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  1. Kovu added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    The problem I have with your stance is this: Is it the wishes of others to demand they act and regulate themselves the same way? I would think not. If it is the case that you see RVs as an eyesore then what if someone pointed something out about your house - like the color it is painted - being an eyesore.
    This was debated during the time that the village ordinances were being re-vamped and I was a part of it. There were several members of the committee that said the same very thing you did. I argued that an ordinance that keeps people from being able to enjoy their passion by making them spend more money to do so is not right. Why shouldn't someone be able to park their RV or camper on THEIR property? Why shouldn't someone have the ability to use their property in a way that suits them, yet does not impede others? One person on the committee stated it was a "quality of life" issue and that it wouldn't look good. Bah! My tendency is that when I notice RVs and campers in a neighborhood I see people who are vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, and family-oriented.
    I can understand that you may not think that the site of RVS is "beautiful". But, maybe your neighbors don't like the color of your house. Or, perhaps, the landscaping you have in front of your house looks unsightly to a professional landscaper that lives down the street. Who knows?
    What has the world come to where we want to micro-manage everyone's PERSONAL property?! Who is qualified to become the ultimate "Do it my Way" official? In a country where government takes so much from us already there are STILL people out there that want more restrictions written by their government. I don't get it.
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  2. Kovu added a post in a topic Jan. 2018 Beer Klub BARLEYWINES   

    My offering:
    Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse
    London Balling - English Barleywine
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