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  1. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Police say OK to beat dog   

    amen  and no trash rules enforcement when people put out trash in bags or junk piled up 3 days before trash pick up  
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  2. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic garbage pickup   

    As usual WWW you are a snot. In item 10 of your lecture you forgot to remove garbage services. Afghan dishes on a menu was not what I was referring to and you know it. I was referring to the pitiful condition and unclean areas. It is unsightly and as the main thing people see when passing through, it is a woeful image of this once lovely village. I applaud The Troubadour and sincerely hope they are wildly successful. The Shack is quite popular I'm told but I must admit, I miss Hitchin' Post. People who try to refinance have problems with good appraisals and your assertion that home sales and prices are up doesn't jive with residents I know who have tried or are trying to sell. This is no longer a desirable community. I don't need you to tell me the Village uses our tax dollars to provide Police and Fire Protection. God bless our volunteers. I don't see where they provide Recreation for us but have it your way. Don't know what Village services specifically are and representation for what? You, as always, think you are so on top of everything. The little red bin that many use is manageable. What I was talking about is that the large green cart has no where to live at some of the townhouses. No where to keep it from street view. They now have to call and make arrangements for Rumpke to retrieve the thing unless someone hijacks it first. Near me there are three of those green bins sitting in the planting strip in front of a house that is empty & for sale another that is a rental and the tenants have either moved or are out of town and the third is a homeowner who says it can sit there till they decide to come and get it. I did however, when out for a walk, interrupt three teens from giving another a ride down the hill in green can- Very appealing since it was new and clean.  As for you, WWW, when you were on school board you were haughty and dismissive of the citizens and you are the same now that you squeaked your way to a council seat. You don't impress me and a lot of others. We remember you from our fight to save our schools and our Village in the process. We knew you were a traitor and backstabbed us. We won't forget it. So don't try to blow smoke, I don't accept your conclusions or opinions. People are still putting out garbage days ahead of time, sometimes in improper containers and leaving the cans or remainder of their refuse for days past the pickup date. Doubt if they are cited every week and paying fines. Even though we know you think you are the smartest person in the "room"  you have a lot to learn.
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  3. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic garbage pickup   

    It would have been more Community minded if the Village Council had presented the waste pick-up scenario last year and given residents opportunity to discuss it and ask questions. Perhaps they could have put it to a vote last November when we voted on continuing the "recreation assessment". I don't think it is completely kosher to assess a new tax willy-nilly but it is definitely not very smart. If they had presented the situation to the residents they might have received some good ideas, and maybe support for this "plan". Of course, lately, the council does a lot of things the residents don't particularly agree with. This waste plan poses a problem in several ways. First of all, it is confiscatory, universal & non-negotiable=tax . I think it is wrong & privacy invasion to use another utility to collect money for you without my permission. Also, Water is not collecting this for nothing, so you are paying them and in addition Rumpke makes money from re-cycled stuff so both of them win at our expense. People who own rental property are left with a situation. Some leases require tenant to pay their own gas, electric and sometimes water, but not all. So the landlords have to eat the tax for each property until they are in a position to present a new lease. It is hard enough to find quality renters in this declining environment without the additional charge or increased rent. I know someone who has a number of rentals and they try very hard to keep them nice and in good repair. This little fiasco will cost several thousand dollars a year for them.  Maybe there are other things that can be done such as management firm as mentioned by cincygrrl70.  What services are we provided? We pay property taxes on a scale that belies what this village has become, our once charming shopping center looks like it belongs in Afghanistan, we pay almost double to renew license tags, property values drop annually, we have no shopping or amenities and we have the bottom of the barrel schools. Maybe if they enforced the existing ordinances it would generate income. Either way, I thought I would never leave here. Our family is 4th generation now and everyone with children has left, only a few left in the village. I am thinking of following suit because my friends, if that 30+ yr school levy passes, there will be for-sale signs popping up like dandelions. When is the so called manager's contract up?  
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  4. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic New Recycle Bins Sat. 2/27   

    Many people in the village do not have a garage and those who live in attached units have difficulty dealing with their existing cans. Then you can consider the ordinance prohibiting trash cans visible from the street- although they never seem to enforce it-and it is no wonder everyone isn't thrilled to have the delivery of this big green vessel so they can help the purveyor derive income from its contents. If I had an empty lot next to my yard-that's where mine would go also.
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  5. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    WWW - I am so glad you felt you had to advise me that the Village Council has no control over the school issue. I would have never figured that out on my own. However, they should have an opinion as leaders and "conservators" of the Village. They can state their opinion. As a voter, I would like to know where they stand.
    To your other little jab-I know that the school gets printing deals and bulk mail rates but with all the poor-mouthing about no money, why waste it on propaganda? I can tell you, when that arrives at my house it goes directly into the shredder with the other junk mail. Good schools don't have to pat themselves on the back everyone knows who they are. These mailings & flyers beg the question "Who are you trying to convince?-me or yourself"
    I know you consider yourself the source of knowledge for all things WW schools but, you are not, I was told by people who would have access and ability to know that the maintenance is not up to par and it is felt that the Board is treading water, so to speak, in anticipation of construction. This is not an unheard of tactic in government or civic projects.
    Finally, We all know where you stand, but I do think it would be helpful for the Council to issue a statement or individually share their thoughts on this important matter. It matters to me when I vote. Since you barely got a spot on Council, and are not on BOE, maybe it would be good if your worried a little more about the Village position you eeked out and did a little less "snake oil touting" for WW schools.

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  6. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    You are so right Mad Botanist ! I was told that over the last several years there has been shoddy maintenance on the school bldgs. in order to justify new buildings. A new building will not change the results inside just provide a shiny, expensive venue for out of control classrooms and poor education. I am wondering if this isn't also a bit of a p----ing contest with Princeton as they are building a huge new structure. Either way- the buses that goes around my neck of the Village twice each AM and PM are virtually empty as the families with children who are able have left or enrolled their kids elsewhere. Seems like a big waste of money and expenses to have buses that aren't really needed.
    We that care need to start communicating now, organize and oppose this.
    Actually I'm not sure but I think Forest Park High School bldg. is one of the newer ones...whoever chose that design should be "examined". That is the darkest, dreariest, ugliest school bldg. inside and out that I have ever seen. Looks like a prison (Hmmm?)
    Lets all keep in touch maybe Village council will speak up for the Village and back us publicly for a change. We do have at least one friend on Council that I know of.
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  7. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    I'm in agreement with you Cicero. I would like to know how much of our tax dollars the BOE spends on glossy brochures and cards I get in mail touting the achievements in Music and Sports, and how much does it cost to place this on the ballot and advertise. Will they drive around again and photograph homes with NO signs in yard? The Cincy Entrepaneur magazine listed WW as the worst (bottom of the barrel) school district of the 29 in our area. Interesting though is the fact that WW spends the same kind of money per student that Indian Hill, Sycamore, Madeira and other good schools spend. There are districts that spend less and do better than WW.
    They have shuffled the kids around trying new plans- get a clue, it's not working.
    I have friends whose homes value has declined by almost 40% since the merger and have been told its because their backyard is adjacent to the now Middle School. My niece has spent a small fortune on her Greenhills fixer-upper. Everdry waterproofing, new roof, new kitchen, added bath, new floors, new back deck with roof etc. She decided to get a 15 yr mortgage and had that approval until the appraisal. Not only does the house value not increase after all the work but it is declined in value to about 75% of what she paid for it. The realtor told her its the schools.
    People evacuated Greenhills and now there is more rentals than ever, for sale signs stay up for long periods of time.
    I we are not careful our beloved Village will have disappeared and I hope people will begin to meet and discuss ideas. Bad schools devalue neighborhoods, we all know that.
    In this economy I don't intend to throw good money after bad- 37 years really, really?
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  8. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Electricity going out?   

    something goofy is going on. We have underground utilities (although they are forever digging) but still the electric going out for even brief moments. Maybe I'm wrong, but I tell my family that I swear the water pressure is lower that it has ever been. The neighbors aren't watering lawns or filling swimming pools-so why the low pressure?
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  9. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Drones?   

    Do you know someone little kid or big grown-up one who lost control of a small drone sometime Christmas night or the following day? Drone was found power pack intact. I'm sure it probably was a Christmas gift for a child or the Dad ! If you know the owner, send me a private message to describe and I'll be happy to return it.
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  10. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Ferret Found   

    A young ferret has been found on Burley. It is light buff, very social, affectionate and clean so it has not been on its own for long. If you know the owner of this little guy- see the man at 122 Burley to claim your pet.
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  11. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Do you know our new zoning?   

    I believe you are right regarding Agenda 21 and I don't know what we can do to stop it besides elect people local, county & state that will fight against it.
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  12. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Council questions...   

  13. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Council questions...   

    I stand corrected. I actually misstated that Melanie Brokaw was a GH grad. What I should have said is that she received the foundation of her early education and values in GH schools, in this community and from her family. Unfortunately, she and her peers had to complete their High School education elsewhere.
    As far as CCCS is concerned. I know you were the "campaign mgr" although we had some meetings with Handler's husband as well. They campaigned for the reopening of GHS because that is what we had been doing since before the Middle School closed. We went to Columbus to address the State Board, we went to other Districts in Ohio who had similar situations to review how they resolved it. We also contracted University of Cincinnati to conduct a district-wide survey regarding the merger which bore fascinating results. My point is-you didn't really help us in the trenches with fund-raising, canvassing, distributing flyers, pounding signs in the ground, picking up people who needed a ride, manning the polling stations (there were 4 or 5 in the village at that time),attending board meetings, traveling to Columbus etc. We had people who put in 20 or more hours a week. Don't remember seeing you at our bake sales, flea markets, restaurant fund raisers working with us. Additionally, many of us were not overjoyed with HHR as candidates. We really hoped that we would have Mike, Lou & one other to run. These were presented to us and we had to try. They were not in sync with us, they & a few others that gave info to our opposition. Mike & Lou while terribly mistreated did more to help Greenhills as a minority on the Board than anyone since. HHR had the majority and did nothing for us.
    As for you, your tenure on the WW school board did not benefit Greenhills in any appreciable way. You did not stand up for our community. That is your choice and your right to stand with who you will.
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  14. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Council questions...   

    I logged on to see if I could get some insight with trhe election coming up soon. I am happy to vote for Melanie Brokaw, she's bright, educated and a Greenhills grad. Mr. Drees has been effective as far as I know so that's 2 I can vote for in good conscience. Now here's my problem. Although I have known Teri Trienen for many years and find her to be a lovely, kind person, her political position is light years from mine. I have always known this but there was no reason to discuss it with her. She wasn't running for office, she was raising her boys.But her relationship with Pat Andwan makes her a big No in my book. Ms. Koller, whom I do not know, came to my door seeking support and #1 I am not crazy about the Regional Commission but I also asked her about her relationship with Pat Andwan. She smiled and said she had heard that too and was surprised. Said she had heard of Pat Andwan but didn't really know her or certainly wasn't affiliated with her. Found out that was not the case, so now she's a big No.
    That leaves Lee. Those of us that are still here who fought day and night for several years to save our schools have not forgotten that a interloper, back-stabbing traitor injected himself in our meetings and volunteered for a few committees. He was a spy and tried to "unhelp" us. Lo and behold, we then find that person Proudly serving on the Board of the worst of the 28 school districts in the area. We have lost wonderful friends and neighbors to better school districts, property values are abysmal, crime is creeping up and we have a big transient community..Many of us have not forgotten Mike Woods and Lou Lococo who sat on that Board and fought for Greenhills schools and were vilified and laughed and were not cowards. I am a conservative but Lee saying he is a Republican will not convince me to vote for him ever and I am not alone.
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  15. Ol'Spice added a post in a topic Creamy Whip   

    I agree with Screamin . Doesn't this Village Mgr have anything else to do? She does not respond to resident issues I have been told. The Creamy Whip looks better and cleaner than it has in years, inside and out. It is the best looking "store" in the center. Lots of "homemade" looking signs along the front, the awful décor outside the old Hitchin' Post and the front of Ameristop including sidewalk needs a good scrubbing. But they have to go after the Cone, ridiculous. There are other ordinances not being enforced. Garbage set out days before pickup day looks awful throughout the Village, garbage set out without lids (the raccoons are happy), garbage put out in bags, cans left out for days after pickup, or they could try to prevent more thefts from residents yards by patrols perhaps finding "kids" roaming around after curfew, maybe they could report on how awful the parking lot at the shopping center is and what they plan to do about it (their responsibility). How about enforcing ordinances requiring landlords to report the names and place of employment of tenants for payment of income taxes to the Village? Someone could rent a unit and then with an absentee or non-caring landlord move in several other people and nobody pays Greenhills taxes except the rest of us-just sayin". But there's no time for that because there's an ice cream cone on the top of the Creamy Whip- inform the media! Does anyone wonder why this Village is different than we all remember?
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