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  1. Jewel added a post in a topic Summer Job Opening   

    I would doubt that it is. But, I would guess more than likely it's a wash of expenses when you factor in the fact that the maintenance people of the Village are tasked with the upkeep. That work takes away from other things that could/needs to be maintained and completed in the Village (Like cleaning up the brick pavers and landscaped areas which the Village owns in front of the shopping center).
    The price to play golf on that course is too expensive for what it is really is. Sure, you can get some short game work in. But, it takes about 40 minutes to play if your by yourself. And, I've played before on that course with some friends where we actually threw the ball instead of striking it with a club.  Good times were had by all - and it ticked off the person at the desk who shall remain nameless (Clue: Math teacher).
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  2. Jewel added a post in a topic Golf Carts !!!!   

  3. Jewel added a post in a topic Golf Carts !!!!   

    Just some comments: I see this ordinance/allowance to drive golf carts on the road as a true safety hazard. I am not one to go overboard on safety issues and I don't even think that it is necessary for kids to wear all the headgear that others think is necessary to ride a bike down a sidewalk (I do think it's necessary if off-road or during competition).
    But, I find it very hard to believe that a parent should be driving their children around in golf carts on public roads. I have seen kids "strapped" in on golf carts and with their parents, driving around on the Village streets. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's neglectful for parents to put their kids at risk of severe harm by being a passenger on a golf cart. But, I would say that if a car hits one of these carts with passengers on it it will be catastrophic.
    I wonder what any of the parents would say to my comments about this. Is it neat that golf carts are allowed on streets? Yes, I guess. But, is it worth the risk? Well, I guess that's up to the user.
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  4. Jewel added a post in a topic Winton Woods School Bond issue   

    I don't see how the voters will pass this. I am curious how much money will be spent by the district pushing the agenda (vote).

    Very interesting. The newspaper article states that the renovation of the middle school and high school costs less. Here: "A second option to renovate the existing middle school and high school would be less expensive, but incoming high school Principal Eric Martin had explained during the public sessions that this would not provide extra space in the buildings that are already overcrowded and lacking in storage."

    If the spaces are overcrowded is he remarking that the classrooms are overcrowded or the hallways? Also, if you need more storage then why not build outbuildings or expand with new wings to the already existing facilities?

    109.4 million will turn into $125 million. Then, an operating levy. Then additional monies for extra staff to these facilities.
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  5. Jewel added a post in a topic Council questions...   

    I have been talking to a lot of neighbors lately about this year's council candidates and have come up with some questions for them. Will they answer these questions on a public forum board? "I know they read But, will they take the chance of writing something as record (This was a statement by one of y neighbors)."

    What kind of things have you done, specifically and individually, that has been a positive for this village or its residents?

    What is your passion for running for council?

    Did you willingly step forward to run or were you asked to run?

    Do you think the village purchasing the shopping center would benefit the residents of Greenhills? If so, why? If not, why not?

    If you had to cut a Village service because of a shortfall of funding from the state or tax collection which service would it be (i.e. leaf collection, garbage pick up, fire department, etc.)?
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  6. Jewel added a post in a topic Huttenbauer cited for shopping center violations   

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand why more people don't start complaining to the administration for THEIR lack of attention to the property which is their responsibility, in front of, and around the shopping center.

    Current council members, what have you done?

    I see the posted image of the slate candidates for council on this site.

    What has the incumbent, Glenn Drees done about this? What will Lee or Brokaw do about this lack of attention by the administration to the most apparent portion of our village in the eye of passers-by on Winton Rd.?
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  7. Jewel added a post in a topic Bearcat to re-open as barbecue place   

    I am glad to see that there is an interest in a person opening a new business in Greenhills.

    But, I don't understand why this person would choose Greenhills... honestly. The rent must be near free. There are so many other choices up the corridor in a more attractive setting (business-sense-wise) than the end of shopping center which looks more like a picked-clean spare rib than a flourishing or active site.

    I wish this person all the best and will go there at least once.
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  8. Jewel added a post in a topic Huttenbauer cited for shopping center violations   

    The village owns the brick pavers.
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  9. Jewel added a post in a topic Greenhills "Malaise"   

    I had no idea there were "signups".

    I guess people are under the impression that things like this will get coordinated by themselves and won't require much volunteer help, especially if this is being driven by government reps. I would have thought that this festival was being driven by the recreation committee. Perhaps, it isn't. I guess that's my fault for assuming.

    But, the people organizing this event should get more news out about needing help. The people who might be able/interested in helping out need to be notified. Perhaps, the Recreation Committee could put out a form in the journal looking for volunteers? If they did, then I surely missed it.

    The past two years have been dismal years for the festival. I am not hurling stones at those who tried their best. I'm merely stating that getting volunteers should be aggressively pursued through social media, newspapers, web sites, one-calls, etc.

    I have helped out in years past. I'm not waiting for the calendar to come around each year to contact people. I've always been contacted very late in the game, but have helped out in any capacity needed. But, the people running it 5 years ago aren't part of it anymore from what I understand. That's a shame. The people running it now don't seem to be connecting with others for help.
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  10. Jewel added a post in a topic Greenhills "Malaise"   

    The village is in true decline. It has taken me a long time to really come to this conclusion because I truly didn't want to accept what I have been seeing for some time now. It saddens me to see what a very nice place Greenhills used to be and what Greenhills could be if it weren't for a slow-moving government, malaise-filled council, and for the most part a non-unified public presence.

    The Pioneer Days festival was sad. I really don't know why the coordinators of this festival don't reach out to people to help. The picture which was posted in the journal showed about 12 people huddled around one booth. I think there were 8-10 booths present. How is that OLR can get so much coordination completed and volunteers to help and the Greenhills festival looks more like a family reunion?

    What is the life expectancy of the village?
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  11. Jewel added a post in a topic Board Candidates On Ballot for Nov. Election   

    Running like a team is nothing new.

    Just how is "bad" for the district if these three ladies win?

    I also find it very interesting that not one person from the 18 zip code isn't running. I thought there were some very concerned citizens in Greenhills that at least would have stepped up and taken on the challenge of helping to guide school district policy. Guess not.
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  12. Jewel added a post in a topic Creamy Whip   

    I, for one, believe that this cone isn't a real big deal, but someone I know gave me this as an example of why this cone should be discussed as it relates to the zoning code. So, let me offer this person's "what if".

    What if the business next door to the Ameristop were to place a giant foam head with a giant wig on top of the shopping center in the same manner as the Creamy Whip? What would you think of that?

    I agree that the owners of the Creamy Whip are good intentioned people and that their business is 100% a good thing for the shopping center.

    But, the zoning code should be followed whether or not the residents or businesses of any area are being "good people". So, a determination needs to be made on whether or not this cone is a sign and whether or not it should be allowed to be where it is.

    The people who own the hair place are good people as well. I would assume that people would have a huge problem with it because it would "look tacky" or not reflect well on the already bad aesthetics of the shopping center. The zoning code tries to prevent these types of "choosing winners and losers".
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  13. Jewel added a post in a topic Cincinnati Bell FiOptics   

    I think it's interesting to re-read the posts on this thread.

    Directv is wonderful. The price is great. The service is wonderful. And, I only lose reception for a very limited amount of time once or twice a year due to severe storms.
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  14. Jewel added a post in a topic Greenhills on lockdown...   

    This is very disturbing. This can happen everywhere, but Greenhills has a severe drug epidemic on its hands.

    I hear that it is heroin. This garbage has to be put to a screeching halt. But, with a lot of the demographics going south in this village, the clock will be very hard to turn back.
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  15. Jewel added a post in a topic Johnny's Sign   

    I agree with what you are saying, but I can also see how someone, the Creamy Whip in this case, could take this to court, if not take it in front of the BZA and argue that the initial citation is not valid because of the outline of the zoning code.

    Perhaps, that would resolve the issue?
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