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  1. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    GH Pool and Golf Memberships 2018
    Pool and Golf Memberships Now Available!!!
     2018 Memberships for the Greenhills Swimming Pool and the Greenhills Golf Course are now being accepted! 
    For the Pool application please click here. 
    For the Golf application please click here. 
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  2. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Greenhills Seeking Developer
    Greenhills is seeking a developer to construct new single-family homes on a number of vacant sites throughout the Greenhills Historic District. Greenhills had conceptual renderings prepared to help developers visualize what it is we are looking for. New homes will be required to incorporate historic elements of original buildings in the Historic District.  New construction must respect the defining elements that led to Greenhills being designated a National Historic Landmark. Those elements include the layout of the streets, taking advantage of the existing topography, maintaining green space, staggering setbacks, etc. 
    Here are some concept images of what is envisioned:
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  3. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Is It Time To Designate A Local Historic District
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  4. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Q & A on Demolition
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  5. WWWarrior added a post in a topic The Snow Blower Guy Recognition   

    Sounds like their name is "Putts".   Carry one "TD" !!!!  Let it snow !
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  6. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Jan. 2018 Beer Klub BARLEYWINES   

    A big thank you to Kovu and fam for hosting.  All I can say is "cheese and crackers" were those barleywines good.  Not only were we giggling by the 3 or 4th entry, but a couple of you knuckleheads forgot to write down scores, which makes the Kommish's job on a fuzzy morning a bit more interesting.  Whatever the average was for the other scores were was what I plugged in.  There was rash talk about meeting at Brink for February and JED hosting in March.  We'll see if that holds up.
    TotalPlace    London Balling - English BarleywineKovu42.61 *Against The Grain   Pastry Life Uncle #141.53 *Listermann   2014 Killer PenguinWWW #135.89 *Boulder   Hog Heaven Blade Runner 139.754 *Avery   Panic SwitchBlade Runner 238.256 *Platform/ Wolf's Ridge    Old Ruffian Barrel Aged Series 2016WWW #239.055 * Great Divide   Old Numbskull Uncle #2368 *Alesmith   Barrel ProjectJED41.752 * Kees   BarleywineBR#337.57 *Brink 
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  7. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Fictional Greenhills Brewery & Fictional Beers   

    Ahhh yeah.....funding.....always that f-word.
    Look, to your point, a properly capitalized establishment will work in the Village.  However, you have to find the sweet spot beyond the Butt Shack's of world who can't stay put as they are always looking for the next best place (leaving a community that supported them well.... high and dry) and outfits like (I'm only surmising) Dream's Pizza that can't afford to properly remodel the space, probably won't be able to survive long term and already fighting with the landlord.  How many times do we have to hear that story.
    Laying out a big slug of cash (to do it right) and having to plan to lose money for the next 2-3 years before making a real profit is a tough pill to swallow. (Let alone be responsible 24/7). Microbrews and the "drink locally, think globally" ideal can be a winning combo.
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  8. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    GH Natural Gas Aggregation Program

    Village of Greenhills Natural Gas Aggregation
    The Village of Greenhills is excited to announce that we have renewed natural gas aggregation for two years with IGS Energy.  Residents and businesses enrolled in the program receive competitive rates for natural gas.  Over the last 45 months, the Village natural gas aggregation rate has been lower than Duke Energy's rate.

    If you are currently enrolled in the program and wish to remain enrolled, you're all set!  No action is needed if you currently enjoy the aggregation's competitive pricing. 

    If you aren't enrolled, you can sign up by calling IGS directly at 1-877-353-0162.  Be sure to mention the Village of Greenhills Community Aggregation.  Pay close attention to any contract obligations you may have with your existing supplier, including termination fees.

    Newly eligible account holders who receive their gas supply from Duke Energy will also receive a notice from IGS Energy explaining the rate formula, terms and conditions, and various means of opting out of the Village’s aggregation program.  Please read it carefully before making your decision.  These accounts will be added to the program unless they opt out as explained in the letter.  

    If you have questions about the aggregation program, you may contact IGS directly at 1-877-353-0162.

    Don't forget to visit the newly launched blog from Municipal Manager Evonne Kovach at: https://greenhillsmanager.blog!
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  9. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Village Manager Blog

     From the desk of the Municipal Manager

    I'm excited to announce the debut of a blog intended for all who are interested in learning more about what's going on in the Village of Greenhills!  The blog will provide detailed information about projects and in-depth perspective about the operation of Greenhills' municipal government.  Keep reading to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the community!  I want you to feel informed, excited and proud of the work your Village is doing!  Thank you for checking my blog, and I hope you will stop back often!

    Click here to read the latest: https://greenhillsmanager.blog/

    Municipal Manager
    Village of Greenhills
    Thank you for subscribing to Village Headlines!  By receiving these emails, you are getting the most up-to-date information from the Village of Greenhills.  To help the Village reach more people, please mention Village Headlines to your friends and neighbors.  They may sign up on the Village of Greenhills website at www.greenhillsohio.us.
    Copyright © 2018 Village of Greenhills, All rights reserved.
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    Our mailing address is:
    Village of Greenhills
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  10. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Fictional Greenhills Brewery & Fictional Beers   

    Oh Soccer Dad, you have hit upon subject that has confounded certain members of this discussion board for years.  Alas, the lack of capital, fortitude, and follow through has pretty much missed the opportunity wave this could have been before the market got so crowded with micros.  There was even discussion of a "Growler Garage", a growler fill site (of course you could have a pint while waiting) that would offer a space for those who have collector cars to show/store their cars allowing others to appreciate them while having a brew.  It would be sort of free entertainment, public service and theme (hook) to attract folks.  But......as you know, day jobs, lack of free time, money and remaining married to your spouse seem to be immediate drawbacks.
    Here are a couple of names I came up with:
    Pioneer Pilsner
    Charger Ale
    Springfield Stout
    Warrior IPA (using what else, Warrior hops)
    let alone your Hop Bombers Double IPA, perhaps a "Bacon" infused Porter, a Lancer  (OK, gave up on that one).
    Styles celebrating local and infamous personalities from the past and present. Radar Walt comes to mind.
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  11. WWWarrior added a post in a topic The Snow Blower Guy Recognition   

    I'm pretty sure that's what Dave did, the ol' "civic duty" tactic. God, Country, Family, and cleaned off sdiewalks  (apple pie and Chevrolet come in at some point)
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  12. WWWarrior added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    The Snow Blower Guy Recognition
    It seems every neighborhood has one or at least one.  You know the person nearby who owns a serious snow blower and, when the "white death" warnings actually produce a worthy snowfall, will extend (even preclude) efforts on their own driveway and clear sidewalks for others. Bundled up to the cold, if not to hide their identity, they move without comment up one side and down the other of your street.  Mrs. WWW has even had me deliver fresh baked pies as a thank you to our "Snow Guy" after following his trail home.
    They seem to shun recognition, but only do their duties because they see it has 1) fun, 2) altruistic, or 3) figured out that Return On Investment on this big piece of machinery is greatly enhanced by actually using it more than their own one car driveway.
    Our guy is Dave Stenger, who has taken on this task for years.  I know he prefers the warm weather when he can read a good book on his front porch, keeping 1/2 an eye on the ebb and flow of traffic and a neighbor to say hello.   But he takes pride in his "fun" and it does not go unappreciated.  Thank you Dave !!
    Who's your Snow Blower Guy?
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  13. WWWarrior added a topic in Beer Talk   

    Jan. 2018 Beer Klub BARLEYWINES
    Host:  KOVU
    January 31st  at 7:00PM
    Theme:  Barleywines
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  14. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Important Garbage Collection Info   

  15. WWWarrior added a post in a topic Important Garbage Collection Info   

    Well I would but a recent update to my corporate owned laptop has blocked that site as a "social networking" site.  But feel free to copy there.
    This got over 80 views here.
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