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  1. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    I think if you look at that string of posts

    on this thread, I didn't call anything a "barrack", nor do I feel that way.  I believe Oddball (whoever that is) may have.
    Please don't hang that on me.

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  2. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    It is my understanding that all of the property valuation hearings have taken place and all of the filed increases were denied.  The person that filed the complaint with the Board of Revisions has made suggestions that they would file an appeal with the State of Ohio, as well as suggested that the FBI should investigate the County Auditor and Board of Revisions. The Board of Revisions is made up of Dusty Rhoads (Dem), Todd Portune (Dem), and Robert Goering (Rep).  The suggestion was that the County Auditor Rhoads, was somehow giving Greenhills Republicans past and present officials sweetheart valuations, as well as some 70 of their neighbors.  The further suggestion that the increases would be a windfall for the Village was also found in error as in spite of large proposed increases to these folks, the increased revenue to the Village would have only amounted to $2,678, an amount that was greatly surpassed by the expenses in time and effort to defend themselves against the filed complaint.
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  3. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Huh ??
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  4. WWWarrior added a topic in General Discussion   

    Dazed & Confused No More
    Junedale.com has had its' and ups and downs.  I think it is fair to say that Junedale.com has lost much of its' former place in the local online world to FaceXXXX and InstaXXXX and To-Wit since Junedale's inception back in 2004.  But over the years there have been some local characters who have joined us, but unfortunately passed before they should have, The Cmdr., GrandmaCJ, and Cicero come immediately to mind.  They are missed, yet they left some of their important thoughts behind here among the 14 years of posts.
    In the past few days we were saddened to learn of the passing of one of the more prolific and colorful posters ever to grace http://junedale.com , Dazed & Confused who can now officially be unmasked as Jeff Hansee.  How many posts did he post?  Well, technically that is a really difficult answer to obtain, as you see "Dazed & Confused" was not his only handle and back in the day (truth be known) he shared a few personalities with some of his buds so.....he could have, but it might have actually been someone else.  Frankly, it could have been the Russians for all we know.
    In retrospect, Dazed and WWWarrior didn't always see eye to eye on some issues.  We may have let things get a little tense at times, but there was always a respect for what each other was at least trying to say or do.  I was always impressed and grateful for Jeff's efforts help others out, be a good friend, neighbor, citizen. His part in the Greenhills Community Service Organization, various fundraising concerts, Santa Claus, Pioneer Open and other beneficial events are not and should not be forgotten. I greatly feel there is owed much respect and gratitude, a job well done and a life well lived.  Jeff put up a honorable fight to disease that may have robbed us of his presence, but not of the results of his efforts.
    Making music became a particular passion of Jeff's in recent years and a Greenhills shout-out to local history was achieved in the naming of the group he played in, "Gil's Variety Store". While he lived down the road a ways, he "lived" in Greenhills and that was a fact.  Perhaps you have a memory or story of Jeff.  Some may be safe to tell now.  I'll let you be the judge of that.
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  5. WWWarrior added a topic in Beer Talk   

    July 2018 Beer Klub
    Theme:  My Best Vacation Beer
    Host:     WWWarrior
    Time:    7:30  THURSDAY July 26th
    WWW is in with 1) Highland Hawaiian Lunge Juice and 2) Revelry Funkmaster & Furious Hops
    Uncle - Renegade Summer Tan
    Cotts - Game Time
    TMagee - Game Time
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  6. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Board of Revision hearings begin on July 23rd for two weeks for the entirety of Hamilton County.  The hearings for Greenhills alone represent about half of that two week period.

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  7. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Barber Shop to close after 80 years   


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  8. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Barber Shop to close after 80 years   

    This is the last straw as far as having any hope that this new shopping center owner is worth a damn.  Business after business either leaves or never even opens, yet this guy doesn't seem/want to get it.  My sense is that his plan is no different than Jabba the Hutt which is run the place at a loss for write offs, do the bare minimum, and care less what anyone thinks about it.
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  9. WWWarrior added a topic in Beer Talk   

    Beer Klub June 2018
    Farmhouse Ale/Saison/Biere de Garde
    TotalPlace    1Spotted CowTmageeWisc41  * New Glarus   2Marrietta AvenueCottsMO40.75  *Side Project Brewing   3Tank 7WWWMO39.5  *Boulevard   2Bam Noire FarmhouseUncleMich.40.75  *Jolly Pumpkin   4Skronk Juice (Rye Beer)BeerBobOhio31  * Taft    No ShowJedWhat ??0  *Couldn't Leave Cappies  
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  10. WWWarrior added a topic in Beer Talk   

    Beer Klub May 2018
    New England IPA's
    TotalPlace   1Purple WolfJED38.5  * Jackie O's  3Zoo BabiesUNCLE #137  * Listermann  1Team FionaUNCLE #238.5  * Listermann  2Million Dollar RoadCOTTS38  * 50 West  3Hazy JaneWWW37  *Brewdog  2Hazy Miss DaisyBEERBOB38  *Zaftig  2AfterglowTMAGEE #138  * Brink  3LaGuataviaTMAGEE #237  * Brink 
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  11. WWWarrior added a post in a topic GH Sandwich Shop   

  12. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Community Yard Sale June 9th

    The Greenhills Community Yard Sale for 2018 is scheduled for June 9, 2018!

    This is your chance to help some of your unwanted items find a new home!  Arts and craft supplies, home goods, baby items, clothes, antiques, furniture or electronics...there's someone interested in what you have to offer!  The community yard sale always brings a large turnout all over the Village.

    Interested in participating?  You may register simply by responding to this email address with the following information:

    - Name
    - Address
    - Phone number
    - Email
    - List of items available for sale

    The list you provide does not need to be exhaustive or overly detailed - we categorize sales by what kinds of items they have to better direct interested shoppers.  Also, your phone number and email are NEVER shared, we collect them simply to stay in contact with you leading up to the day of the sale.

    Why register?   By signing up and listing what you'll have available, you can attract interested buyers to your yard sale.  A map of sales all around Greenhills will be available on the day of the sale, on the Village website and at local businesses.  Signage directing shoppers will be put out around the Village for the day of the sale. Submit your registration form to the Village of Greenhills office by Wednesday, June 6 to ensure your address will be included on the map for this year's sale!  Registration is FREE, so sign up today!
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  13. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Pre-season Pool Passes


    The Greenhills Swimming Pool is opening Saturday, May 26th!  This year is already a hot one, so come cool off and relax at your community pool this summer!

    Passes are available for residents and non-residents by clicking here.

    Swimming Lessons
    SwimSafe offers a wide variety of swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  Instructors are highly qualified and trained by SwimSafe staff. 
    Register online at greenhills.coursestorm.com
    Classes fill quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible.  Visit the link above for more information on dates and times.  The cost for residents is $25 per child per 10 day session; non-residents are $50 per child per 10 day session. 
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  14. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Beer Klub April 2018   

    TotalPlace    2The TruthUncleMaryland32.5  *Flying Dog   2El Lupulo LibreJED #1Ohio32.5  * Brew Kettle   3ChillwaveJED #2Ohio31.5  * Great Lakes   1Saber Tooth TigerBeerBobOhio32.75  * Rheingeist   3Double Crooked TreeWWWMichigan31.5  * Dark Horse  
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  15. WWWarrior added a topic in Local Events   

    Concert On The Commons 2018

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