other districts, looking at additional funding or options that help generate additional revenue, etc. They want you to believe that building new schools is the only option -- and that is simply not they case. No one should be opposed to developing a team of strategists to outline the real issues and develop potential solutions that can have a true impact on our children. A team of highly qualified strategists that are not stakeholders, or directly impacted by the results, just may be the ticket our schools and communities need to achieve the highest level of success. Even if you believe that new schools should be built -- let that be one of the outlined options -- and then let the voters decide. $61,500,000 is a lot of local tax money that may not be the best solution and may not need to be spent. The board and administration need to do the right thing and allow an objective entity to outline all options and alternatives with the goal of "providing the best education for the students in the WWCSD and ensuring that the communities they live in are safe, strong and viable".
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  10. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    The goal is to provide the children of these communities the best education and make sure the communities they live in are strong, safe and viable.  That's the goal!
    For those people who actually believe in this goal they need to leave themselves open to "disbanding the school district" in addition to other options and alternatives -- including building new schools.  Keeping the district at all cost should NOT be the goal.  It might be the best option -- but then again it might not -- no one knows because leadership has not done their due diligence.  That's a fact!
    If this bond fails the right thing to do is go to the State and ask for them to develop a high level strategic team that can outline all options objectively.  The team should not consist of stakeholders.  Stakeholders merely become part of the process.  Once the options are outlined -- let the voters decide.
    Voting "yes" on November 8th ensures higher taxes (where we are no longer competitive in the market), and eliminates any possibility of an alternative that might just take the district to a higher standard and builds up all three communities to where new home owners are waiting in line to move in.
    Voting "yes" is doing a disservice to the students and communities!
    No one who truly cares about creating the best educational opportunities for our kids and truly cares about the development of these communities should be opposed to this approach!
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  11. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    Sorry -- it was stupid.  Bad decision when trying to get people to vote "yes".
    I would never say "All the public schools you mention are not my concern" -- because -- well -- that would be stupid.  And if I did say that could you imagine the backlash from the supporters.
    The fact is we should be concerned about all the schools, especially the ones the kids in these communities attend (Catholic and public) and also those surrounding our communities. Each of these schools has a direct impact on all three communities.  The supporters of the levy just aren't understanding the big picture and that's detrimental to the communities and the students who attend the WWCSD. 
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  12. Christine added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    Just an FYI -- your credibility is weakened by stupid comments!  Just something to consider when you're actually trying to get people on your side.
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  13. Christine added a topic in Winton Woods School Talk   

    Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives
    On November 8th -- Bond #50 will be on the ballot for the Winton Woods City School District. They are asking for $61,500,000 in local taxes, in addition to $49,000,000 from the State of Ohio. This is Round #3 for this bond. Statistically the schools are poorly ranked and from a tax perspective these communities would be hard pressed to absorb additional taxes and stay competitive as an option for new families. These communities do not have a strong commercial tax base, therefore the financial burden falls on the residents. Alternatives and options must be reviewed before considering such a commitment. After Round #1 and Round #2 failed -- leadership made no attempts to review serious alternatives. Vote NO -- demand a review of options by outside strategist who understand how to solve problems and address real issues! New buildings will not solve the problems we are experiencing within our district.
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  14. Christine added a post in a topic .   

    I'll continue to "speculate" and not forget about it due to the shear stupidity that someone from the district even thought about calling his employer.  In addition, since EQ is now not "telling the whole truth" what else could this devious crafty man still be hiding?  Since EQ cannot speak for himself, I vote to not bury it.  If it weren't important, he wouldn't have posted it in the first place.  When true character is revealed -- especially from someone in a position of leadership -- it matters!  Especially if that same leadership is asking for $110,000,000 in our tax money and is asking us to blindly place our faith in them.
    If someone wants to set the "record straight", it's a public forum open to everyone.  All are welcome -- all can speak -- and you don't even have to use your real name!  And, if you do know who the person is under that fictitious name -- there's a "gentleman's agreement" when using any open forum.  It's an unspoken agreement that obviously some are not aware of.
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  15. Christine added a post in a topic .   

    I think he's saying that the people who are upset by this are "making a mountain out of a molehill".
    But, let's reverse it just for fun -- some guy on a public forum with a fictitious name who once worked for the local school district, and who was continuously praised for his efforts while a teacher at this district, wrote something on a neighborhood forum -- under his pseudonym -- that someone didn't like (let's call that a "molehill").  Someone from the school district contacts this individual's current employer and states "I don't like what this fictitiously named person is saying on this public forum in our neighborhood -- so I'm going tell on him.  I don't care if he has a family, I don't care if his boss knows, I don't care if I intimidate him, I hope he gets in trouble -- I just want him to be quiet -- because he upsets me". Wait for it --------- (mountain)!
    Molehill ------ Mountain!!!!  So, let's call this what it really is! 
    The fact is -- the only reason anyone would be upset is because there is probably truth to what he is saying!  So it may be worth re-reading!
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