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  1. schouten added a post in a topic 1 missing after canoe capsizes on Winton Woods lake   

    Oh, sister.  I wanted to say the same thing.  I backed away.  This boy was a friend of my nephew.  
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  2. schouten added a post in a topic Unbelievable!   

    Our friend "Yuri"  ^^^^

    ditto.  when you see something, say something.
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  3. schouten added a post in a topic Found Dog   

    disregard.  i left the police my contact info and the owner picked up her dog.  
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  4. schouten added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Found Dog
    A dog wandered into my backyard this afternoon while the gate was open.  Female; brown, black and white; mid-size; friendly.  It looks like she may have had a collar at one time, but she has no collar or ID tags on her now.  If we don't find her owner by late this afternoon, I'll take her up to the Animal Care Center of Forest Park and see if she's chipped.  I have no idea how to post a pic.
    Message me here if you may know who she belongs to.  
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  5. schouten added a post in a topic 9th annual Pioneer Polar Express   

    schoutens for two
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  6. schouten added a post in a topic I love Greenhills but,...I'm just PO'd..   

    we had a bike stolen from our yard last month.  two nights ago, my van was broken into.  several years ago, my lighted snowman was taken.  i waited a couple of years before putting much out for Christmas again, but i'm back to leaving things a little more bare again.  why bother?  
    yes, i reported the thefts to the police.
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  7. schouten added a post in a topic Car break-ins on Junefield and Junedale   

    my mind was blown when my lighted snowman was stolen several years ago.  
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  8. schouten added a post in a topic New tree to be planted in memory of Mike Farrar   

    what a nice memorial...thank you.
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  9. schouten added a post in a topic Tree Trimmer   

    thanks, grandview.
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  10. schouten added a post in a topic Tree Trimmer   

    thanks, D&C...tom was recommended to me today. i've pulled up his number and will call later tomorrow. much appreciated.
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  11. schouten added a post in a topic Tree Trimmer   

    does anyone know of a good tree trimmer in the area? someone with whom you've had person experience? i've got two front, one back...that need some sprucing up. thanks.

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  12. schouten added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    i was never a fan of quiche until i had it at the troub. it is fantastic and comes with a side of greens. my husband is taking the kids up there for lunch today after their aikido lessons.
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  13. schouten added a post in a topic Meritage - Glendale   

    my best to your bride for good health and happiness.
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  14. schouten added a post in a topic Cincinnati Bell Fioptics   

    terry's working until 5p, but you guys can talk after that. we do have fioptics and have had much better luck with it than TWC. people are right, though, that they try to jack up the price after a year. fortunately, terry works with folks from CBTS and has kept our costs comparable with TWC. also, we bundle internet, tv and phone...not sure if that's what you're aiming for.
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  15. schouten added a post in a topic Sultan's Mediterranean Cuisine   

    tonight was my fourth visit in two years to sultan's in west chester and it's been wonderful every time. the restaurant is located off of tylersville road...turn left from north i-75 and it's about a half-mile on the right.

    among my four visits, i've tried nearly all of the cold appetizers, including hummus, various yogurt dips, marinated white beans and tabbouleh. their entrees consist of many types of kabobs...lamb, chicken, beef...and come with rice pilaf and warm pita bread. desserts are heavenly and include almond pudding, traditional baklava and their house baklava made with pistachios. everything i've ordered has been well-cooked and flavorful.

    our service has been terrific...the staff is welcoming and we've always been tended to immediately with drink and bread refills. my husband and i left tonight after two appetizers and a shared dinner for two (lamb, chicken, beef with rice) and dessert with enough left over for an entire meal tomorrow for about $60.

    lastly, one thing i don't enjoy about most restaurants today is the noise level. this establishment is smaller than some, but beautifully decorated, and even though it was mostly full the entire time we were there, the noise level was quite low. sultan's has definitely become one of our favorites.
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