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  1. SALEMDAWG added a topic in Current Events   

    2 Year Old Tortured/Dead
    I can't believe the feelings that the father didn't have for his child. He didn't earn or have the right to be anyone's father. What a piece of work. Facing the death penalty I can't state the way I feel now. This feces only deserves the death penalty after he goes thru all the trauma that the 2 year went thru and then after 2 tears give him the ultimate end. Just sad that anyone has the mentality to do this to that to 2 year old and probably from birth he thought he had a toy. Such a sad ending for Glenara.  If he had taken plea deal, would have been out in 15 years. What is wrong with our systems even offering a gift to someone like this??????????????????
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  2. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken   

    Just curious, but what were the letter grades on these 6 categories the last time.
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  3. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Good Guy.   

    Time line. We are up & about 9:30 Wed morning and I see crap laying in both planting strips. My wife told me about 10 that morning that a person was picking up trash in our yard. About 1PM renter came back and cleaned the rest of the mess. Surely we would have called the village for help. Pretty simple day. How in the world they even would know about this problem in a 3 hour span, The clean up was handled in a very timely manner.
    Where do you get off by saying " I don't condone citizens helping out".  We may need more people that do good deeds, instead of turning a blind eye and ignoring a problem and just carping.
    You seem to have a vendetta against the village leadership in general, just about anything they do. Change it if you don't like it.
    I was trying to thank someone just helping out, and you turned it into a public forum to bash people.
    I want to thank that person again and stop next time out and I'll get you a coffee.
    Got to go and get my cat out of the dryer.
    Hope she is dry. 
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  4. SALEMDAWG added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Good Guy.
    My wife told me there a gentleman that was picking up my neighbors crap from Tues/Wed garbage pickup. I usually take my tongs and bucket out with me when I bring in my trash cans and pickup their trash that always ends up on our property. They now have moved and I can only imagine when the rest of the crap on all of the property will be taken care of by the property owner. 
    I THANK YOU, KIND SIR       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic 11/8/2016   

    Just how many presidential bumper stickers are not on cars.
    I did see one that said "2016, we're screwed".
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  6. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Tree Ordinance in Greenhills   

    Of course I wouldn't go onto anyone's property as you have stated the obvious. No limbs on our property, just a dead tree that is 1 inch from my property. I have cancer and didn't go see Dr. Das. I have 3 aneurysms and didn't go to my Oncologist. I have a rare skin disease and didn't go to a plumber. For the safety of my family and property. I have an avenue of help from the village. May be I should just do nothing and awake some morning with a 40 footer laying across my chest. There surely is a lot more going on with the schools and 2 fools, that I am sorry to say, one will be president come January. Small governments can only do so much, (sometimes we are not happy with the decisions made), kind of doubt they are professional politicians. They live in Greenhills, just like you and I do. In my opinion, each tree problem should be handled individually. Enough said. 
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  7. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Tree Ordinance in Greenhills   

    Simple question. What if the land owner will not talk to you about the problem? What am I to do? Let it fall and then pick up the pieces? 3 years now. What could be the answer?
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  8. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Tree Ordinance in Greenhills   

    Please, let me give a scenario. Three years ago I ask my neighbors to ask the owner to stop and take a look at problems that were affecting our property. The owner never stopped by and I ended up calling him and he just as well said to pound salt. My wife and I are now retired and own our home that we put money in, to make it as good as possible. We had gotten a tree from my wife's parents as a gift when we bought our home (1982). Our tree is a honey locust about 40/50 feet tall. We wanted to preserve this tree and had a certified arborist come out and take a look..Because the tree has 2 main trunks, he trimmed and banded the tree at three locations to make it as secure as possible. With the trimming he did, it was also out of the neighbors way when the grass was being cut. While the arborist was here, he ask what was being done to the tree on the neighbors property that was surely dead or dying. I told him, this was the 3rd year that the tree had no leaves. the bark is splitting.Now into year 4, still no leaves and bark has split even more. I have had 2 tree companies stop this year and wanted to talk to me about the dead tree. I ask my neighbor to call owner and see what he would do. The response was, that the tree probably wouldn't fall toward our home. The dead tree is about 30/35 foot tall and about 20 foot from our house. I am glad I can go to someone now and get help and hope, peace of mind. Sure wouldn't want to die in my sleep from a falling tree because there wasn't an avenue to follow. The owner simply will not talk or attempt to even look a any of the problems. By the way,I had someone from the village stop by a year ago last May and he was going to pass on my concerns, never, never, never, heard a word back.. Again I am happy to have help on this matter               hopefully.
    As I have said before the environment has changed. No consideration, no responsibility, just non caring. 
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  9. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic 11/8/2016   

    What a cluster in Cleveland.
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  10. SALEMDAWG added a topic in Politics   

    Come this date, we all will be wishing that DDE or JFK were still around.
    What a terrible hope we will be facing.
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  11. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Police say OK to beat dog   

    All you have to do is take a walk and see the lawns that seem haven't been touched since 1st week of April or before.
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  12. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Police say OK to beat dog   

  13. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Report card   

     "We don't hold the kids or their parents accountable for learning or the child behavior". Oh So True. 
    The behavior and attitude at school does spill out to the environment away from school. The people that oversee our school system are to held accountable. Why should we be asked for solutions and suggestions, that just may fall on deaf ears. When I had my cancer, knee and elbow taken care of by medical  experts, I wasn't asked to find any solutions. That is what they got paid for. Accountability is what is needed. If I still had a child in school, I would be at every meeting asking how this situation WOULD be and WHEN it would be rectified.
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  14. SALEMDAWG added a topic in General Discussion   

    Prescription Prices
    Filled a prescription at Kroger on 12/8/2015 and the cost was $36.54. Still needed the medicine and called re-fill in on 1/8/2016. Went to pick it up the next day
    and price shot up to $97.29. I, being 69 years old with Medicare & a supplement and not having Part D. started to search other avenues & found out this medicine was anywhere from
    $56 to $186.00. A lot of medicines have increased dramatically as the first of the year. The government stopped putting any restraints on meds, I believe in 2004. Any of you older types
    that have new or refillable meds may want to check around before. paying a higher price. My doctor gave me another new script of different medication to get filled and the
    best price was $390.00 (30 pills 10mg). I found this in England for $39.00 + $7.00 shipping. The generic pill is made right here in Cincinnati area. I have read so much
    recently about people w/maladies and other serious medical problems, they just can't afford the high cost of medicine, they simply stop. What a tragedy for all of us.
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  15. SALEMDAWG added a post in a topic Grandview Site Sold?   

    Anyone know whats is going on with all the fixin' up?
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