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  1. John Merrick added a post in a topic GH Sandwich Shop   

    Blighty I made that exact same sandwich with one exception.  I fed the spinach to my hamster.  It is amazing how well a PBR compliments the flavors within this sandwich.  It is also amazing that I am posting on this site after being on hiatus for all this time.  Where have I been.   I walked across a dessert with Jim Morrison and took a frigate across the Pacific to China where I joined a clan of Buddhist Monks who took a vow of silence.  After several months in the Himalayan Mountains, I strode back down to the base and headed to the Middle East and opened a Falafel and Chick Pea stand.  I made a healthy profit that furthered my adventures to Europe.  I backpacked across the continent until I was able to board a steam ship with a ticket I won in a poker game.  Wait that's Titanic.  How in the world did I get back here.....and what does this have to do with sandwiches?  Nothing absolutely nothing say it again!  Yeah! Good God!    
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  2. John Merrick added a post in a topic Paper Shredding June 3rd.   

    Can't wait to shred all those useless Blightly Heralds I received over the years.
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  3. John Merrick added a post in a topic Impostor Craft Beer   

    Here is the problem with Craft Beer.  They want to charge you double digit prices for single digit beers.  If you were price competitive with garbage beers like Bud and Miller, beer drinkers would choose your hoity toity foo foo beers, But if I have to pay have to pay bar prices to drink in my own home, forget you.  $16 for a 12 pack?  Really.  If you were willing to cut down your prices, you would gain a bigger market share.   The Craft brewers need to think like the Japanese TV makers and radio manufacturers in the 80's.
    Just sayin.  
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  4. John Merrick added a post in a topic Grass Mowing   

    The temps have dropped.  The forecast is calling for snow by the end of this week.  Can we rely on you for snow removal?  When you do the snow removal, do you include the sidewalks?  Also, I spoke to others about your horticulture and they say you are a complete fraud and a phony.  Mrs. Blighty said you cut her so much that she looked lie a mummy because of all the toilet paper.  As a matter of fact, I heard you're not allowed near anything sharp other than the safety scissors from kindergarten.
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  5. John Merrick added a post in a topic Yea New restrooms   

    Not sure what is going on here. It's like Jackson Pollock painting.  Can we get down to the 500 foot level?
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  6. John Merrick added a post in a topic Grass Mowing   

    Blighty; I am particular about my landscaping.  Like my steaks, I prefer Brazilian.  Any chance you can successfully perform some Brazilian landscaping?  This would seal the deal for the long cold winter we about to embark upon over the next 3 months.  Let me know if this skillset is part of your repertoire!
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  7. John Merrick added a post in a topic Anti-Trump Protests   

    Phroesia; the politics thread went quiet because it became an excel circular reference.  In other words, we have gone round and round with the arguments.  The conservative viewpoint is rooted in facts and logic while the liberal perspective is based on emotion and pointing to the savior in the oval office.  It is with great delight that the end of his reign is near.  Honestly, I do not think country could have held up to liberal rule for 4 more years.  I would love to say with a GOP President, Senate, and House; everything will go correct, but I fear it will go the way as it went when dumbacrats controlled the 2 branches of government back in 2008.  I sure hope I am wrong.  This is a golden opportunity for the GOP to establish a positive and prosperous direction for our country.   If they can stick to the plan of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, they will be fine.
    Seriously, our media really needs to pull their heads out of their arses!
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  8. John Merrick added a post in a topic Blighty's Daily Post of Thoughts   

    Where's my Herald?
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  9. John Merrick added a post in a topic Take a look back... decide for yourself   

    Friedman is a genius.  Trump would employ many of his policies.  Hillary Clinton couldn't find Milton Friedman with a map, a flashlight, and a see an eye dog.  Just saying!
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  10. John Merrick added a post in a topic Whose responsibility is it?   

    The unintended consequences of this would be that a brake job would cost $5,234.00.  My family would have to go on a liquid diet, but it would be worth it!
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  11. John Merrick added a post in a topic Michael Savage: 1 month left to save America Read   

    How much do we have left now?
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  12. John Merrick added a post in a topic Tree Ordinance in Greenhills   

    This is what happens when people let the government intervene in our lives.  The next thing you know we will be standing in line waiting for them to dole out loaves of bread and we will wonder where all of our freedoms have gone.  It's not too late to pull your head out of your proverbial butt and start taking control of your own life and make your own decisions.  It costs nothing to take down a tree.  Wait ...actually it takes getting your hands on a saw and moving it back and forth until you have cut through the thing.  Or take an ax to it and take out some aggression.  If you want to go the lazy man's route get a chain saw from a friend.  What it takes to cut a dead tree down is some motivation, energy, and initiative. 
    That is all carry on!
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  13. John Merrick added a topic in Current Events   

    Big Breakthrough
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  14. John Merrick added a post in a topic Mosel Wines   

    Patrons of Mosel Wine bar are welcome to attend the Tikrit Wine Bar and Gardens until Mosel gets back on their feet.  The 'hanging" gardens will be in full bloom soon.  Don't forget that Wednesdays are free admission for any Zionist!
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  15. John Merrick added a post in a topic RIP St. James   

    Soccer boy, I hadn't posted on this silly thing in years.  It  became kind of redundant.  It was like watching any of those political commentary shows on each night.  How people watch those things, I will never understand. 
    Twinkie, as more and more Catholic schools get shuttered, the country continues into a downward spiral. 
     The world has become predictable.  I am not endorsing this notion, just predicting. Hillary Clinton will be elected in November defying all good judgment.  America will get served another turd sandwich.  We are past the point of no return.  America is in decline.  Leaving is becoming a serious option. 
    Making the janitor the President and you get what you get.  Tankinis are out burkinis will be the in thing.
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