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  1. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Village Energy Aggregation Program Questions   

    Pay attention to your Duke Bill as this has been updated:
    I called Duke because I had an extra $45 on my bill last month. I got mailers from both the aggregate and the village but skimmed over them. Big mistake. (I've gotten many over the years asking me to switch and never have.) So, I called Duke because I wanted to know what this $45 Electric Provider fee was about. She said the village chose an aggregate to supply the entire village as a savings to residents. But, I have to pay the switch fee? When I didn't ask to switch... And my savings over all was only $6 for the month.
    So, $72 savings for the year. Minus the $45 fee. $27 overall. $2.25 a month.
    Usually, you have to call and opt-in. This time, we had to opt out. I did not. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky...can't let your guard down for a minute.
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  2. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic 1 missing after canoe capsizes on Winton Woods lake   

    Sanctimonious judgment when a young man is dead. Thanks for reminding me why I stopped coming on here. You have 2 sons. Pray they never show bad judgment. Peace. 
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  3. cincygrrl70 added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    1 missing after canoe capsizes on Winton Woods lake
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  4. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Bowling Alley   

    I noticed that last week too.
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  5. cincygrrl70 added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Greenhills named National Historic Landmark
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  6. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic GH Library Is Open   

    And the new library is absolutely wonderful.   So grateful to the library administration and school district for their collaborative effort to keep our branch open. It's a great space.
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  7. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Pre-packaged versus Free Style ?   

    It's been around for years. GH site is not that active,  though it tends to be growing. Other communities are more active than ours. The draw/appeal is that it is neighborhood specific - you can't read another communities board unless you change your address in your profile. For example, though I grew up there, I can't read the Northside board unless I change my address to a 45223 one.  And people use their real names. Met more of my neighbors on Illona that way.
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  8. cincygrrl70 added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Thad Willard
    Was having lunch at the Troubadour today and spoke with his wife. He passed away on Monday.
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  9. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Who-who-who who.....who whoooo .....are you?   

    Well, we do live in the middle of a county park.
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  10. cincygrrl70 added a topic in Local Catholic, Private and Home School News   

    Breakfast with Santa at Roger Bacon
    Roger Bacon High School Alumni Association cordially invites your family to the Children's Mass and Breakfast with Santa on Sunday, December 4th. The doors open at 9:30 AM with Christmas Carols in the Fine Arts Center, followed by a Children's Mass at 10:00AM, and breakfast with Santa afterwards.
    Admissions is $7 a person.
    Please contact Beth Powers or Sue Huerkamp at 513-641-1300 for any questions.
    Online Registration
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  11. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    Bingo, Christine!
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  12. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    What concerns me if the lengths to try to stop a former teacher who is only slightly critical of the system. What are they covering up? This is minor. What would they do if someone came forward to alert the public of a serious wrong? Seriously, whistleblowers are protected and if they take this step to shut down EQ...
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  13. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    Exactly. Why now?
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  14. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    Of course I know people work under contracts, especially teachers. That is written to pertain to his current employer. Sounds like someone was loose with their interpretation when they called his employer. He wasn't bad mouthing his current district. Someone just wanted to shut him up,period. Sad.
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  15. cincygrrl70 added a post in a topic Unbelievable!   

    Please, please, please do not think I am judging you by this post. Taken by surprise, I may have froze too and not done anything. No one knows how they will react unless in the same situation.
    I had a conversation with a friend recently - after that fine upstanding citizen stripped and urinated at a Kroger U-Scan kiosk - about how Americans need to stop being so polite and start speaking up to stop madness like this. I tend to be more vocal when my girls are with me when I witness bad behavior. (That Mama Bear thing.)
    But you can ask my husband, he had to step out of the garage when I yelled at a scrapper once. Our sump pump was clogged and he was feeding water through it to unclog the line and I was on the curb, barely in street, checking for water to break through. This scrapper came flying up the street and almost hit me. Didn't see me because of my neighbor's tree. I yelled at him and he hit is brakes. So, I yelled again. My temper was at 110% and I threw down my broom and dared him to come back. He took off. He didn't come back down or street the rest of the night.
    Not the smartest move, I admit. But near death will knock all other fear out of you. But, I haven't seen him since.  I yell at speeders on my street all of the time. One guy called me a bitch. I starting walking towards his car and he took off. (They aren't bright - they always seem to pull this crap at the stop sign which is one house from mine.)
    We need to stop being so fearful and start calling people out. I don't always do it. AS for calling GPD, well, would they even come for something like that? I may have gotten the DG manager out there to yell at him.
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