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  1. Oddball added a post in a topic Let's write a book together - right here   

    This is a really good book.
    I'm gonna have my kids read it.
    Is there a sequel coming out soon?
    Why am I here?
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  2. Oddball added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    We need to hear what busybody would say about this issue.
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  3. Oddball added a post in a topic Chemtrails   

    Man, I sure do miss Hair!
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  4. Oddball added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    It's because her barracks are right next to the ones they just knocked down.
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  5. Oddball added a post in a topic Why won't my Galaxy S4 download MP3s anymore?   

    Check the air in the tires.
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  6. Oddball added a post in a topic Humminbird 898 c si di. GPS   

    Troll Alert.
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  7. Oddball added a post in a topic Anti-Trump Protests   

    The womens' march was orchestrated by a Muslim who wishes for Shiria law here in these Newnited States of 'Merica.
    That should make anyone who participated feel a bit chagrined, ya think?
    Actually, the whole thing was nothing but a bigass hissyfit by people who cannot take not getting their way.
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  8. Oddball added a post in a topic McDonalds   

    Oh, you shouldn't eat that stuff man, it's like...... bad for you man.

    I like eating cheese, drinking wine, and catching some rays.
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  9. Oddball added a post in a topic It's that time of year   

    That Phro...... always good for a chuckle !
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  10. Oddball added a post in a topic 2011 Reds   

    Hmmm, now the Reds are 13-12, while the Kacee and da Shoeshine Band Roils are 12-12.

    What sez you 'bout dat, Bloat Disorder ?
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  11. Oddball added a post in a topic Shame Upon Schools   


    How could I possiibly reach any conclusion without being in on the meetings that were held in order to reach this decision ? Nasbe says it's race, I say ok, let's see the facts. So far, none have been forthcoming. I've read everthing posted here, and in the paper, looked at the statistics, and have a hard time believing that race in itself is the reason. At this point, it seems to me, it's all conjecture. I just want to know, now that WW has made the charge of racism, what facts are you bringing to bear to make the case ?
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  12. Oddball added a post in a topic Shame Upon Schools   

    Maybe I'm the idiot here, but it sure is not obvious to me. So, if you would, please give me the facts that you have proving that this is a racial incident, and not something else.
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  13. Oddball added a post in a topic still think floride is good?   

    And the life expectancy number keeps going up and up...

    Loon, cue the scary-cat !
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  14. Oddball added a post in a topic can someone please....   

    Here's an explanation for you, beezy - the workers cut it at that angle so it wouldn't fall on them when it came down.

    You can see in the pic that it has been cut recently with a blowtorch, so a reasonable explanation would be that the workers cut it, yes ? Sort of the same way you cut down a tree - make a notch in the side where you want it to fall, then angle cut the other side. If you remember correctly, there were columns towering some 60 feet above the ground when all was said and done. They would have to have been dropped before any rescue work was attempted, in order to safeguard the lives of the workers.

    Feel better now ?
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  15. Oddball added a post in a topic can someone please....   

    The truth is that terrorists flew fully fuel-laden planes into those buildings at over 500 miles per hour.

    The truth is that the fuel, along with all the normally combustible materials found in office buildings combined to heat the steel connections to such a degree that they failed. Once one floor came down, it brought the rest of them with it.

    Look at the video and you will see that the top of the buildings stayed erect above the fire as they fell, which relegates your theory to the trash bin, where it belonged in the first place. If columns had been cut at 60 degree angles at basement level, as you claim, the collapse of the structure would have started at the bottom, which it did not.

    By the way, busy, are you interested in buying a bridge over the Ohio ? I can sell it to you for a song.
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