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  1. up2late added a topic in Home Improvements and Landscaping   

    Grass Mowing
    I'm looking for recommendations for lawn care services. Prefer local. I called JMB who was advertising in the journal, but his message said he was not accepting new clients.
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. up2late added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Sword Weilding
    Kind of wondering what section this happened in:
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  3. up2late added a post in a topic School speed limit signage   

    Even if the lights aren't flashing at a school zone it is still a school zone and you may still be ticketed during restricted hours for speeding. I agree though the hours dictated in the statute are hard to remember. I know the speed limit is 20 no matter what but I think the fine doubles if children or busses are present.

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  4. up2late added a post in a topic Cincinnati Bell Fioptics   

    I have true fiber coming into the house, but we have overhead lines.

    I just cancelled my TV and phone this weekend. Bought a $15 antenna, now have Dayton and Cincy channels crystal clear. Add Hulu and Netflix and I just went from about $230/mo total to about $80/mo. So far not missing much. I could have saved by calling them and negotiating, but I am sick of having to do that. Fought with them and Time Warner for too long.

    On internet speed I have 30 by 5. I have been clocking it over the past week and I am consistently getting 20 by 1. I doubt I even come close to touching that cap ever, so that is probably my next cut or switch back to Time Warner.

    I don't understand the need for the 1 gig service. The price is outrageous. I think 1 HD stream is 4-5 Mbit. Who has a need to stream 200 HD channels at once?
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  5. up2late added a post in a topic Found Dog   

    Has been roaming around the corner of Faragut and Gambier most of the day. Just saw it again. Runs away when I try to get close.
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  6. up2late added a post in a topic Johnny's Sign   

    I looked at it. It looks just as I thought it would based on the descriptions here. My opinion still stands, it is a sign. I don't really have an opinion on aesthetics.

    Assume for a minute, for arguments sake, this is a sign. So we should just ignore the law in this case to encourage business? Where does that logic end? Can the CW open then without a board of health inspection and permit. How about we let the backdoor operate without the proper permit?

    Again, I love the CW and I have talked to the very nice owners on several occasions. I believe there is a small fee for the permit, but why not attempt to work with the village prior to errecting the sign? I am sure the village would be open to negotiation before the sign is errected.

    I am sure the sign is rigidly mounted, but if I was the owner of a business I think I would want something that could potentially fall on someone to be inspected by as many poeple besides me as possible to ward off liability.
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  7. up2late added a post in a topic Johnny's Sign   

    From the definition section of the new zoning code:

    sign. A sign is an outdoor advertising structure, device, or visual communication designed or intended to convey information to the public in written or pictorial form.

    I have not yet seen the sign, but based on the descriptions here I think this ice cream cone meets the legal definition of a sign. So if it is a sign you need to get it properly zoned and permitted. From my reading of the code I believe the sign would be allowed if properly applied for. I think beside the zoning issue the sign needs a building permit to ensure it doesn't fall on someone standing on the ground and properly wired if lighted.

    This government intervention is a necessary evil. This isn't Thailand where buildings just fall down, and that is not due to luck. There have been previous discussions about other possible building or zoning violations at the SC. While everything may be on the up and up with this cone, I see this as the village "going by the book" in the future; not sure that is a bad thing.


    I love the Creamy Whip!
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  8. up2late added a post in a topic Broken down car   

    If it is not operable I don't think it can be stored in the driveway for any time period. The problem is proving inoperability. I think tires being flat is really the only way for proof from the street.
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  9. up2late added a post in a topic Arby's in Finneytown   

    The building next to Arby's is not vacant. I have been trying to figure out what is in there for some time, but it is definitely not vacant.

    I like the old sign, but change is much needed there. The bathroom situation at the Arby's leaves much to be desired.
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  10. up2late added a post in a topic We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists   

    I usually stop reading at www.foxnews.....
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  11. up2late added a post in a topic Worst drinks you drank   

    Ditto the cement mixer, that was horrible. If I was Applebees I wouldn't serve them, mine almost ended up all over their table. I can't believe you have had five, one was enough for me.

    Flaming Dr. Pepper, I think that's what it's called. Shot of Bacardi 151 lit on fire and dropped into a glass of beer (I don't remember what kind), meant to be consumed on one trip to the mouth. I'm sure you can see multiple things wrong with this.

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  12. up2late added a post in a topic Trash Collection   

    I just checked Rumpke's site and it states there are no delays. I will be putting my trash out tonight.


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  13. up2late added a post in a topic Trash Collection   

    Are you sure?

    The GH site states Rumpke only celebrates two holidays, the fourth is not listed:


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  14. up2late added a post in a topic GHPD   

    Most of the analysis you quote has to do with highways, which Winton road is not.

    The rest makes the fuzz's case. Sorry, i don't feel like quoting from the smartphone so; I think several times the main cause of crashes was quoted as the difference in speed. Look at Winton Rd where there are constantly changing speeds from 0-35 in theory. That is actually a greater change in speed than what is allowed by law on the highway (65max minus 15mph max allowable below speed limit by law). I think you would have a hard time selling a 55mph limit on Winton to any of these experts.

    I agree with raising the limit on some highways, but not Winton.
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  15. up2late added a post in a topic GHPD   

    Wake up? You have to be in a coma not to know that can be a dangerous stretch. It's a drag strip at rush hour. I broke down once southbound on the hill coming up to Lakeside. That was an experience waiting for the tow.

    I won't use names because I don't know if anyone would want the publicity:

    1. my neighbor was pushed into the traffic light pole, totalled vehicle and messed up back that he didnt ask for.

    2. Kid who decided to steal a car and speed through GH at 90?, crashed into the pole South of the lake, that was fatal. Last summer?

    3. Fatal near the lake (2 years ago?) Guy was in a hurry to get home from work i think, story was covered here.

    I haven't been here long, and I know of that many.

    Regarding this area being known as a speed trap you are absolutely correct. I grew up on the East side and knew two things about GH- dont speed and thats where the Johnny Toys sign is. I dont think the former is a bad thing.

    My wife just got speeding ticket from where GHPD was sitting in this questionable spot a few days before this thread started. I payed it, hopefully shes learned and is slowing down; and sometimes poeple need that kick in the butt to correct behaviour. But the fact remains straddling the sidewalk is against the law, and you cant break the law to enforce the law.

    I am glad this sidewalk issue was addressed by the chief. I am equally pleased if the PD continues the effort of speed enforcement. Taking care of these small problems can lead to clearing some bigger fish too.
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