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  1. husmanta added a post in a topic Would you vote to restore owner property rights?   

    Does anyone have a map that shows what is greenbelt and what is park?
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  2. husmanta added a post in a topic Greenhills T-Ball   

    Registration for Greenhills T-Ball is still open, so please sign up if interested. The season typically runs through May and June, so practices will start up towards the end of April. The age group for T-Ball is typically 4-6. Note that all games and practices are in the village, making this about as convenient as any youth sports program can be.

    You can sign up at

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  3. husmanta added a post in a topic Cincinnati Bell Fioptics   

    My clever wife was wondering how it was that our neighborhood had acquired fiber optics service when nobody did any digging, despite all utilities being underground. When she asked Cincinnati Bell, the rep said that our service is actually 10Mb DSL, and the 'fioptics' is just a brand name they use.
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  4. husmanta added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    They have a facebook page that provides regular updates and photos of the ongoing work. Looks like it will be a nice place.
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  5. husmanta added a post in a topic Dog Obedience Schools   

    I am looking for an obedience school in the area for our golden retriever puppy. Any recommendations for places within a reasonable distance of Greenhills would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  6. husmanta added a post in a topic Pioneer polar express   

    two here
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  7. husmanta added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    I saw some people by that sign I think last night, but possibly the night before. This was at dusk, around 6:30. The sign was up at the time - the first time I noticed it. My impression was that they were installing it, but who knows - I drove by quickly. Middle aged, male and causcasion as I recall. There was a pickup truck on the side of McKelvey, and maybe one other vehicle. They were clearly doing something with the sign, but as I said, this may well have been the install/repair crew for all I know.
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  8. husmanta added a post in a topic 2014 School Ratings available   

    I'm having some trouble viewing the report card, probably due to server load. It does appear that the 'Progress' Measure shows significantly better results for the bottom 20% and for disabled students ( grade B ) than for "gifted" ( Grade C ) (editorial comment - I despise that phrase. All children are gifted) and for the average student (Grade F). That is a surprising result to me.

    I also see that the 'on track' measure for reading progress drops off steadily and dramatically between Kindergarten and Third Grade. By Third Grade, 73.8% are not "on track" whatever that means. And as the cliche goes, by fourth grade, one no longer learns to read, but reads to learn. I can't find a concise statement of what level of reading ability is the minimum for 'on-track' in third grade but this sure seems like a hell of a problem for these kids.
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  9. husmanta added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    I think people are misconstruing Equalizer's comment that academics are beside the point. It seems to me that this statement is not meant to say that academics are not important - it is meant to convey the idea that the question of whether to construct new buildings or not is fundamentally one of measuring the cost to maintain the old against the cost to build new. In that sense, academics are "beside the point" where "the point" is whether or not new buildings are a financially sensible option. I have made this same point on here myself - we should assume zero impact on academics and evaluate the proposal solely from a facilities cost standpoint. Agree or disagree on the facilities plan, but I think some of the responses to Equalizer's comment are way off base.
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  10. husmanta added a post in a topic Spfd Twp Arts Council a 2014 RustyBall Benefiicar   

    Technically it would be partying like its 1989 - The Rusty Griswolds have been playing Cincinnati for many years and are known for their 80s covers. The Rusty Ball is a huge event, and has raised almost $2 million for Cincinnati non-profits in just a few short years. Nobody has a bad time at the Rusty Ball.
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  11. husmanta added a post in a topic GMO's   

    Crops have been genetically modified for centuries. They just used to do it with crossbreeding. Newer methods are simply quicker and more precise. From a safety standpoint I have zero concerns as "In the US, by 2014, 94% of the planted area of soybeans, 96% of cotton and 93% of corn were genetically modified varieties." That's one hell of a sample size, and I am unaware of any actual non-speculative safety problems that have arisen.

    Additionally, the ability to improve yields for a given acreage especially when tailered to hostile environments, such as drought-prone areas, creates a greater opportunity to address world hunger than all the aid programs combined. Golden Rice is another good example. It is just rice genetically engineered to address vitamin A deficiencies in the third world. A seemingly small thing, but one with the potential to address a problem that has been otherwise intractable. Per Wikipedia: "The research that led to golden rice was conducted with the goal of helping children who suffer from vitamin A deficiency (VAD). In 2005, 190 million children and 19 million pregnant women, in 122 countries, were estimated to be affected by VAD. VAD is responsible for 1–2 million deaths, 500,000 cases of irreversible blindness and millions of cases of xerophthalmia annually."
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  12. husmanta added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    In my view, the evaluation of construction of new buildings should be based on a purely economic analysis of build vs. maintain. If detailed and credible data show that maintaining a particular structure is more expensive, then fine, replace it. If the data are shown to be not credible, support will evaporate. For purposes of this discussion, I would assume that new buildings would have zero effect on learning, and zero effect on school ratings (probably close to true). Keep it about the dollars and let it succeed or fail on those terms alone.
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  13. husmanta added a post in a topic Curves   

    The classrooms are used for Sunday school and bible study type gatherings. The cafeteria gets used for special events such as dinners or fundraisers. This is just from my personal observations. I don't know of any regular daily use, but that doesn't mean there isn't any.
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  14. husmanta added a post in a topic Butt shack BBQ   

    I took the family on Sunday, late afternoon. It was busy but not crowded. My experience was good all around. The service was good and it didn't take any longer for the food than what I would expect at similar places. Everyone liked the food, and there was plenty left. The ribs were good, and the portions enormous as compared to what you get at Montgomery Inn. It's going to cost more than fast food obviously, but I was actually expecting the bill to be higher than it was.
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  15. husmanta added a post in a topic Skatepark update   

    It appears the post I responded to has been removed. A gripe by shadow about the construction of the skate park as opposed to the removal of the kiddie pool.
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