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  1. JSpicoli added a topic in Restaurant Reviews   

    Taco Casa
    I've been to this establishment twice now.
    I was initially hesitant to supply my opinion at first. But, after today I thought it necessary to relay to all of you my feelings of this restaurant.
    Taco Casa is located on Montgomery Road just South of E. Kemper Rd.
    The décor is rather nice and the seating is very atypical. Nothing fancy.
    The first time I went in (about 9 months ago) I ordered two soft tacos. 1 chicken and 1 beef. I ordered with chips. I strolled down the counter where a worker assembled your food in front of you. The first thing I noticed was the fact that nothing was in containers on the block that were steaming. One might expect to see black beans or red beans and rice in a container steaming. Nothing like that here.
    The worker assembled my food in a container and when she got to the end of the counter she put in a microwave. Huh? Yes, a microwave. She popped it out the microwave and placed in a plastic "to go" container that has a lid on it. She took a handful of tortilla chips out of box that had been shipped from a local distributor and placed them in the lid of the plastic container and then closed the container. I told her that I had ordered my meal for "here". She responded that that is the way it's served.
    I took my plastic tray and "to go" container to a table and sat down. There was a bar area in the middle of the restaurant that contained a salsa pump for salsa (hot and mild). The bar also had plastic forks and napkins on it for people to grab. Mind you, the forks were in a heap in a open bin. None were in a plastic wrapper. Ever witness one of those "from the stall to the hall" people? Well, that is all I could think of when I picked up one of those forks to use. After picking it up I threw right in the trash. I grabbed several napkins because I knew I wasn't about to use any of the forks that were being provided.
    I ate through the two tacos and chips thinking full-well that none of the food I was eating had any more character, pizazz, or personal pride than stadium food. I ate about 75% of it and then could take no more. I threw it away thinking to myself that I just ordered $10.00 of food which had zero personality or personal touch put into it. I felt bad the rest of the day either from overthinking about the fact I just paid that much money for garbage or there was something in it that made my stomach feel bad.
    Now, right about now you're probably saying to yourself, "Why in the heck would he have gone BACK to this place again if he had had such a bad experience last time?" - Rightfully so and good question.
    I was in the area stopping by the bank and was starving. If you are familiar with that area you would know that there aren't many fast food or quick stop restaurants in that immediate area. There is a Buffalo Wild Wings and a First Watch. But, I had no time to sit and wait. I needed something fast. Pulling out of the bank I saw the Taco Casa sign. I thought to myself: "I'll give it one more try."
    So, I walked in and ordered a Chicken Chorizo Burrito. It was one of their specialty items. I thought that maybe I'll get lucky at what they make as a signature item. WRONG!
    I walked down the same counter like before and this time the kitchen swinging door was open. A worker was spooning out cheese from a large can. There were bags labeled "cooked chicken" and "ground beef" on the floor near the door way of the kitchen and front. This restaurant makes nothing! They are an assembly line from vacuum-packed bags to burrito shells. Granted other restaurants do this, but when I've already had the first experience with this restaurant on the negative - to see it first hand was the last hammer strike to set the nail of the coffin on this place for me. The worker placed my burrito in the microwave to heat up and then handed it to me.
    The burrito was horrible. I dissected the burrito on the tray they had given me kind of like Chef Ramsey would do on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares and looked at the different pieces of meat placed in the burrito. I washed my mouth out and ate one bite of the chorizo which I pulled from the "body" of this laid open burrito. The chorizo - I wouldn't have fed it to my dog.
    Now, sitting there dissecting this animal was seen to others in the restaurant as an interesting oddity because I think they actually thought I was either Chef Ramsey's brother or I was a critic. Maybe I was making funny faces. I don't know, but I intrigued a good portion of the clientele.
    A worker came around the sitting area to clean some things up and noticed what I was doing. The worker asked me how everything was and I told him I was trying to get an "A" in science class. He looked a little confused and I told him that if I could figure out what kind of meat I was eating that I would get an "A". He laughed and moved on.
    Final assessment:
    1. Never going back.
    2. Letting you know that if you want fast food cafeteria food just save your money by going to the Kroger located across the street and eat a frozen Hot Pocket. It's highway robbery.
    3. Delivery truck comes in. Worker cuts bags and open cans. Worker dispenses solids and liquids in containers.
    4. Food assembled.
    5. Microwave on. Ding!
    6. You get food.
    What a hell of a business model. Similar to many, but this is blatant.
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  2. JSpicoli added a topic in Restaurant Reviews   

    House of Belgium
    So, I had been wanting to go to this restaurant for several years now and, particularly, any time I passed the house of Belgium location in Over-the-Rhine it was packed. I had heard wonderful things coming from this restaurant, thus my interest.
    Special occasion rises up and guess what - I go to the House of Belgium - Rookwood location.
    There were five of us. The place was a little more than half full and they had the "garage doors" open for outside seating. The waitress initially placed us in the restaurant at a 6-topper. It was extremely noisy as the floors and walls were tile, leaving nothing left for a private conversation of any kind. Plus, there a tale right behind us that some type of after work engagement. So, we told the waiter that we wanted to move outdoors on the patio.
    The outdoor patio was very nice and they lit up a gas fire outside more for ambience than functionality, but still a nice touch.
    I had heard wonderful things about the food, so I was prepared for the best. I ordered the Chicken and Waffle, others ordered Crepes, and orders of waffles. We ordered the pretzels and Beer Cheese as a snack.
    The snack came out and it was pretty darn good. A bit on the pricey side for what it was, but still good.
    The main entrees came out and I was little unimpressed with the quantity of food. For instance, the waffle was about the size of two Eggos put together. Don't get me wrong, they were good, but if you were trying to get your stomach to stretch a little after a meal then that wasn't going to be the result. The chicken and waffles, again, were good, but the quantity was less than acceptable at the price tag. If you are not familiar with this dish - It comes as a chicken breast which has been battered and fried on top of a waffle with hot sauce and maple syrup. If you think the combination of the two sauces wouldn't come together then you be wrong. Yum!
    Overall, the restaurant is nice, but I did not come away thrilled or even satisfied with my experience. Probably not go back. I was bummed when I left because I had expected so much more because of everything that I had heard about the place. 
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  3. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Rush   

    So, I rented Rush. Yep. I rented the movie from Family Video.

    I initially had my doubts because how cool can a movie like this be? I like F1.

    Watching the movie was interesting because at first I had no idea it was actually based on true events. And, true they were when after I got through about 3/4 of the movie I looked it up on Google. The movie had a new perspective when finding out it was true.

    The background information and the realism of the race was incredible. The portrayals of the real people and the likeness of each were amazing.

    What an incredible movie! I would suggest this movie to anyone wanting to watch just a great movie as "porch TV" with friends over drinks. Very enjoyable and because it was closely based on real events I would give it an A (3.5 stars).

    Any avid race fan would love it!
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  4. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Swad   

    Link to the restaurant: http://swadtasty.com/

    So, I went to this restaurant last night with a friend of mine.

    We parked on the street just in front of the place and entered.

    The place was completely redone from the previous tenant.

    The Hostess told us we had about a 10 minute wait as the place was near capacity. My friend and I stood at the bar and we ordered some drinks. About 10 minutes later we were sat in the back part of the main restaurant.

    The server was extremely helpful. As expected in most Indian cuisine menus, the menu was full of dishes.

    We ordered two dishes; one lamb dish and the other a goat dish. I had never had goat meat before, so I was little interested in what that would taste like. Not scared. Just interested.

    We also ordered two appetizers. They were awesome! With the main dishes we ordered several types of naan, one being one with coconut and raisins. That was great.

    Overall, the service was an A+. The food was even better.

    I must say that this restaurant blew the Taj Mahal, which is located on Winton Rd. in Finneytown, away. Sorry, Taj Mahal your service and atmosphere doesn't even come close.

    I've found a new home for Indian food. As far as I'm concerned Swad is the place in Cincinnati.
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  5. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Barrio Tequileria   

    So, this review is a little bit an extension from my last review (The Littlefield).

    After going to The Littlefield we were still hungry.

    Walking simply across the street was easy enough for us to try and fill up for dinner.

    Walking in we were immediately taken care of; seated, menus received and drinks ordered.

    The décor of the restaurant is really unique as it features bold colors (red primarily), unique paintings on the walls, and an appealing staff. They had quite the selection of beers and wines.

    The menu: http://barrio513.com/ is very nice and describes the dishes quite nicely.

    I ordered the burrito with the Brisket which added $1.00 to the dish. My friends ordered an array of dishes. For an appetizer we ordered the Trio which consisted of queso, freshly made guacamole and salsa. The chips were refilled at no charge. It was an ample appetizer.

    Playing in the front of the restaurant was a quite talented piano player which took tips for the local food store. 100% of the tips were donated. The piano player took requests by texting him. One of the songs that were sent to him was "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden. Being that his tone was jazz he played in that manner. At first it was hilarious to hear that song in a jazz mode, but he did such a good job it was a bit refreshing to hear a different way.

    The staff was very courteous, helpful and attentive. The prices are unbeatable for the quality and quantity of the portions. This is a little gem in Northside and hopefully it will be there for a long time.

    The only thing I would tell them to update would be the restrooms. A fresh coat of paint would do a wonder.

    Go check it out.
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  6. JSpicoli added a post in a topic The Littlefield   

    Myself and a friend went to this little restaurant on Friday night for dinner. WE had looked it up online and it looked very interesting. And, since we had never been there we thought we would give it a try.

    Being that it was in Northside we figured it would be tricky parking, but it really wasn't because this restaurant is just off the beaten path, so to speak.

    Walking up to the restaurant they had a nice outdoor area where a fire was lit. They also had a nice seating are around the fire and it was quite inviting.

    We entered the restaurant and noticed right off the bat that they had quite the selection of bourbons, beers, and wines.

    The place was nearly full as we waited to be seated. The hostess came up to us and asked how many we had in our party. WE told her, "Two."

    Right in front of us there were two table stuck together that formed a four-topper. She looked across the restaurant and pointed us in the direction of three chairs lined up against the outside window of the restaurant. She told us she didn't want to split up the four-topper and there was seating along the window. We told her that was OK and that we would go someone else as we didn't feel like sitting along the window. The hostess looked a bit disturbed that we would "defy her". She split up the two tables and we sat down.

    The waitress came over to us and asked what we would like to drink. My friend ordered a martini and I ordered a 1.5 oz. shot of Angel Eyes bourbon. When she came with our drinks she asked us if we'd like to order an appetizer. We ordered bread and butter. Now, this wasn't any style of butter. IT was infused with bourbon. The bread was called "16 bricks". I have no idea what that means, but I'm only guessing it's the hipster way of saying non-white bread? I don't know.

    The place had a lot of the same "style" of people in it. The waiters and waitresses were hipsters and the clientele seemed to be people who liked paying for that look. Not trying to be judgmental, but it was eclectic.

    The waitress came back over about 4 minutes later and asked us if we were the ones that ordered the bread and butter. Really? "Yes, we ordered the bread and butter. Thanks", I said. She said, "I just couldn't remember." She had three tables. We counted. 8 people. Lord have mercy if she worked a bigger restaurant - and one that was busier than this particular night.

    The butter was amazing. It's rare that you might hear someone say that about butter, but good lord it was good.

    The waitress asked us if we wanted anything else. I told her we'd like to order our dinner. {Blank stare} I ordered the BBQ Brisket. My friend ordered the Pigs in the Blanket.

    The food came out in good order and time. After looking at the portion I then realized that The Littlefield is a place where a patron either starts for dinner or comes in after eating dinner. It's not FOR dinner.

    The portion was definitely an appetizer. Overall, the food was a 7. But, based on price I would rate it a 5. Sounds pretty harsh, sorry.

    The Littlefield is trying too hard to be that hipster joint where all the young professionals hang out. The Senate pulls it off because they have great food and doesn't try to over do it. I hope they make it. If they do they'll make it without my money.

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  7. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Frickers   

    I had my doubts right off the bat. Call me crazy, but I knew it was going to be an experience. Perhaps, I was in a funk mood. Perhaps, it was the people hanging out on the side deck smoking and cussing and carrying on. Perhaps, it was the fact that they were employees. Who knows.

    I went inside and stood in front of the counter where two employees were wrapping up food for a to-go order. They looked a little surprised when they needed to tell me I could sit anywhere I wanted.

    Apparently, the crazies had been let out of the asylum. I had never seen so many people of varying degrees of wrecked. I don't want to sound mean, but there was an unusual amount of people in distress in this place. But, that shouldn't have anything to do with the service or the cooks.

    The waitress came over and took my drink order in good time. I ordered a drink from the bar and that selection wasn't available as they were working on the lines. They immediately offered another drink to me for free. I thought that was odd. Did they know I was the resident restaurant critic? Who knows.

    I ordered my food. It was a BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Cheeseburger. It was $6.50. It came with nothing. No chips. No fries. No onions. No lettuce. No tomatoes. No flavor. No moisture. Nothing. I didn't get the fries because I wasn't that hungry.

    The burger came to be and right off the bat I knew this may not be pleasant. The whole dish looked as if it was sitting under the heat lamp for awhile. The cheese kind of congealed with pieces of what appeared to be Baco-bits in it. I took one bite and when the burger entered my throat for swallowing I knew that was going to be my last bite. I put it down just as the waitress came by and asked me how I was doing. Again, did they know I was the resident food critic? By the time I could swallow, the manager was there as well. I really believe they thought I was someone special by the way attention was turned in my direction.

    I told them that I could not eat another bite. The hamburger was literally one step up from a McDonald's hamburger. It had no flavor. The manager insisted that I order something else from the menu at no charge. I told the manager I was not going to do that. She insisted that their hamburgers are partially what they are known for.

    I told the manager that if they want to be known for their hamburgers that they should actively pursue that goal by making hamburgers from scratch, not from starting with frozen ones. Your main ingredient is or should be the first thing the patron will taste. That being said, the manager was polite and gave me a $5.00 Frickers coupon to use on my next visit. They took the hamburger off my bill.

    As I walked out I saw a couple with a young child eating. I gave the coupon to them to use and proceeded passed the Police officer guarding the front door. I couldn't believe there was a police officer there. Perhaps, he was getting a to-go order. Nope. He was being paid. It was normal for an officer to be there he told me. It was a Tuesday night for goodness sake!

    The door didn't hit me in the butt on the way out. Sorry Frickers. I won't ever be back.
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  8. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Piada Italian Street Food   

    I went into this restaurant today for lunch. It was located in Deerfield Twp. in a typical "trendy plex" which included other "nutritional" hipster restaurants.

    The place is a Chipotle except with Italian sauces. If you like Chipotle you'll like this place. If you don't like Chipotle you won't like this place.

    After ordering my Steak Piada (Burrito) I gathered my napkin and my drink and gobbled it down in the same fashion. I wondered and was absolutely ready to lay down a $100 bet that this restaurant was owned by Chipotle. After looking it up on my smartphone I was glad I didn't make the bet. It is owned by the same guy who started Bravos.

    The only real difference between this place and a Chipotle was the tile behind the counter, the "chefs" wearing chef garb, and the Italian sauces. Other than that, no difference.

    I was disappointed by its cookie-cutter menu and the layout. I guess this is the new wave of restaurants.

    Why not just open up a Morrison's Cafeteria or Cambridge Inn of burritos?

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  9. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Brothertons   

    Kudos to you for reporting this restaurant!

    I ate there a couple of weeks ago for the first while traveling down Hamilton and having to stop at the bank.

    This place was great and is exactly what Riley's used to be. Sadly, I have to say used to be for Riley's.

    The food was great and very affordable. It was exactly what you can expect once you walk through the door.

    I must say it was weird seeing a nearly stocked bar behind the counter of a restaurant like this. Apparently, they have their liquor license.

    I will definitely be back.

    Prices - great. Food - exactly on par.
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  10. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Red Rose   

    I went to the Red Rose last weekend with a large group of people (25+) on a Saturday afternoon.

    The Red Rose is located on the right side of Hamilton Avenue just before Cedar Ave. if you are heading south.

    It is an Italian restaurant featuring lasagna, spaghetti, etc. It also carries an array of pizzas in a large variety of sizes.

    There is two sections of the restaurant right now. The left side being more a parlor-esque dining room and the other side (partitioned by a door) is a bar with some casual seating and TVs. They were still working on this side of the place, but it looks very nice and the direction they are headed with the décor it will surely be very nice.

    Get a load of this. They have a 28" pizza! It's HUGE. We ordered two of those and we were able to order four different toppings in four different quadrants of the pizza. WE had ours with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and plain. We also ordered a 20" deluxe pizza. I believe they have 9 different sizes of pies.

    They had a nice beer selection along with some wines and of course soft drinks on a fountain machine (Can you believe they had fountain soda at THIS Italian restaurant? - reference Vincenzo's post).

    For the kids they had several old school stand up arcade games for .25cent/play and two foosball tables which were free.

    The waitress was very pleasant and was proud to be a part of a thriving family owned and operated business.

    All of the food was AWESOME! I put their pizza in the top 3 of the city (With Dewey's and Godfather's; old school reference) - leaving LaRosa's in the dust. The dough was hand stretched, the cheese was thick, and the toppings nicely placed.

    Additional off-street parking is in the back and you can enter this lot by going down Cedar Ave. and turning right into a gravel drive. The back door can be accessed for entry into the restaurant.

    And, "How did you finish all that pizza?", you might ask. We didn't. The pizza we brought home ended up in a fight as to who would get the last piece. I lost. Luckily, I know where to get more of it and hopefully they'll be around for a long time.

    If you haven't been there then you are missing out. It's awesome, Totally AWESOME!


    GET IT!
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  11. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Vinceno's   

    Loving this restaurant for over two decades when this place was located on Springfield Pike in Springdale, I ventured into the relocated location on Chester Rd.

    It wasn't very busy and the first red flag popped up in my head: "Never go into a restaurant that isn't busy. The service will suffer" - is what my motto is.

    As I walked into the restaurant there were two empty beer bottles in the ash can next to the front door. Not appealing. No one should be drinking alcoholic beverages outside.

    I was greeted by two nice women and seated promptly. The place was nearly empty - just three others in the place.

    Immediately, the waitress came to me to get my drink order. I actually had just sat down. I hadn't even got a chance to push my chair in. Please give a guy a chance to get comfortable. I'm guessing by now you see where this review is heading.

    I looked over the drink side of the menu. I didn't see any wines I could recognize, no soft drinks listed, and just a very small beer list. No problem though. I didn't want to get an alcoholic beverage so I asked if they had a Mt. Dew. The waitress wasn't sure and peered into a room located up a couple of stairs from my table. She told me they did and she brought it to me. I mean, she brought it to me. Not a fountain drink. A 20 oz. bottle of Mt. Dew. She asked me if I needed a glass or not. I began to wonder where I was. Could I have been transported to a fancy Stop 'N' Go (old reference)? Was there a fancy Italian hot dog rotisserie at the bar? Was a three piece Mexican band going to come out and serenade me? Huh? NO fountain drinks in a restaurant suited like this one?

    "Sure. I'd love a glass if you have one in this restaurant", I told the waitress with a smile.

    She brought it to me without ice.

    The waitress came back in about 1 minute and thirty seconds and asked if I was ready to order. Who can go over the menu in less than 1 minute and thirty seconds, while opening up your soda, pouring it into the glass, and all the while trying to make a choice? Not me.

    I told the waitress I would flag her down when I was ready. She was fine with that.

    Looking over the menu the names of the dishes were nearly impossible to pronounce. Why? Maybe to make the dishes sound fancy? I don't know.

    I flagged the waitress down and before ordering I asked her about the specials. She read from her notes listed on a piece of paper. Not good. As a waitress, if you can't remember the specials then I've got problems. Sorry, that's just me.
    She rattled through the specials and none appealed to me so I ordered the Risotto con Verdura e Gamberetti. Menu here: http://www.vincenzos.net/index.php?option=...g&id=6&Itemid=6

    I got the house salad which came with the main course. It had one slice of tomato and ice berg lettuce. No onions. No green peppers. No mushrooms. Nothing else. I'm not digging this situation.

    The main course came out with no long wait. It was a large plate of overcooked risotto mixed with the items listed with the dish. The vegetables were definitely frozen vegetables as they were soggy and nearly non-edible. The risotto base had a thin gravy-like goo mixture. It was HORRIBLE. The dish tasted like bad Chinese food. I took three small-medium bites before telling myself, "This is absolutely the worst thing I've tasted in a long time."

    The waitress came by to check on me. She asked how everything was and told her that the dish tasted like Chinese food. She took it away. She then came back to see if there was anything I'd like to order to replace the last dish. I told her that the check would be fine.

    She promptly brought the check and told me they took the dish off the check. I told her thanks and left her with a tip.

    Oh yeah, I grabbed my 20 ounce and walked out.

    I will NEVER step foot in that place again. For a $19.00 dish to have such bad taste and quality of food I have no time to spend trying to give it another shot.

    I almost felt like Chef Ramsay all alone tasting a horrid dish from a "Kitchen Nightmare" episode. I truly wanted to go back in the kitchen and take a look around.
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  12. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Butt Shack Bar-B-Que   

    I must tell about my last two times in the Butt Shack.

    The first of these two times I went into the Butt Shack I was there for dinner. I sat with my client for nearly 5 minutes prior to anyone coming to my table. There were several workers walking around, but not one time did they even glance into the dining room.

    The person I was with simply told me, "Let's count how many times someone walks by us and doesn't even notice us." We counted nine times. The waitress that finally came over was embarrassed. I wasn't very pleased. Should I have flagged someone down? Maybe. But, we were the only two in the place and we were sitting in the middle of the dining room.

    The rest of that dinner went pretty good.

    The last time I went into the Butt Shack I sat in the place as the last time. There were four gentlemen sitting at the bar watching the TV. I sat and sat and sat waiting for a server. A bartender rested up against the bar talking with the four gentlemen at the bar. I stared the bartender long enough I could've burned a hole through her. Again, several waitresses scampered about the dining room not noticing me.

    I put both of my hands on my chin and huddled over the table probably looking like I was going to starve to death. Finally, a waitress stopped over as the bartender was flirting it up with the four guys at the bar.

    I ordered my food and in regular order I received my food.

    May I make several suggestions?

    - Put a bell on the door as it opens to alert the staff someone new has come in.
    - Install a cow bell on the hostess podium, so if you are coming in to eat and don't see anyone to seat you you can "clang" it.
    - The hostess podium that is there has never been used. Please put someone at that station?
    - If you don't do either of these three, then have your waitresses look around as they pass through the dining room (Your clientele shouldn't have to flag down someone to help them).

    Your food is still good, but I won't wait like that anymore.

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  13. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Jean Robert's Table and 21c   

    I went out over the weekend downtown with a very special person on a very special occasion.

    Knowing that it was Octoberfest weekend we decided to head down a bit early as our reservation at Jean Robert's Table was at 8:15.


    We had heard a lot of good things about a rooftop bar named 21C. The bar entrance is located on Gano St. which is actually an alley, not truly a drivable street.

    We went to the 11th floor and on top was a pretty interesting view. The bar is located near the center of downtown, so you won't get a river view. Instead is a view of Mt. Adams and neighboring old buildings. The view was still pretty inspiring as you didn't need the river to entertain your party. So, conversation other than the river was nice.

    The prices of the drinks were a little bit more expensive than elsewhere, but I guess you are paying for the fact you are on top of building. It was very "clean" design with glass barriers surrounding the roof outline.

    21C serves light appetizers and some pretty interesting mixed drinks. My first drink was "The Colonel". I had no idea it would be served in a martini glass as it had bourbon in it. So, I had to mask the fact I was drinking in this type of glass and quickly adjust.

    The bill with tip was $50.00, but the view, accompanied with the weather, atmosphere, and the company was truly spectacular.

    Jean Robert's Table:

    Arriving at the restaurant around 8:00 we sat at a table next to the bar and ordered a drink. They had several nice beer taps as well as a comprehensive wine list to fit anyone's palette. The bar was pretty plain - no ornate feature about it. The football game was on which seemed weird to me as I wouldn't have thought of a place like this to have a TV.

    We were seated around 8:30 and the server was quite nice. The waiter showed up promptly and noticed we had already had drinks with us. He ran down the specials list of the evening.

    After reviewing the menu (I know I'm going to catch flack over this one) I chose to get the hamburger. I know. I ordered a hamburger in a French restaurant, but had heard a lot of good things about it and decided that what I had been drinking all night would accompany this group the best. I wasn't about to switch to wine midway through the evening. My friend ordered the sea scallops.

    We ordered Frois Gras for an appetizer. It was amazing!

    The waiter was wonderful and we were able to lighten him up a bit as the restaurant was filed with pretty much retired East Side personalities.

    For a $15 hamburger I would give it an 8. My friend LOVED her dish and there nothing left. Nothing at all. You could've put the pate right back on the shelf for the next order.

    Overall I would give Jean Robert's Table an 8 out of 10. Most of this rating comes from the hamburger price over quality.

    The service was outstanding.

    The atmosphere was nice. Not too loud, but a teeny bit stuffy with some of the clientele. But, then again, what can you expect from a high quality French restaurant?

    If you go there I'm sure you will be pleased.

    Oh yeah, the price tag was free. Unknown to us, we had a friend call ahead and pay for our meal. Thanks again to them. They are great friends!
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  14. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Grande Finale   

    I took some of my friends to the Grande Finale last Saturday evening.

    All of the people who were with us had been there many, many times. In fact, we pretty much know the menu like the backs of our hands. And, it has always been a great go-to place when other places may require a bit of a drive or we have relatives in and want to enjoy an easy night out with good food.

    We had a reservation and we were seated out in the covered courtyard promptly.

    We were handed the menus and asked for our drink order. I would not call our waitress rude, but she was very forward. Addressing us in a voice that would not appeal to at least some people who aren't at least a little bit light-hearted while dining in a pricey restaurant.

    We looked down at the menu for a few moments and as we all simultaneously raised our heads back up to look at each other, we all had the same comment: "What is going on with the prices? $23 for the Chicken Ginger?"

    But as we discussed this we all came to the conclusion that maybe they've added food or the food quality is different than before? We had no idea.

    The food quality was the same for most of the dishes. One friend ordered the Ahi Tuna and instead of what they called "drizzle" they poured the sauce on it. It looked more like Ahi soup, than Ahi with sauce. It was too much to consume the majority of the plate.

    I will say this about the Grande Finale. The steaks have always been very nice. But, the prices are getting a bit high for the overall quality when comparing it to a Ruby, Ruth's Chris or Carlos and Johnny's steak.

    With all the nice restaurants popping up right now it will be hard for me to come back for awhile. The Meritage right up the street is a direct competitor and they have fabulous food and service.

    The Grande Finale needs to regroup a little bit with its service.

    Food rating: C+ factoring in price and flavor
    Service rating: B factoring in some of the comments and attention we received

    Menu here: https://www.grandfinale.info/dinner.htm
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  15. JSpicoli added a post in a topic Greenhills Pool   

    I went to the Butt Shack again today and saw the 5 whole tents. Is there a Red Cross meeting there this weekend or something?

    I thought maybe the Fire Department was opening up a triage area for some training purposes.

    Why even have a Summer Festival? It's not even funny. It must be demoralizing for the community.
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