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  1. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Time To Make A Choice   

    Yeah, well, Glenn, Rush, and Hannity back theirs up with a real document that the democrats hate, it is called the Constitution, that is enough for me to listen to them.
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  2. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Moon landing conspiracy theory   

    Because if it is a crazy conspiracy theory, you believe it, the crazier it is, the more you seem to believe it.
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  3. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Moon landing conspiracy theory   

    Myth busters busted the whole idea that it was done on earth wide open. None of the movements that are on the moon landing video are able to be done in earth's gravity, no where near, and only in less gravity, as they tested in one of those planes that cause less gravity were the movements possible. They blew all the conspriacy theories completly out of the water, like the footprint and the flag. I believe them more than I would a person who believes that we caused 9/11.
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  4. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Christians Rip Glenn Beck   

    Oh,fish, Aracheology has proven time and time again that the Bible is a Historically accurate book. They have tried time and time again to prove that things that happened in the bible did not, that places that are in the bible did not exist, and they have failed. There is more historical proof of Jesus than there is that Ceasar existed, and those are facts that you can't cover up with retoric.
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  5. Therealtruth added a post in a topic something to Ponder   

    Ah, but Fish, the Congress and senate are smarter than you. There is a little know law on the books about their health care provided to all senators and congress people, which states that if a person has been in their position 4 years, they get their health care for LIFE. Their health care package is better than what they are hoisting on us, and covers all the requirements for keeping it. They will NEVER have to worry about having to take part in their own bill.
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  6. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Coakley a true Attorney General   

    That comment shows just how out of touch you democrats are with the american people. The recent election shows that the people don't want it. Don't believe the spin. You will not regain power so long as you go against the will of the american people, and your party will continue to loose seats so long as you have that kind of thinking. The polls show time and time again that this is true. The Media can spin it any way they want, but it is still a vote against Nationalized health care.
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  7. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Coakley a true Attorney General   

    First, no, Obama has not gotten us out of either war, and, like with his other campain promises, I doubt he plans to keep that one.

    Second, Obama is not spending money in the right direction. All the money he has spent has done absoutly nothing, and they have even admitted that. Now they want to spend even more of our money to give back to us, pluss money from China, which might I add, if they call us on our debt we are screwed big time, because we can't pay them back. As to the way other countries view us, that is not true, our enemies see us as weak, not friendly. Obama apologising time and time again, as well as BOWING to leaders, which I might add is not something a leader of a major country EVER DOES, even amoung other countries is seen as sheer stupidity. I don't know where you get the idea that Obama is helping our image amoung other countries, but it is factually innacurate

    Third, do you know that it was Clinton who started the wire tapping program and not Bush. You ignore it if it is a Democrat, but jump up and down pointing at a Republican if he continues the program, of which there has been no evidence that it has been used illegally at all.

    And that is all you Democrats ever do, look to the past, so much so that you arn't seeing the Brick wall you are headed for at top speed. Pull your heads out of your collective Asses before you crash, and take the whole nation down with you.
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  8. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Coakley a true Attorney General   

    You guys are idiots, the republicans have no power. Oh, and you say the Bush years have devistated our country, what do you think Obama is doing. Obama has spent more than Bush did in his entire time in office IN ONE YEAR. I shudder to think how much he will do in his last three years. Get a life, and stop blamming Bush. Keep your eyes on the present, not the past
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  9. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Scott Brown   

    Oh the Libs are soo off with the reason Brown won. They are saying that is because the democrats failed to give nation healthcare. WRONG. Brown ran on stoping national health care, and that is the reason he won. The Democrats are reeling, having lost their 60th vote, HA HA. This is just a taste of what is to come. Libs are loosing in popularity so fast it is funny.
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  10. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Facts and History Regarding Israel   

    Now who is the one being insulting here. I hate Political Correctness, pure and simple, and you can hardly be one to say what is the truth and what is not. Your ideas are so far over the top that no one wants to look at them. Many of your conspiricy theores have been proven wrong so far by science, but you continue to argue them like they are fact, so please, don't complain when no one wants to listen to your rambling.
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  11. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Fort Hood TERROR ATTACK   

    Barak Obama, "I smoked Dope." That is in the past, yet we don't bring it up as much as people bring up GB's past alcholism, so shut up about that. Also Phro, the reason they will not call him a terrorist is because he is ignoring the terror threat, so he would never admit that a terrorist attacked an american base.
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  12. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Start over   

    Yeah, anyone who knows the history of Greenhills as a community knows that the community building was owned by Greenhills before the merger. After all, that building used to be the Greenhills middle school, back when the middle school was the high school.

    And Christine, they don't care about revenue generation, after all, they are getting rid of the school plays, and sports, both of which are revenue generators.
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  13. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Start over   

    Watch your mouth, you little Punk, before someone makes you eat your words. Just so you know, I reported your post for it's lauguage. Hayden has every right to ask for Clarification from anyone, especially WWwarrior, who has never actually answered any questions ANYONE on this site has ever asked him. You and him are the only pompous people I see on this site.

    Oh, and I am voting against it, so we are at an even 0 that way.
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  14. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Winton Woods High School Fall Play May Be the Last   

    Did I just hear a Pot calling a kettle BLACK. YOU NEVER DO ANY RESEARCH IN ANY OF YOUR POSTS, AND YOU ARE DUBIOUS AS HELL WITH YOUR POSTS. We state facts that are given to us by sourses outside you and WWwarrior, and you call us liars. Show us some DATA, and we will believe you when you post. Otherwise SHUT UP, and stop blaming others for your own faults. I am tired of listening to you try and BULLY other people into listening to you, with a big emphasis on TRYING. You are pushing away the people you are trying to convince to vote for your levy. You treat us like we are idiots, because we have differing view points from yours. So long as you do this, YOU WILL NEVER PASS ANOTHER LEVY. There I said it. I got that off my chest. Oh, and you go on and on about varying screen names, but hide behind yours. Give it up, you are no better than what you say we are like. Also, You have never seen me on any of these posts before, that I swear to you.
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  15. Therealtruth added a post in a topic Winton Woods High School Fall Play May Be the Last   

    You do know that half the points you pointed out earlier EQ are fixable if people Volunteered their time. You don't need a fancy director to make the play. There are people who are skilled enough that don't require as much pay as well. You don't need a crew of engeneers to set up the stage, just people who know how to work with their hands.

    Also, the play is not FREE, people pay to go to it. You don't get all the money for the play from the school. If this were the case, you would never get it. If you want more money, the answer is simple, RAISE THE TICKET PRICES. But no, you would rather wine and complain and threaten us with getting rid of the plays than actually think of ways to fix the problem. This is not punishing us, but punishing the students who like to act. That is just wrong. Don't make the kids suffer because of your own incompitance.
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