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  1. paula added a topic in Winton Woods School Talk   

    Communication - WW Schools Strengthening Student eEucational Outcomes
     With our school district striving to strengthen our student's educational and academic outcomes, this message offers a glimpse into the many programs and  initiatives at work and the  teachers and administrators who lead the way. 
    Greater communication and understanding will foster greater community engagement that will only deepen and multiply the value our schools are seeking. 
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  2. paula added a post in a topic Website Upgrade   

    Love it!!! 
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  3. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Ask away- the distorted notion is that " 'conrete' ( not my spelling) blocks and high taxes do not teach knowledge" but the question before the voters is how the utilize our public money regarding facilities - our school buildings that are draining more and more resources away from teaching knowledge or instruction.  These buildings as an asset to our community and have served our district well 50+ years but the state has 2x mandated the buildings either need to be renovated to state standards with price of $81.5 millions dollars of which the state will not share due to cost well over 66% for new construction or will cofund $48.9 million toward new construction thus lowering our local share to $61.5 million.  Whether you advocate for spending more over the next 20 years and kicking the issue on to future without benefit that new facilities would provide, how is this beneficial? 
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  4. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Is $48.8 million dollars cofunded by the state of ohio toward new construction the truth? Is this your question? YES, but only if our community raises our share of $61.5 million for a combined $110.3 or so million for 2 new school campuses - Pre-K- 6th grade set in GH at the current middle school location and 7th- 12 grade campus set in FP at current HS location.
    This proposal is the most cost effective short and long term plan regarding our buildings. The cost when combined with State contribution nearly equates to buy one school and get one free. In addition the fiscal relief for homeowners today and the future for this important asset ( and yes, our facilities are our common asset). This appropriates funding for new facilities as our current buildings have well served our district. The state has mandated the costs to repair are greater than to build new. Much like a car that will cost more to fix it than to repair.  Insurance will not pay past a % above the value. This example should help folks understand this process. 
    The only thing that has not changed are the destructive grudges and grievances long held beyond any value or purpose. The district continues to work for improvement and efforts are underway with new superintendent, treasurer and complete new school board. Progress denoted as an "A" on the state report card also echos these changes. Why be agents of destruction and obstruction blockading these efforts?   
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  5. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    New buildings with the benefit of $48.8 Million from the state will SAVE and STRETCH our tax money thus increasing opportunity and resources available for instruction. Please understand this issue folks,
    To change the question posed to our community is most unfair to the voters and is a distortion of the truth. 
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  6. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Regarding Grants: Winton Woods just receive nearly $1 million in grant money from the state this year;  A second sizable grant in the past 5 years.  Also the Winton Woods Educational Foundation in conjunction with our Performing  Arts Boosters was granted an award of $16,000 for our music programs.  Believe me, our district will continue to seek and earn grant money to augment our students. 
    Regarding Alumni association- no criticism to private schools but applaud the work. Also agree this is important feature for WW to follow. That is why i stated this as a factor. 
    Again, the bond issue is how to best manage our tangible assets- namely our facilities. Do we ask our citizens to foot the entire bill or to maximize our resources augmented with $48.8 Million co funding from the state ?  Throwing away this opportunity is poor choice and one that will cost you and me more while damaging our community.   
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  7. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Regarding Educational outcomes:
    1) Admission testing- selective admissions
    2) Create strong alumni groups and fundraise effectively
    3) no mandate to graduate all 100% of incoming freshman who enter their school
    4) Ability and practice to push out students who would not graduate or fit in
    5) ability to mandate forced obligatory parental involvement and or a fee 
     Know these advantages by private institutions inherently create/ steer outcomes not found in public schools. That is ok and i have no dispute with Catholic schools as I endorse all education for every child - EDUCATION is this is the great salvation for the future and needed for all children not matter the conditions or circumstances into which they were born. 
     PS- I have 4 children - 2 graduates of private and 2 graduates of WW and 100% all exceed academically. professionally and as a citizen. SO my record shows either way our families can chose, strong academic outcomes are delivered - let's push for even better results!
    What else do you want to ask me? 
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  8. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Here is the question- our district owns tangible assets, our buildings many of which are 50 plus years or more having aged to the point where an important question for our community to ask- what is the most economical, fiscally viable option for our taxpayers to answer. How can we maximize your tax dollars and mine ( all of our money) that will deliver the best advantage today and tomorrow- even for generations to follow?   What is best financial course to resolve this facilities question and how do the option cost  compare  between 1) mending as necessary (Projected $67 million for next 20 years)   2) renovation to state of Ohio standards ( no cofunding and $81.5 million sticker cost)   3) building new with cofunding of $48.8 Million from the state.
    The state has said they will not fund renovations as the cost exceeds greater than 66% of a new build. They consider this action a  waste of money and will not assist. I agree as would most reasonable folks who are examining this issue. 
    Whether we like it or not, the care and appreciation of our school district's  tangible assets are very real; the obligation will not go away; and the costs will be due for our community to pay. As a community are we bright enough to understand the co funding from the state ( nearly half) will relieve this burden while also infusing much needed new infrastructure into our community?  
    Your question about catholic schools has no bearing on this question as they are always soliciting contributions and I am pretty sure if the feds were offering $48.8 million to help fund new construction, this would be an option chosen immediately. So what is your real question as it pertains to the bond issue?  
    This is a question about local taxes and how to best fund our tangible assets while creating growth, sustainability and stretching our local contribution. This measure will be the catalyst reinvigorating our stagnant community. 
    This plan is best course for our community! 
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  9. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    You are incorrect. There has been several significant changes- namely the increase from state from $33 Million to $48.8 Million further lowering the local share and a question most worthy of new, vigorous debate.
    There are many who do support, do trust and do honor the importance of strong public education. 
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  10. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Regarding the question as how to best handle the costs for aging facilities, there are several options. We can either fix existing building, renovate existing buildings, or take advantage of state co-funding.  The option to do nothing costs more than all other 3, and not just financially, but educationally.  The State of Ohio, as an independent agency, had stated that the cost to renovate existing buildings is greater than their formula of 67%- actually several buildings would be about 82% to renovate as compared to new construction, With the contribution from the state, this amount becomes more manageable locally. 
    Guess the "real world" solutions realized by over 400 school districts in Ohio represent no imagination or poor insight?  Northwest schools recently passed their new school bond as another district who realized state funding is vital to offset the costs to our local taxpayers. 
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  11. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

     I do know the obligation is covered by $48.8 Million from the state lowering our local contribution for new facilities AND is substantially lower cost than renovation for our tax payers.  I do know it will cost you and me more money if our community does not take advantage of this cofunding opportunity. How more obvious can it be? 
    Our local share will be $20.27 per month per $100,000 evaluation that solves the plaguing  facility issue.  
    Our enrollment is growing for past 3 years and with new academic programs, this number will increase. Currently mobile classroom had to be added to Primary North and South to handle our growing younger student population. 
    We have the golden opportunity to create the educational outcomes our district craves and our children deserve.
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  12. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    This new school bond measure is only one of so many programs and creative solutions augmenting the tireless work of our educators. Our community is worth the hard work and effort to build and strengthen the education afforded to our district's children.  
    Demanding good stewardship of our resources and assets along with the work to align goals, implement new programs, harness the intellectual resources and communicate openly with our community are just a few of the missions of the school board. Each of the 5 board members takes this responsibility seriously and professionally.    
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  13. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    If you did not supply any tragic ideas, I would have been surprised. Perhaps this would account why you finished last out of a field of 6 candidates for the last school board election.  
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  14. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    The only "fixation" is for solutions that work for children and our community.  This deal makes sense economically, fiscally and educationally providing lasting benefits for our entire community. 
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  15. paula added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    Just some preliminary info- OFCC funding varies from school district to school district based upon several factors and calculations including wealth and need - rankings from ODE are used to determine local and state contributions. 
    The fact this co-funding program started around 1996 and there are 600+ districts of which 400 have taken advantage of this co-funding to offset local burden will naturally bring this program to close at some point. Also new governors and legislators play a key point determining if this program continues or is cut. 
    Time is of the essence as this one initiative works to solve the issue of facility costs- this is the simple decision - plain and clear. To effectively manage our money that will deliver the best value for our community, the solution is to build new schools. This is the best overall plan for education and our community.   
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