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  1. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Greenhills...From Caviar to Pork Rinds   

    I have several friends who live in communities that have a strong home owners association.  They have all the rules and regulations that you seem so enamored of Nobeefwithu.  Residents can only plant certain bushes in front of their homes, garage doors can only be open for so many minutes at a time and for so many minutes cumulatively during the day, colors and shudder designs are all controlled, no flags, and on and on.  Thank God we have nothing like that in Greenhills.  When did we become so passive that we let other people tell us what we can do and not do?  Do I like huge campers parked in driveways?  No, but I would say something to the neighbor if it bothered me, and at the end of the day just suck it up because, at least when I was young, we live in a free country and we have the freedom to be stupid and annoying.  And there are much larger issues in this community than a camper parked next door, like tens of millions in debt by the school district, a dead shopping center, a crazy person filing legal complaints against 80 residents, empty lots where schools are now turning into . . . who knows what.
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  2. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Complaints Against Property Values   

    Take no offense, the term is used by old time Greenhills residents.  All the "military" style apartments are the "barracks".  Nothing derogatory, just what they are called due to shape and style.
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  3. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic New Village Construction   

    I am cautiously optimistic, we bought our home about 25 years ago, and the combination of abysmal school district and shopping center decay has resulted in virtually no increase in value in all those years.  I am not saying increased property values are all we should be concerned about.  Quality of life and such are more important, but property value is a measurable (if flawed) metric for how "nice" a neighborhood is. 
    My biggest fear, which is only somewhat related to this development, is the great increase in rental properties in the Village.  You can drive down the streets, and with almost 100% accuracy point to the houses that are rentals.  With no "skin in the game" the yards are un-kept, there are dilapidated vehicles in the drive, and bed sheets or even aluminum foil over the windows for drapes, gutters and shutters falling off.  Hopefully any redevelopment will bring interest in purchasing that might spill over to some of these currently rented properties.
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  4. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    "Good districts" get low marks in some areas because no-one is perfect.  Across the board horrible results like WW are due to systemic failures that new buildings will not solve.  How in the hell are you going to get 50 years service out of the new buildings when your lousy maintenance didnt get 30 years out of these buildings?
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  5. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    Soon we will have the distraction of construction and old building disposition, and grand re-openings.  All the fuss and clamor truly will be like the Wizard of Oz:  pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (holding the terrible test results) just watch all the lovely steam and smoke rising from the ashes of what was once a good school district.
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  6. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    AH, yea I did look at other schools.  Let me try to lay out my thoughts even though I am just a slobbering idiot "layman".
    If we can dispense with the white privilege bull crap for a minute, I will say this: one must first ask, what is school success?  I believe it is: first of all not who has the best new buildings, it is not who does the best on state tests (I agree they are a poor metric, but one nonetheless), I would say not even who graduates students with the highest grades.  It is, in my never humble opinion, the schools that graduate young men and women who have learned critical thinking skills, are decent respectful citizens, and looking to better their lives (be it college, trade, or simply learning in life).
    If this is what school success should be, then why are some schools successful and some not.  There are, of course many reasons, but I believe two make up 90% of the difference. Until school administrators admit that 1. Parent Involvement, and 2. School discipline are the critical factors, no progress will be made.  Winton Woods will continue to score D's and F's and you will continue to scream racism, white privilege, and we need more money and newer buildings.
    When students can look at school employees and threaten them, and tell them to F off, and the employee is chastised for sending the student to the principal, then all the bricks and mortar in the world are not going to help.  Discipline is obvious, how do you ramp up parental involvement?  I haven't a clue, but I know its not bricks and mortar.
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  7. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    Sorry my tin foil hat slipped off, could you repeat?
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  8. ligoriolivin added a topic in Winton Woods School Talk   

    State rating of D
    Well the new state rating for school districts is out, and our Winton Woods district scored an impressive D.  Can't wait to start spending money for the new buildings, how can kids learn in old buildings.  Thats why Cambridge and Oxford have such poor performance and low graduation rates.
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  9. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic SOLD: The Village Troubadour 8/23/17   

    Thank you for all your efforts and what you have accomplished.  The Troubadour has been an absolute asset to the Village; I can't believe it has been 2.5 years, but I know it feels like a lot more to you.  Best of luck in whatever life brings your way.
    I can only hope the shopping center owner isn't a complete jerk to Mr. Foster.
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  10. ligoriolivin added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Shooting on Chalmers
    Great, as if we needed more proof Greenhills is slipping.  Let's see, lives in rental, not cooperating, police say shooting during the commission of a crime, call me insensitive, but sounds like a drug deal to me.
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  11. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Corruption: Tri-County Mall   

    If you could weave the Lindburg baby into this tale somehow, then I would believe it.
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  12. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic The March for....What?   

    Its a march to have time in front of a microphone.  Hope this response didn't need a trigger alert!
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  13. ligoriolivin added a topic in Neighborhood news   

    Bowling Alley
    The past couple days the lights have been on in thee Bowling Alley, and the sign is illuminated.  Anyone know if something is happening?
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  14. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic Running radar on Winton Road   

    I hope we are not going back to the days of Radar Walt; but I thought it was a state law that a cop running radar by the side of the road had to have their parking lights on.  They could not sit totally blacked out.
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  15. ligoriolivin added a post in a topic School Bond Passes   

    Mad, I am afraid I agree with you.  Not because all the students are dumb, not because all the teachers are ineffective or caring.  But, based on my limited inside knowledge, because discipline is a joke.  When students can drop the F bomb on teachers and aids, and then the teacher gets disciplined for sending the kid to the principal, there is no hope.
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