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  1. davefollmers added a topic in Trading Post/Classifieds   

    Humminbird 898 c si di. GPS
    Works as it should. $ 400. 
    I can’t get photos to load from the iPad. I have done it before, not sure what is up. Pm me for photos or if some wants to attach that would be cool. 
    Prefer not to ship. FTF. I am at 820 and old Decatur in Fort Worth.
     Please help.
    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
    Motion Graphics Launch Video
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  2. davefollmers added a topic in Trading Post/Classifieds   

    2011 Pleasure-Way Excel TS For Sale
    Health reasons force the us to sell you this turnkey, well-maintained 2011 Pleasure-Way Excel TS which is ready for you call your own. This 2011 Pleasure-Way Excel is in immaculate condition (non-smokers, no pets), ready for your first trip to the places you have been wanting to visit. We are including many accessories in the sale(see list below). All you need to add are linens, food, and personal belongings and you are ready to go. 
    Powered by a Ford V-8 engine, this coach sits on a Ford Econoline 350 chassis for plenty of power on mountain roads. It drives very well with no sway or wandering. This great ride is due to the addition of Michelin tires, Bilstein heavy-duty shocks along with factory-installed sway bars, rear wheel spacers and Firestone Ride-Rite rear airbag suspension (with remote control for easy adjustment). Rest assured, you can comfortably drive at interstate speeds with no problems passing large trucks.
    After the original graphics were removed because of a vinyl manufacturer’s defect which caused cracking and peeling, we liked the look without them. As the new owner, you can choose to use your creativity by adding new graphics or stripes if you wish.
    For UV protection, temperature control and privacy, the windows have been tinted.
     Please help.
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    Cloud Marketing Video
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  3. davefollmers added a topic in Financial Talk   

    Needs help for Canadian business registration
    I have some queries regarding Canadian business registration. I'm planning to start a new business in Ontario. When I enquired about the business registration process, I felt it very complicated. 
    Then one of my friend who recently registered his business suggested me a company which provides necessary help for Canadian business registration. 
    I would like to know your opinions about them before approaching them for the same purpose. Are they trustworthy? Any comments on their service charges? How long it may take to finish the whole process? Is it very time-consuming? What's your overall opinion about them?
     Please help.
    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
    SaaS explainer video
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  4. davefollmers added a topic in Music   

    What Is a Lie in Music?
    Hello all,
    A friend of mine is a professional classical music composer who hates new age music. Quite some time ago, I asked him what was wrong with new age music, pointing out that at least some of it is more interesting than something like pop or rap. For example, there are a lot of new age selections which develop and change over the course of the piece, so you're not just hearing verse, chorus, verse, chorus all the way through. I've listened to new age music for thirty years and I have a huge selection of wonderful music. I find it hard to believe that someone who hates new age music would have had the inclination to explore it to see if there's anything—anything at all—that might be likable. He said something about new age music sounding like a lie. That mystified me. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, about a week ago, I watched an Al Jazeera interview featuring Vangelis and he also made a reference to the possibility of someone creating music that's a lie.
    What in the world are they talking about?
    Thank you
    I did not find the right solution from the internet
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    Company Promotional Video
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