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  1. Pool lover added a post in a topic School Facilities Conversation 9/27   

    If the State of Ohio is giving us 48.9 million dollars, isn't that Ohio taxpayers money as well?  If so, aren't we actually paying for all it?
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  2. Pool lover added a post in a topic Bond Issue - A Better Deal?   

    Just looked at the Hamilton County Auditor website.  Suggest all of you do the same.  
    VOTE NO! Sadly, new schools will not make a difference.
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  3. Pool lover added a post in a topic Discipline Problems at WW High School   

    I have read this topic with interest and concern.  I have only a couple of things to add. I do not care if this is the norm nor do I care if other schools have more or less police intervention. I care because this school is in our community and this is the school that we receive a huge tax bill each and every year.
    A great majority of the student population live below the poverty level? So what!  Back in the day when we were all skipping around through a field of wildflowers and shitting rainbows we were all probably below or very near the poverty level.  What does poverty have to do with acting appropriately in school?   NOTHING, Nothing at all. Yes, the family dynamics have changed but school has not. Unless something is done with this discipline problem then they have ZERO chance of ever being a contributing member of society. I hope that the new board supports the teachers and works very hard to make WWCS  a district we all can be proud of.
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  4. Pool lover added a post in a topic Grandview Site Sold?   

    Be still my heart.  Love, love this store.  Half my house is furnished from Bargains and Buyouts. Just know that you will not be shopping at Haverty's.  It is a buyout store.  Quality furniture, though.   Many stagers buy from them. Staff is very friendly and you can also bargain with them. I hope that this will be a great addition to Greenhills.  They have all kinds of things besides furniture. Area rugs, nursery furniture, lamps, outdoor furniture  and bedding.  Try it, I am sure you will love it. 
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  5. Pool lover added a post in a topic Board Candidates?   

    I keep getting Warriors in Peril when I try to post.
    Warrior, I have no idea who can and who cannot delete posts. I did not mention names but I am concerned that certain posts go missing on this board.
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  6. Pool lover added a post in a topic Board Candidates?   

    I too, noticed some missing posts. I was under the impression that this site was a place where you could voice your opinions. Whether you like them or not, people have a right to theirs. Very disappointed.
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  7. Pool lover added a post in a topic SUSPECT CHARGED WITH HEROIN TRAFFICKING   

    Glad to see that the Greenhills Police Department is aware and working on this very serious problem.
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  8. Pool lover added a post in a topic May 5th Bond issue   

    Just wanted to let everyone know of a special election on May 5 for the $76 mil bond issue. Please be sure to get out and vote!.

    It appears that many people are not aware of the bond issue that will be on the ballot. WWCS wants to build two new campuses and is asking for the passage of a $76 mil bond in order to do so.

    I just wanted to make you aware of the estimated amount your taxes will increase should this issue pass. Go to www.hamiltoncountyauditor.org, look up your property, and then click on "Levy Info".

    I urge you to become informed on this issue, and be sure to vote on Tuesday, May 5!
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  9. Pool lover added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Equalizer, you have definitely crossed the line. Shame on you. His post should be removed.
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  10. Pool lover added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   


    According to this website 45% of the WWHS students qualify for free lunch.

    That tells me that 45% of the parents cannot afford any increase in their taxes.

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  11. Pool lover added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Christine, this may be my favorite post from you ever. Hilarious.

    On a serious note. I am appalled at this bond issue and cannot believe we even have to vote on such nonsense.

    My vote, HELL NO
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  12. Pool lover added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Wonder where I can get a HELL NO sign to put in my yard????
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  13. Pool lover added a post in a topic Winton Woods School Bond issue   

    I thought they were just thinking about it. Guess not.

    Winton Woods to put bond issue on November ballot

    If passed, district will build two new schools

    Check out this story on cincinnati.com: http://cin.ci/1mpf5aD

    At 8.48 mills, the bond issue would cost the owner of a $100,000 house $296.80 a year.
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  14. Pool lover added a post in a topic Meetings on NEW SCHOOLS   

    Just a question for everyone. If your roof was leaking anytime of the year would you just hang a tarp in your home and let water continue to leak into your home, possibly causing more problems? I would think not. Disgraceful.

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  15. Pool lover added a post in a topic Meetings on NEW SCHOOLS   

    Our parents told us back in the 90's that combining the two school districts would be the downfall of Greenhills. They also said that maybe it wouldn't happen in 10 years and maybe not 20 years, but it will happen. Here we are 23 years later with a damn mess. The school board should be ashamed of themselves.

    A roof is leaking in the library and their fix is to hang a tarp? Are you kidding me! Next they will be asking for new books because all the books were ruined because of the leaky roof. So tired of all the whining and complaining and absolutely nothing is being done that makes sense. Why are these buildings not being repaired as needed?

    Warrior, please do not respond. You are a Greenhills council person and you should be absolutely livid that this is happening in this community.

    Should have listened to my parents!

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