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  1. Kovu added a post in a topic Barber Shop to close after 80 years   

    I'd like to say some good words about the Greenhills Barber Shop.
    I received my first hair cut at the barber shop when I was 1.5 years old (1972). I still have the piece of hair that was cut off my head by Millie. Ray was employed and I soon shifted one seat to my right and had my hair cut by him until about 1999 when nature really began to win and I decided to just shave it off for good. Ray and Millie have been the only people to have had cut my hair.
    But, the tradition didn't start with me. My grandfather starting go there in the late 1950's. My grandmother had her hair cut by Millie. Then, both my father and his brother started going there after my father and mother moved into Greenhills in the mid 1960's on Burley Circle. My father worked at Willie and Kraus Engineering which was the location above the once UDF - above the old PNC Bank. My brothers all went there and only for a short time did my mother go there. She started to go to what had become the new Salon on the other end of the shopping center.
    My family had GREAT times at the barber shop. Looking at the dog pictures on the wall, reading magazines, and talking about school with Ray and Al, and Tom was a true pleasure. The vacuum hoses after a hair cut were epic. Nothing kept Ray from targeting my neck and watching me slink to the floor with a snake-like wiggle of laughter. I want to say that part of my life - or my social upbringings took place in one of those chairs. I learned a lot from all of the barbers not by talking, but by listening. There were a lot of stories AND WKRC-550 in that place. The radio will never die in those walls - "If walls could talk."
    Both of my sons first hair cuts were by Ray. we still have those locks of hair and a picture to remember it by. Propped up in that gray metal barber high chair was the very one I sat in some 30 years prior. So, four generations pass through and the memories are epic.
    The place will be missed. But, most of all will be the people, not the store. You can build any kind of store you want. You can put great fixtures in it, fancy chairs, gold combs and expensive clippers. But, the best part of anything like a place like you come to visit for four generations is because of the PEOPLE. People like those in that barber shop cannot and will not (at least by me) be forgotten.
    One last story in case he reads this or hears about him from someone else: I was 16 years old and headed into the barber shop. I sat down with Ray to get my hair cut. About halfway through Ray spins me around to cut the back of my hair. Officer Zettler (very-long-time family friends) comes in and cuffs me to the chair and leaves. With the hair cut completed and Office Zettler nowhere in site I just sat there as Ray tried to put lipstick on me like he had "always" tried to do when I was much younger.
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  2. Kovu added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    The problem I have with your stance is this: Is it the wishes of others to demand they act and regulate themselves the same way? I would think not. If it is the case that you see RVs as an eyesore then what if someone pointed something out about your house - like the color it is painted - being an eyesore.
    This was debated during the time that the village ordinances were being re-vamped and I was a part of it. There were several members of the committee that said the same very thing you did. I argued that an ordinance that keeps people from being able to enjoy their passion by making them spend more money to do so is not right. Why shouldn't someone be able to park their RV or camper on THEIR property? Why shouldn't someone have the ability to use their property in a way that suits them, yet does not impede others? One person on the committee stated it was a "quality of life" issue and that it wouldn't look good. Bah! My tendency is that when I notice RVs and campers in a neighborhood I see people who are vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, and family-oriented.
    I can understand that you may not think that the site of RVS is "beautiful". But, maybe your neighbors don't like the color of your house. Or, perhaps, the landscaping you have in front of your house looks unsightly to a professional landscaper that lives down the street. Who knows?
    What has the world come to where we want to micro-manage everyone's PERSONAL property?! Who is qualified to become the ultimate "Do it my Way" official? In a country where government takes so much from us already there are STILL people out there that want more restrictions written by their government. I don't get it.
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  3. Kovu added a post in a topic Jan. 2018 Beer Klub BARLEYWINES   

    My offering:
    Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse
    London Balling - English Barleywine
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