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  1. GambierGal added a post in a topic Tenants Leaving Shopping Center   

    What is typical rent at the shopping center per square foot?
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  2. GambierGal added a post in a topic Why is the WW Board meeting in Columbus tonight?   

    Sounds interesting.  Will they do a summary of what happened there?  I'd like to hear more about it.  I saw something on the news about a protest during the event.
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  3. GambierGal added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    While I am in favor of the students having up-to-par facilities, I had some misgivings about this particular deal as well even while I was in support of new schools.  For example, could we have gotten a better deal in terms of the amount the state kicked in?  Yes, according to some insiders I know who said that the state has fully funded (100%) new schools for some districts and that we weren't aggressive enough in pursuing additional funds from the state.  Another reason I believe we could have gotten a better deal is because all the people who were screaming "This is our last chance for state money!", "If we don't take it now, we'll lose it and some other district will get it!", "We'll go to the back of the line!", "There is no better deal!" were the exact same people screaming the exact same things during the previous bond issue, and guess what?  They were WRONG.  The state did come back with more money.  They should have learned from history itself, even if they didn't believe the people saying the state was positioned to offer more money.  I believe if we had asked for more from the state, we would have gotten more, and it would have been a win-win: new buildings with a lower taxpayer burden, which would have then resulted in a happier, more united community.
    And I hear a lot of people questioning the 37 years.  I was always taught that it's a mistake to finance something, even a house, for that long of a term, and that you should always try to keep the term of the loan as short as possible.  The longest business loan I have ever taken out was 20 years, and even that term made me somewhat uncomfortable, and we are talking about financing the new buildings for almost twice that length.  I would have rather seen a shorter loan for the new school buildings, which would meant more per year but for a shorter term, and would have ultimately saved the taxpayers money since the total loan amount would have been less due to the interest savings with a shorter term.  A shorter term would have also guaranteed, as you stated, that we don't end up with a situation in which the district wants to rebuild again before these buildings are paid off.
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  4. GambierGal added a post in a topic Why is the WW Board meeting in Columbus tonight?   

    I saw that same info on the district website calendar, but what does it mean??? Why go to Columbus rather than meeting in town, which would be cheaper and more convenient?  Does anyone know what this is about?
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  5. GambierGal added a topic in Winton Woods School Talk   

    Why is the WW Board meeting in Columbus tonight?
    Does anyone know why the Winton Woods Board of Education is holding a special meeting at the Columbus Convention Center tonight, rather than meeting in the Winton Woods Board Room?
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  6. GambierGal added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    I didn't realize that it was a first, and that intrigues me.  What are your thoughts on why all school related issues passed this time in Hamilton County, but not in the past?
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  7. GambierGal added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    I concede that ThreeHats' comment that "All of the Catholic schools you mention are not my concern" was not well thought out, but still don't know that I would go as far as to publicly call it "stupid."  But it does expose the hypocrisy to which you allude - that a few Winton Woods supporters sometimes don't seem to show regard for children other than Winton Woods children, yet these same people on occasion seem to get disproportionately offended if they feel that someone else isn't showing regard for Winton Woods children.
    As a Winton Woods parent, I believe we need to make an effort to change this.  All sides need to realize that all the children in our community matter, and all the schools in our community matter, and this should be a "we" discussion rather than an "us-and-them" discussion.  We are all part of this same community, and we are all responsible as a community for all the children in our community.
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  8. GambierGal added a post in a topic Vote No WWCSD Bond #50 - Demand Alternatives   

    That particular comment did rub me the wrong way, too, and I was a bit surprised by it because ThreeHats has always struck me as a thoughtful person on this forum.  (I do not know ThreeHats' identity in real life.)  I don't know if I would go so far as to call it "stupid" - maybe "careless" in that it is likely to turn people off rather than winning them over.
    We Winton Woods parents shouldn't say "All of the Catholic schools are not my concern" just as the Catholic school parents shouldn't say "All of the Winton Woods schools are not my concern." We need to think broader, not just about our own concerns, in order to build a strong, supportive community.
    If everyone is looking out for just their children, then we'll never find a solution that unites the community.  But if everyone has all the children in mind, we can surely find some common ground on how to meet their educational needs even if we don't agree on everything. 
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  9. GambierGal added a post in a topic Mailer about Jessica Miranda   

    OK, people, if no one responds and my parents don't get more information, they are going to do their thing that drives me nuts - each vote for a different candidate to basically void out each other's votes. ;-) 
    Personally, I'm hoping that someone can provide some facts that support the Democratic candidate. (Please don't attack me, my Republican friends.)
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  10. GambierGal added a post in a topic Mailer about Jessica Miranda   

    A week ago, I asked for some information on this topic since we don't get the postcards delivered to our house but we heard about them.  At the time, I was asking for my own knowledge (and my husband's knowledge) since we live in the school district and the district board president is in this political race, but now I am asking because my parents are asking me about it, and they do get the mailers and they will actually be voting on the issue.  So what is going on?  My parents asked me about "election fraud" that they read about it one of the mailers, and they came to me because they thought I might be able to provide some insight, but I have no information.  This particular race sounds like a mess, and I'd like to cut through all the muck-throwing and just get to the facts.  Can someone please provide facts, data, or websites (legitimate sources, please, no muck-throwing) that I can share with my parents so they can make an educated decision on how they want to vote?
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  11. GambierGal added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    I was originally planning on not saying any more on this topic since I felt I had already said all that I had to say about it, but recent unsavory developments outside of Junedale necessitate me saying a bit more.  To those who are now hating on Equalizer:  Quit blaming him for imagined lost votes for the bond due to his speaking up about the treatment he received.  
    You know Equalizer has fully supported the bond - he has written in support of it, he has actively campaigned for it - and it is offensive to now hear accusations that he is trying to "sabotage"' the bond.  He is not trying to sabotage anything by speaking up, nor am I, nor are my friends and family - we have all been long-time supporters of Winton Woods schools, and to our credit, continue to be supporters even when treated disrespectfully. 
    The only sabotage I see is self-sabotage.  Some of those most strongly in favor of the bond have unwittingly cost themselves the most bond votes with their behaviors - such as personal attacks against those who disagree with them, getting defensive and rude when asked for facts or information, calling some older folks "selfish" when they expressed concern over whether they can afford it, publicly calling a certain anti-bond person "stupid" for a typo on his signs - all these things have cost votes from previously undecided voters who have now decided that they can't be on the side of such poor behavior.  (I call it the "Trump effect" - you know, how some people can't stomach some things Trump has said or done, so they are voting for anyone who's not Trump.  Now this is going on with the bond campaign - there are people who have decided to vote against it because they can't stomach some things the pro side has done.  In some cases, it's not that these undecided voters have decided to vote against the bond due to the bond itself, but due to the fact that they refuse to vote on the side of the repugnant behavior.)
    To those who are committing these negative behaviors or who are supporting/condoning those who are committing them:  Can't you see you are your own worst enemy?  If you're going to act like that, you might as well be campaigning against the bond.  Please stop making Winton Woods look bad.
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  12. GambierGal added a post in a topic Greenhills Library moving into old GMS   

    Wow, you must have an inflated opinion of yourself to think that everyone follows everything you post.  No, I wasn't ignoring you or your post - I simply hadn't looked at Neighborhood News recently, since as you may have noticed, I tend to be more interested in this section about the schools.
    I'm increasingly disappointed in you.  I thought you were a nice guy, and even remarked to my husband during the school board candidate debates years back that I felt you had a lot more going for you than was apparent in the debate and that I hoped people realized that.  I honestly thought you were a caring individual who respected others, but lately I have been disillusioned by the pettiness you have displayed on this forum. 
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  13. GambierGal added a post in a topic Greenhills Library moving into old GMS   

    I guess I didn't search hard enough before writing my original post, because I just searched again and found this:
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  14. GambierGal added a topic in Winton Woods School Talk   

    Greenhills Library moving into old GMS
    Can someone please post all the details of the Greenhills Library moving into the old Greenhills Middle School (aka the Greenhills Community Building, aka the white building)?  Sounds like great news!  I'd like to hear more about it.
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  15. GambierGal added a post in a topic Mailer about Jessica Miranda   

    Can anyone give some background on this latest development and maybe post photos of the postcards with their take on it?  I keep hearing about them, but I guess they aren't being sent to my neighborhood, because I haven't received any. 
    If this was simply a political race, and not involving the president of our school board, I would pay little attention to it since it's not in my district.  But since it's about our school board president, I am paying attention. 
    But I don't want to hear second-hand rumors and whispered innuendo - I want to get the facts.  So could someone please post the postcards so I can see for myself what all the talk is about, and also please post any sources, such as websites, documents, etc, that refute the postcards?  Thank you. 
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