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  1. 4xeverything added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    New Village Construction
    I was hoping to be able to add a photo of the front page of the Greenhills Journal, but I still haven't figured out how to do that. So, what are your thoughts on the newly proposed "home development" on Greenhills owned properties?
    I, for one, am excited, and I cannot wait for the new development to begin. I live next door to one of the proposed sites, which (as an abandoned apartment building) has become a haven for drug users, and teenagers who want to hideout from police officers, after curfew. I have been subject to verbal assaults,  and my property has been burglarized (granted, there may not have been a relation between the burglary and verbal assaults), but assuming that one is seperate from the other would be remiss.  
    I'm on the fence about the design of the modern proposed homes, but anything that would raise my property value, with a "hopeful" influx of homeowners peaks my interest.
    Your thoughts..?
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  2. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Albino Squirrel!!   

    I can't get my picture to post. Any suggestions?
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  3. 4xeverything added a topic in General Discussion   

    Albino Squirrel!!

    I haven't seen one in a few years. We saw this one on Cromwell this morning!
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  4. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Accident at Winton and Damon   

    I haven't heard anything about that accident. I know that they were redirecting traffic at Cromwell so they could investigate the accident at Damon. 
    MaryEllen Smith did pass away overnight, though. 
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  5. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Accident at Winton and Damon   

    Please, keep the Smith and Reardon families in your thoughts and prayers. 
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  6. 4xeverything added a topic in General Discussion   

    Accident at Winton and Damon
    Does anyone have any information about the woman who was hit by a pickup truck while pushing children across the street in a stroller at Winton and Damon? I read that the kids are OK, but haven't seen any updates on the woman. 
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  7. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Grass Mowing   

    If you need lawn mowing or snow removal in the future, I have two 13 year olds who would love the extra pocket money. Just private message me.
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  8. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Sword Weilding   

    At first, I thought it might be on Chalmers, but after watching it again, I think it's over in the the apartment complex on Foxworth Ln.
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  9. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Greenhills golf course vandalized.   

    What did they do?
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  10. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Recessive albino squirrel gene, or just a poser?   

    Blight- Lol! Could be...
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  11. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Recessive albino squirrel gene, or just a poser?   

    Hahaha! Maybe that's why he's so skittish, unlike the other squirrels around here. Thanks!
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  12. 4xeverything added a topic in General Discussion   

    Recessive albino squirrel gene, or just a poser?
    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I've been trying to get a photo of this guy (or gal) for months. He is fast!  Last fall and winter, this squirrel was mostly red and blonde, like his tail. He's gotten darker, obviously, but his tail is still striking. I know we have an albino squirrel population in Greenhills, and I was wondering if this guy maybe carrying that gene. Any thoughts?
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  13. 4xeverything added a post in a topic Ohio Primary March 15   

    As Ohio is a "winner take all" state, this makes absolute sense. Kasich is ahead in the Ohio polls, but will not win the nomination. Hence, he will steal the delegates from Trump. I for one, would be utterly disgusted to see Trump win the nomination. He could get it with Ohio delegates. Kasich will, with hands over my eyes and an incredulous pout on my face, get my vote in the primaries this Tuesday. 
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  14. 4xeverything added a post in a topic garbage pickup   

    So, what I gather is this...
    1) Management of the Village, under Jane B. and with Council approval, sucked. (I know, big, smart words.) It sucked to the point of huge incurred debt to all of the tax payers, and now we are paying for it. So, what do we do about it? It's our home and we must fix it, no matter who fudged it up...
    2) The Village Manager makes waaay too much money for a part-time position. This one is easy... Sorry WWWarior, but when cuts to need to be made in a community, for the betterment of said community, those cuts should ALWAYS begin within the governing body itself. That's, not only common sense, but also good governance. Let's set the example as a well organized and competent community. 
    3) Upholding the historical value of Greenhills. This one is dicey. Greenhills is historic, but not all buildings erected during it's inception have the same value as others. During the construction of Greenhills, the government ran out of money. So, to finish the original project, substandard apartment construction was the last resort. These type 'S' apartment buildings are the same empty (or mostly empty), dilapidated buildings that are causing the tax payers so much burden, because J.B. jumped the gun right before the housing market bubble burst. They have always hurt the integrity of the historic Greenhills. They must come down. No investor in their right business mind would buy them (or the land they sit on) "as is". They're filled with asbestos and it would cost way too much to take down for an investor to rationale the investment. Greenhills must eat this one. Once they are eliminated,  the land will draw investors. 
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  15. 4xeverything added a topic in General Discussion   

    A River Runs Through It
    Spring is fast approaching, and we (my husband and I) are finally tackling our jungle of a backyard. We have "great plans" and so many ideas, but it'll be a work in progress for a while. Phase 1 is complete! We hired a great, local landscaping company (Sander's Bros. Landscaping) to clean up our fence line. If you've ever parked, or will park, in the Palma Park parking lot, then you will, without a doubt notice a HUGE difference. Our once tropical, lush, mosquito infested rain forest is now a barren, muddy wasteland waiting for an overhaul. The muddy part. This, is where I have some issues and questions. If I could characterize my backyard into one phrase, it would be, "A river runs through it." Almost, literally. 
    When we moved in, in 2007, we had a decent backyard with grass. Granted, we didn't take into account that we were at the height of a regional drought. Since the end of the drought, our grass has become more and more sparse. We've pinpointed the problem(s). Here they are, in no particular order...
    A) The Palma Park parking lot has a grade to it that dumps all rain water into our backyard, and into our neighbor's backyard. Our poor neighbor, not only has to deal with the parking lot's runoff, but any other water that runs through our yard, as well. You can, literally, map the water runoff by looking at the mud "swirls" in our yard and the swamp "matter" in our neighbor's yard.
    B ) The apartment complexes, located on Cromwell and Chalmers, have downspouts that outlet all rain runoff directly into our backyard. Picture a funnel. The apartments at the top of Cromwell, and the apartments at the end of Chalmers are the widest points of the funnel. My backyard is the point of the funnel where it becomes a "tunnel", and the point of release is the valley between our backyard and our neighbor's. All water then makes its way between our yards via a "river" (complete with a current), over the sidewalk, and into the storm drains.
    So, here are my questions. Who do I contact in Greenhills to come to my property to discuss my issues/plans, and who would have answers to my river problems?  I'm not even sure if we have a civil engineer.  If not, who should I contact? I've called the Greenhills administration office to try to set up a meeting, but I'm not confident that they know to whom I should air my concerns.
    Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you. 
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