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  1. Joan added a post in a topic New Bond Issue in Our Future?   

    There in lies the problem. You wax poetic but in the end, you ALWAYS blame the parents. You don't have to make any real effort to change or think outside the box because you've got them to scapegoat.

    Though not perfect and they are rebuilding after losing their principal, the staff and administrators at Oyler decided to create a plan to help their students excel DESPITE parents and poverty. Maybe you need to start looking at what they did, instead of making excuses:
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  2. Joan added a post in a topic Trump   

    You are delusional.
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  3. Joan added a post in a topic Winton Road project
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  4. Joan added a post in a topic May 5th Bond issue   

    I looked at how much of my property tax goes to the schools now. I pay $5 a day. That excuse "it's only a dollar more a day" is a 20% increase. (And it would actually be higher because my home is assessed higher than the $100,000 marker.)
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  5. Joan added a post in a topic Over $2,000,000 in Non-Voted debt!   

    Cicero is correct, that would have to be voted on.

    When a couple in the J-section tried to make over $50K of improvements to their property that sits 50/50 on the Greenbelt, the self-appointed watchdogs in the community reported them daily to the village. (You'd think they'd be grandfathered as their house was built that way over 50 years ago.) They've been appealing to council and zoning but no one can allow for any changes to the greenbelt but the residents. It's in the village charter. So, we've got properties sitting empty and falling apart but one couple couldn't even improve their home because half of it sits on greenbelt line.

    Good luck getting industry in the greenbelt when a group of nosey-bodies won't even let a well-off couple add on a 3-season room, pave an already existing parking pad and put up a shed after demolishing a dilapidated one.
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  6. Joan added a post in a topic Recent mailing from WWCSD   

    Where did I complain about the mailer itself? Geez Louise. It's a cheap form of effective communication to a captive audience. But for all the money that was spent on it, they could have done better at conveying their message. The message was off. Anyone who complains about the mailer itself being sent is not living in the modern era and does not have children in school.
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  7. Joan added a post in a topic Recent mailing from WWCSD   

    Ok, Warrior, how about this? As a parent who has school-age kids (since you don't anymore), can I just tell you that our mailbox is FILLED with these mailers from several school districts and many different private and Catholic schools every week. If THIS is what WWCS has to offer, they need a new PR person to come up with a better pitch. It pales in comparison to what other schools are putting on their mailers.

    THAT was my point. It's sad when a 10-year-old can pick out an ambiguous fact.
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  8. Joan added a post in a topic Broken seal in front window   

    Hands down...Pickens.
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  9. Joan added a post in a topic Recent mailing from WWCSD   

    We thought it was an improvement that one stat said over 85% of students go on to post-secondary study. Until my 10-year-old asked "What does it mean by 'over 10 years?'" Ahhh....statistics.
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  10. Joan added a post in a topic Kim Fowley dead at age 75   

    I'm officially in mourning.
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  11. Joan added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    First discussion of this on here was in March. They were at the 2013 Harvest Fest in Oct. It takes 15 months to open? I'm concerned this is a hobby for him - for if it were a business, he'd be open. (Every day closed is lost money.) Wonder how the service will be? If this constant promise of "next month" is any indication - oh boy!

    To repeat what I said in October - I won't hold my breath.
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  12. Joan added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    Thanks Mirth. That was eye opening.
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  13. Joan added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    So, is this true? From one of the Cybercitizen's minions who attended the last board meeting. Did the board vote to increase the bond from 8.48 to 8.79 because of the 5% decrease in property values?
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  14. Joan added a post in a topic CUBA
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  15. Joan added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    You say tomato...

    So goes the story of the person _after_ they were caught and called out. I know the mom who followed her. I trust that person more than Holden.
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