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  1. DFHTech added a post in a topic Junedale 2.0 We are back!   

    Junedale has now been migrated from the temporary server to its new, hopefully permanent home. If you're seeing this, you're reaching the new server.
    Everything, including e-mail delivery, should be working correctly now. (IPv6 had to be temporarily disabled, but literally nobody was using it anyway...)
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  2. DFHTech added a post in a topic Junedale 2.0 We are back!   

    All the behind-the-scenes database indexing has completed, so most everything should be more-or-less back to normal, at least in terms of speed and functionality.
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  3. DFHTech added a post in a topic Junedale 2.0 We are back!   

    Said tech boffin here.
    At the moment most everything should be more-or-less working. Known issues at the moment (~1545 on 21 Sept):
    The forum may run slower than expected for the next day or two (through Monday 21 Sept and possibly beyond), as there's a ridiculous amount of re-indexing and re-building of database fields going on in the background.There may be issues with searching, due to the indexing not yet having completed.Registration (and other) e-mails sent from the forum are likely to wind up in spam folders just at the moment. A few things still need to get sorted out on that end.IPv6 isn't quite working as expected; a couple of DNS tweaks need to get made. 
    Also an important note for anyone who can't log in:
    Somewhere in the last decade, Invision dropped support for "display names" that were at one time available for user accounts. In the upgrade process, if your account had a login that was different than the display name, it should have had its login changed to match the display name. For instance, if you used to login as "rnixon1913" but your account had a display name of "POTUS" that appeared on all your posts, you will discover that you can no longer login as "rnixon1913"; your login ID is now your old display name, i.e. POTUS, still with your old password. (It's not clear that anyone here is affected by this, but... better safe than sorry.)
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