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  1. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Family apartment/townhouse shopping   

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I will pass them along this morning a church.
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  2. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Family apartment/townhouse shopping   

    I have a friend who along with her husband and two sons are looking for an apartment or maybe a townhouse to rent. They are not from the area and don't really know where to look. They need something reasonably priced that is kid friendly since they have a four year old and a toddler. Great family and they are looking for something that is available relatively soon. They go to my church on Winton Rd so something near Greenhills, Springfield Township, Finneytown would be convenient but they aren't too picky I guess? Not really sure.
    Can anyone give me any suggestions or phone numbers to pass along?
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  3. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Greenhills Community Garden - interest?   

    Yes that is true it is important for parents to teach their kids a healthy work ethic. What about the kids that don't have a stable positive influence teaching them to be productive with there free time? There are plenty of kids who may either lack the guidance or a parent(s) who are around all the time to keep them on track. Isn't there a way that as a community Greenhills could have outlets for kids living here to contribute to something? Middle and High School students are given a lot of opportunities at school to be involved in clubs, community service and sports teams but most of these activities require a reliable source of transportation to get there and back home again. These activities also don't normally continue during the months that school is not in session as well. It takes more than just parents to help raise children, it takes a village. I believe that Greenhills could provide small ways for kids to learn and grow that may not require a parental commitment. Maybe a community service group that meets in the village on a monthly basis that ideas can be discussed and needs presented that teenage volunteers could help out with?
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  4. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Where are da women at?   

    Life has been very busy lately and computer time has unfortunately been devoted to paying pills and taking care of other crap that I am responsible for since I have to be a big girl and act more like an adult. lol
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  5. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Greenhills Community Garden - interest?   

    Yes they can be an eyesore but there isn't a requirement that it be placed in the center of the community where it is always in view. It also doesn't have to be some huge project that requires a large amount of money and support to make it successful. There is no need for it take up a large amount of space or be a financial burden on the taxpayers of the community. It can be a small project, with a core group of volunteers responsible for the money and time that it requires to maintain it. Set up a schedule of volunteers responsible for various aspects of the upkeep from week to week to ensure that it is properly cared for from spring until fall. The first step would be to ask Greenhills for permission to use a certain area in the community for the garden I would think? Start small here guys and just see where it could go from there. A place for people interested in gardening, learning how to garden or wanting to teach others about gardening could be a fun thing to get started as a project to keep going in the summer months. It could serve as an outlet for kids and teenagers to do some community service when they have extra free time when school is not in session. Especially the kids that may need something to do but don't necessarily have the option of driving or having someone drive them places. There is such a thing as too much free time and the summer months have a way of being an excuse not to be involved in things since school is not in session. Some kids just need something to do with there time and feel part of something bigger than themselves.
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  6. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Greenhills Community Garden - interest?   

    What if you got the WW school district interested. Maybe there would be interested teachers and groups of parents/students to help with the maintenance. It could be tied back to science classes and if the fruits/veggies/flowers (fresh cut for decorative purposes) could be used to help the schools.

    It could also be a way for alumni and retired teachers to get involved with the district. When I was at Beechwoods the land lab was started and it looked really nice but the upkeep was not properly managed with volunteers. It unfortunately fell on the shoulders of a small group of adults.

    This could be a way to encourage community service for the kids in the district and a way for them to raise money to buy things for their school, music programs, athletic programs or clubs.
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  7. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic 2010 Pioneer Polar Express   

    ok no problem and if there is anything else I can do to help let me know!
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  8. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic 2010 Pioneer Polar Express   

    If I write a check should I make it out to the Greenhills Community Service Organization or would it be easier if I paid with cash?

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  9. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Dog Killed today by Pit Mix   

    Wow this is so sad and frightening all at the same time. What worries me is the amount of kids that play outside in Greenhills too. What if some kids were walking a dog on a leash and this dog came up and attacked the dog and kids? This dog should not be living in Greenhills and I cannot imagine having to live with the images of watching a dog be attacked and ultimately killed right before my eyes. I hope this gets resolved and that dog is unfortunately put down. Somewhere in that dogs life it was trained by the wrong people or did not recieve the proper training of acceptable behavior around other dogs.
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  10. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic mother-in-law moving!!   

    All these items sound great and I would love to jump on this opportunity to get some great furniture for a home I will need to furnish next fall but I am pretty positive my parents would kill me if I tried to cram some more furniture in our packed like a sardine can garage! We have five adults worth of stuff that we just cannot part with in there so we haven't seen the garage floor in at least five maybe ten years.....
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  11. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic GFD Turkey Raffle Kids Korner   

    I know I am an adult but I had fun sitting at the table and chatting with the kids while making sure the little ones didn't eat the beads lol! And I will admit I had fun showing some of the kids ideas on what to do with all the awesome crafting gear, when really I was just bored and wanted to make a kiddie craft myself!
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  12. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic 2010 Pioneer Polar Express   

    my newly expanded family is in for 1 share
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  13. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Turkey Raffle   

    Cincinnati weather in November is so unpredictable so it would be a risk to hold this event outside because you never know if we will have two feet of snow, a constant rain storm, or bitterly cold temperatures. Any number of scenarios like these would guarantee that the event would be cancelled or no one would want to come.
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  14. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic Turkey Raffle   

    It made me sad to see so few people at the turkey raffle, I hope they made a lot of money! They deserve it.
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  15. CincyBearcat#1 added a post in a topic chili cook off worthy recipe   

    Woah Blighty, watch where you are going with that "all women should know how to cook" comment. I do know how to cook, actually I am rather good. Just ask my family who will agree. I was just looking for tips to make my recipe even better.
    Thanks for the recipe and I will pretend you didn't make the silly "women" belong in the kitchen joke.

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