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  1. Segman added a post in a topic Donald John Trump   

    The lady who passed out on Sunday was not Hillary; it was body double.  Hillary was actually the starting offensive guard for the New York Jets which explains why my beloved Bengals only had 1 sack on Sunday.  She will not become President, but she may be dealt at the trading deadline for a play off contender.
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  2. Segman added a post in a topic Zoning Code Changes   

    Hair, you should weigh in on some more discussions on this board. I never seem to hear from you. Also, when you post something else, you may want to add some paragraphs of information to back up your points.
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  3. Segman added a post in a topic The Fed   

    Holy crap someone posted a response!
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  4. Segman added a post in a topic Muslims Marching Toward Victory’: Global Islamic   

    Read the book American Jihad for more information on this topic. It is written by Steve Emerson. Excellent read.
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  5. Segman added a post in a topic Junedale deer   

    If phro gets wind of this he may be posting a venison sale in the Trading Post Classified section of Junedale.
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  6. Segman added a post in a topic Mt. Healthy Grad Denied Diploma   

    If I signed it, I didn't read it explains a lot about what we have going on here. This person is obviously not aware of the concept of responsibility and yet she is a parent. This quote is very illuminating on the topic. Ignorance is never an acceptable excuse for misbehavior. The fact that this adult even uttered the phrase that she signed but never read makes me shudder to think what else she has done without reading. Oh well, if you're going to do the crime, then do the time (community service in this case). Get a good pair of walking shoes, I hear the concrete on Ronald Reagan is quite hard.
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  7. Segman added a post in a topic Creamy Whip IS OPENING soon   

    I must admit .... I love ice cream and ice cream loves me especially when that Willie Cunningham loses a bet to me. Looking forward to stop in for scoop or two or three with some hot fudge.
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  8. Segman added a post in a topic GHPD   

    Nope not being picky at all. This joker is creating a safety issue while trying to fatten the coffers of his community. Funny thing is that GHPD has been doing this prior to sidewalks being there. I wouldn't be surprised if a GHP car was parked behind the Springfield Twp sign.

    I understand the police must exceed the speed limits and run red lights in an emergency, but breaking the law so you can pluck some speeder is somewhat arrogant.
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  9. Segman added a post in a topic The Submission by Amy Waldman   

    The first time I saw the title to this book I thought it was going to be a story about a man getting married and having kids.
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  10. Segman added a post in a topic Gas Prices   

    Tune-ups? Really? Cars that get tune-up have points and probably get 12 mpg. Getting a tune-up was uttered by Obama a couple years ago. He also mentioned inflating tires. Those 2 comments were akin to Jimmy Carter telling Americans to put on a sweater. We're better than that.
    Drive a car that is fuel efficient. That is the partial answer. Going out and drilling ANWR would be a partial answer. Developing a hydrogen engine for a car is a partial answer. Drilling wherever there is oil is a partial answer. When you take all of these partial answers and combine them, you will address the problem from both supply and demand sides and then the equilibrium price will drop.

    By the way my leaf blower is electric, so I will continue to blow those grass clippings guilt free. LOL!
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  11. Segman added a post in a topic Ted Nugent Investigated For Obama Rant   

    You mean you want the same justice department that is headed by Eric Holder to investigate the Farrakahn and the Black Panthers? Baaaawaaaa haaa haa hee. Get back down on planet earth. This is the same justice department that has multiple cases currently going on against the states of Texas, Alabama, and Arizona. Shaka Kahn may be investigated before Farrakahn. It is a complete waste of time to be outraged by any of this. It would not surprise me one bit if Ted got sent to the klink. Nothing this administration does surprises me anymore. What does surprise me is that roughly 40% of the US will support this jackhole. I had to convince somebody that gas was $1.89 the day Obama took office because they did not believe me. First the individual looked it up on cell phone. He retorted that I was wrong and then I had to inform him that Obama took office in Jan 2009 not Jan 2008. He finally conceded. I am amazed that people have their heads this far up their behinds. If Obama does not lose the election by 15% then I will be disappointed. OUT!
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  12. Segman added a post in a topic Tiger Woods' Former Flings To Release Porn Film Ab   

    I don't know about the porn stars parents, but Tiger's dad passed away a few years ago.
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  13. Segman added a post in a topic Gas Prices   

    Three hats mentions supply and demand, but then addresses only the demand side of things. Three hats may be Keynsian. Anywhooo, if you want to see gas prices go down, you can do it from BOTH supply and demand. Increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles and reduce the consumption levels combined with massive exploration on the domestic front will address BOTH supply and demand and force down the equilibrium price. The thing is we have been ignoring the supply side of the equation for the last 50 years and this merry go round has gotten extremely old. If we were to increase our domestic supply of oil to the point where the U.S. was independent of Mideast energy it would have a 2 fold result. One, we would no longer be subjected to the whims of the half wits that currently set the prices. Secondly, it would further our national security because the half wits would not have the oil bargaining chip in their pocket. The sooner people realize this, the sooner we will see lower gas prices. Until then, keep a tube of KY jelly handy when you go for a fill up.

    Also, remember those gas prices when you cast your ballot next November. If it was Bush's fault before, then who's fault is it now? Hmmmmm.
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  14. Segman added a post in a topic Votto $225 Million HOLY MOLY   

    Thanks for enlightening me with that astute observation Blighty. Whatever will you come up with next, water is wet. Come on Blight one, grow a pair and take a stand or pipe down.

    Hamstring injury? Votto? Are you kidding me?

    Votto will not tear his hamstring. Bank that one.
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  15. Segman added a post in a topic Does anyone in the Village know about old Dolls?   

    Blight Reporter knows about dolls. He had one until it popped. He must have over inflated her.
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