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  1. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Anyone can sit in all of the "community input" meetings and could have done it for years and nothing has been done to reflect improvement. The board continues to ignore the real issues.

    Someone please explain to me what makes this community so different than Mt. Healthy's bond levy or areas in Cincinnati with their new buildings?? The results are going to be the same and no one can convince me otherwise. These areas are all becoming closer to poverty level communities.

    Please do not vote for this bond issue....37 years is a long time.

    Please vote NO on Issue 3.
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  2. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    For everyone who wants to know exactly how much their taxes will increase if the bond issue passes:

    Go to:

    Hamilton County Auditor Property Search

    Click onto the link. Enter your address and street name only and hit enter.

    The next page that comes up on the side menu click "Property Report" and click "GO"

    More about your property taxes will come up. Scroll down to "Proposed Levies" and there you will already see the Winton Woods Bond issue listed and the number of $76 MILLION and some dollars....and there next to it will reflect how much taxes you WILL BE PAYING on your property.

    You may be surprised! I am NOT happy at the amount I may be paying. I compare that to a home in Wyoming of my home's same value and I am paying MORE taxes!
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  3. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    WW has marketed well this time I have to admit. Maybe anyone opposing this issue needs to make up some "live signs" of their own!

    I've never seen such a push in the past. However, I'm sure next time there is a levy the opposition will be just as strong or stronger.

    The report posted above is an eye opener. How can people ignore this? How can these families living in this district - who almost half of them qualify for free or reduced lunches - honestly say they can afford $25-50 more dollars a month for this?
    Do they realize if they rent then the homeowner will raise their rent? Do they even know how much more money they will be paying? Do these businesses know when they allow the schools to place their signs on their property how much money it will cost them if this bond issue passes? Are they being informed? Are residents and businesses being informed that this is one of the worst rated districts in Ohio? Of course not.

    The problem is not the is the lack of parental involvement and continued poor maintenance and that will remain the same. If new buildings were built, parents are not suddenly going to become involved parents and support their kid's education. Your customers remain the same.

    New buildings will not attract new families - once they find out what the taxes and academic ratings are.

    Pass or fail - no one will be satisfied and this will divide the communities, once again. IMPROVE the results first and then maybe the district will get MORE support.

    What about all of the empty buildings and what is the plan for when they begin building and moving people around?? There are too many questions left unanswered. There are a lot of "maybes"....but if the district asks for tens of millions of dollars, they should be be prepared to give answers.
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  4. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Very interesting article in the Cincinnati Herald being shared on social media. Good for anyone who lives in the WWSD to be informed before they vote.

    The Cincinnati Herald article: Group says a decade of decline in the WWCSD requires academic focus

    The Cincinnati Herald

    Oh and by the way, someone repaired the opposition sign today on Winton and then four more "YES" signs appeared in the yard next door to the corner lot today....guess someone was angry that the big sign was fixed and reinstalled yet again.

    This is indeed a very sensitive topic in our communities.....
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  5. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    I have seen the sign for two days at least I think. This happened overnight because I did see the sign last night after dark on my way home.
    So I know it happened overnight. Whoever did it tried in the middle of the night.

    It wasn't up long so this thief must live in the area for sure.

    I'll be curious to see if it is back up again today. It should be since it was still there.
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  6. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Another ridiculous attempt to steal a sign in the township. A new opposing sign was put up on Winton across from Shoyer Nursery a couple of days ago I noticed. The sign was in the same place where the other one was stolen last week. I drive by it every day so you can't help but see it.

    This morning I drove by and observed the sign CUT from its posts lying on the ground!!!

    The sign looks like it was posted on a giant piece of board that was used to support it. Looks as though someone attempted to tear the sign off of the board.....but was unsuccessful and left it on the ground. Looks like the person took off before ripping it all of the way off.

    So if you drive by today you will see a torn and damaged knocked down sign unless someone in the neighborhood fixes it.

    What is wrong with people? People support it or they don't . . . everyone has rights to voice their own opinions and these rights are being violated. It is enough to make a person feel harassed and threatened for sure.

    Again, the YES sign is unharmed right across the street. There are not even that many NO signs and this is still happening.

    THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Whoever is doing it sure has some passion for the schools but they should realize they are NOT helping the cause.
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  7. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    According to my neighbors, the sign was put up ordinance violation.....police are involved and the township did not remove it.

    Township locals are very upset......all the neighbors are talking about it.

    There is another one up the road and it is still there unless someone steals that one too.

    The thief just added fuel to the fire around here. Bond issue not popular in the township.

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  8. Township422 added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    I saw a huge banner about the size of a 4 foot x 8 sign go up last night going past McKelvey and Winton. Today there is nothing left but 4 or 5 big fence posts.

    That is a real shame for the people who are against the bond issue. However, the huge YES sign was still up across the street at Shoyer's. You don't see anyone stealing those.

    Shame on the person(s) involved in that stunt. Not a good reflection on the school district.

    Wonder if Shoyer's Nursery has a camera.

    I know our neighbors in the township are very upset. Again, word will get around and it won't be positive for the district supporters unfortunately.

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  9. Township422 added a post in a topic 2014 School Ratings available   

    They only met 7 out of 24 standards - dropped from 11.

    3-6 grade scores are very troubling, especially the 5th and 6th grades. They will be eligible for Ed Choice again.....not good for the district to lose more good students.

    Performance Index dropped from 88.9 to 86.2. That is significant. They have a lot of work to do.

    This link will take you straight to WW results:
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  10. Township422 added a post in a topic St. James of the Valley School   

    St. James of the Valley School has welcomed many new families from the Winton Woods area this year. We are excited and blessed that they have chosen our school to educate their children. Our students are so excited to have some new friends in their classes.

    We have a special New and Prospective Families window that will link you directly to some great information about SJOV. If you are interested in looking at a great small school environment, please check us out at or just click the link below to take you straight to the prospective family page:

    Also, our main home page of website:


    We are also taking Volleyball and Basketball registrations for grades 3-8. See our homepage for that registration link as well. We have opened up registration to OLR parishoners since we are all part of the Winton Wyoming Parish Region. Watch for the registration in your bulletins or just go right to our school site to register.

    You can also visit this link:

    It's been a great start of the new school year! Our website will stay updated with all of the latest news and information about our school year.

    St. James of the Valley - Prospective Families
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  11. Township422 added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    Saveourschools: Students do in fact disrespect teachers and break rules at Catholic are kids and they try to get away with things. But when this happens they have to face the wrath of the principal every time which is pretty intimidating. Kids have gotten suspended and there is detention as needed. Kids are not angels by any means in private schools.....they are just disciplined better and there are far less distractions behaviorwise.

    I just wanted to clarify that will find troublemakers everywhere you's life. Cell phones are allowed in private highschools but are taken away in an instant if it becomes a distraction. In the grade schools they can be brought to school but not allowed out of the backpacks.....and it is not an issue because there are strict consequences if caught.
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  12. Township422 added a post in a topic NEW Roof at WWPS (old Lakeside)   

    I just read another thread here about only 53 percent of the WW students passed the OGTs this year and Mt. Healthy was even lower. Sure there are kids there who will score high....I do not doubt that at all. It is just reflective of the problems going on within the system. I don't think it will change with new buildings.

    That is good to hear that your kids are in fact being challenged. I was trying to explain the differences I see because we have been in both environments. Again, I want to emphasize that Cincinnati private schools are very diversified.....the comments you make about them (students) all "looking alike" is very inaccurate. Cincinnati is diversified....everywhere....and it doesn't matter where they go....they all get the "real life experiences" and they all go to school with kids with a variety of cultural differences which is great.

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  13. Township422 added a post in a topic NEW Roof at WWPS (old Lakeside)   

    Paula, why do you "shake and scratch your head" at this "classic" post? I'm simply asking why now? I don't care one way or another - it was an observance and I'm not damning them either way. Wow.....a little touchy there.

    I'm sure they know what they are doing right?

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  14. Township422 added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    WW doesn't have the higher grading scale any more?

    My kids' grading scale is the higher one and I wouldn't have it any other way. It pushes them more to strive for that A at a 93. it does help them prepare for tougher courses in high school and after.

    Is that wide-range grading scale pretty widely used in other districts as well?

    I can testify that the tougher grading scale does make students work harder. It's a shame the district had to lower the scale because parents complained.

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  15. Township422 added a post in a topic NEW Roof at WWPS (old Lakeside)   

    I think they definitely should repair the existing buildings. But I had heard that if they consolidate again then they would not need the building anymore. Regardless, I guess they need to replace the roof to sell it one day if that ever happens.

    But I am definitely a resident who does NOT want any more taxes put on my home. This district has been going down the drain for years and it is because of a lack of of parental guidance. It's a mess and that will not change. Mt. Healthy got their new schools and their performance has not changed......they are one of the worst rated districts in the state along with WW.

    They need more intervention with the students who are not fluent in their English earlier.....or have them repeat ktg or first grade earlier on if they are not where they need to be. If they keep pushing kids through the system, the scores will not improve as they get older.

    I was just surprised to see them replacing it now. I would have thought they would have waited until after the election. But maybe they now realize the reality of the outcome of the vote......I don't know one person who plans to vote for that levy. I know there are some out there that want these new buildings for their children but the reality is that the residents are not convinced that the overall performance will improve.

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