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  1. happyguy added a post in a topic Greenhills Pool   

    Big Wow!! To the tune of about $15K at a time when the money could have been used elsewhere, given the economy at the time, and at the urging of a select few who wanted it. Now it seems I rarely see anyone up there when I go by.

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  2. happyguy added a post in a topic Greenhills Pool   

    Who is in charge?
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  3. happyguy added a post in a topic Grandview is closed   

    I suppose that the Grandview sign will remain up for years now like the Johnny's sign did.
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  4. happyguy added a post in a topic Rude Solicitors   

    Why don't you people call the Police at 825-2101 and Ask them to check out this people?? Probably not up to anything, BUT I am sure the Police can check them out to be sure.
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  5. happyguy added a post in a topic Grandview update   

    I am thoroughly convinced now that NO ONE what's to start any type of business in Greenhills. We have a totally disinterested owner of the shopping center, a group of people on Council who do not reflect any concern, and a Village Manager who is a real pain to deal with. If I wanted to start a business up, certainly Greenhills Shopping Center would not be my choice. Picking on the one business (creamy Whip) that is really trying is the stupidity of all of them!!
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  6. happyguy added a post in a topic Grandview update   

    OMG. Now the sign will read Grandview for 5 years!
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  7. happyguy added a post in a topic Arby's in Finneytown   

    They could put the Arby's sign in the already "Sign Museum". . . . Right next to our own "Johnny's Toys" sign.
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  8. happyguy added a post in a topic Marsh closed on Northland Blvd   

    Trader Joes?

    Would that mean we would lose the Johnny's Toys sign? Its been 5 years since Johnny's departed and the sign is still there. It even survived Grandview's short tenure. I have never understood the reason why.

    I am sure none of the aforementioned names would come in there and allow the sign to read Johnny's Toys.
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  9. happyguy added a post in a topic Old Johnn'ys Toys   

    I can't believe the Village has allowed that sign to remain unchanged for the past 5 years.
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  10. happyguy added a post in a topic Winton Rd & I-275   


    This will explain it all.

    Guess I'll go over Northland to Route 4 or by Tri County to go 275 for a while.
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  11. happyguy added a post in a topic Winton Rd and Farragut rd intersection   

    There was no school today, Presidents Day.
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  12. happyguy added a post in a topic GH Library crisis alert!   

    Why don't you and your husband and PA get the ball rolling on trying to save the Library and the Shopping Center with your efforts. I think you mean well but direct your efforts in the wrong direction trying to find something wrong with Village Council.

    I somewhat applaud your efforts to keep them "on their toes" and I think that they (Village Council) have gotten better in communicating exactly what and why they are doing things.

    You may not get to much TV publicity from these efforts, but I am thinking you will get support from citizens to try and save the Library and aggravate Huttenbauer to make a move. With a new owner, the Shopping Center could be saved.

    Just a thought.
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  13. happyguy added a post in a topic Farragut Rd   

    I sincerely hope it was not PA wrapped around another tree.
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  14. happyguy added a post in a topic PAT ANDWAN ARRESTED AGAIN!   

    Who cares? I am sick and tired of hearing Ms. Andwan.

    For over 5 years, she has tried to find corruption and flaws in the Village, putting the Village under wasted expenses at an economic bad time.

    I think if she redirected her efforts to Mr. Huttenbauer and his shopping center she would do the Village a much needed effort. I am sure he is in violation on many points and perhaps she could make a huge mark for herself.

    How about getting after getting Johnny's Toy sign updated, helping the Library stay in Greenhills, provide assistance to helping with Village events, ie Light Up Greenhills, etc.

    I believe the Village officials do the very best they can with what they have and are not corrupt. She would have uncovered something by now.

    So far, in the past 5 years she has became a "real pain".

    Redirect your efforts, Ms Andwan!!

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  15. happyguy added a post in a topic Johnny's/Grandview building   

    Let's hope that someone cleans this up in a much shorter time that it has already taken to get "Johnny's Toys" off the sign, if it ever does.
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