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  1. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Anyone know about t-ball/baseball   

    Thanks for the heads up
    Looking forward to seeing my boy happy and playing sports in the village
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  2. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Beef ‘O’ Brady’s open in Springdale   

    stopped by last night trying to sneak in some of the game while I was at work. the place was PACKED! Staff, food and customers there were fabulous, wonderful experience
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  3. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Anyone know about t-ball/baseball   

    So my only boy wants to play t-ball/baseball this year (not really sure which his age does, 6?) Does anyone know when sign ups are? If there is a list to be contacted when signups are going to be?
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  4. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Tailgate grill   

    How much?
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  5. IamSAHM added a post in a topic White Squirrel Sighting   

    Saw the white squirrel on Junefield yesterday! I talked to someone who thought the white squirrel article was the best the journal has ever had and was so excited to read it! Way to go Greenhills Journal Staff, keep the great newspapers coming!!
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  6. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Great kids at St. James   

    Today I helped out by being the lunchlady at St. James. I had my youngest son with me. While I was serving lunch he decided he would "help" by handing out the milk to EVERY student who went through the lunch line. Most places students would be reaching around him and grabbing they're drink. But every student fro 8th grade to kindergarden waited for him and said thank you. All of the great kids at our school made my little man feel very special and important. I can't say thank you enough to all of the parents that raised such kind children. I was very impressed!!
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  7. IamSAHM added a post in a topic An idea to market Greenhills   

    What if we had a morning yoga class taught on the commons? Maybe tai chi would be nice for some of our aging population. What if we had some of the greenspaces for a co-op garden. Walking clubs, running clubs, health seminars to attend. Most of it would be very inexpensive to start up and it would give our village a great reputation, if your interested in a healthy lifestyle move to GH!
    Instead of focusing so much attention on issues that we don't have control over (like the buying of Johnny's Toys) why not work hard to make changes that we can start now to improve this great village.
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  8. IamSAHM added a post in a topic An idea to market Greenhills   

    Luv Bug, I have been at the meetings. Thank you for your insinuations.
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  9. IamSAHM added a post in a topic An idea to market Greenhills   

    While on a walk today with my friend we were talking about what the village could do to become a place more people want to live. I know that we have high taxes and many of us are unhappy with the school district but what can we do. We were talking about how many amazing amenities GH has. Walking paths, bike path to the park, tennis courts, pool, golf and we thought what if we could market GH as a health community. We are set up to be a walking/biking community. If we could market our village as a place for you to move to enjoy a healthy lifestyle we might pull in a few new pioneers. Just a thought, what do you all think about it?
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  10. IamSAHM added a post in a topic I Love You, Man   

    It was funny, but Uncle is right it doesn't even hold a candle to the hangover (but maybe because their is a group of Greenhills guys that movie reminded me of)
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  11. IamSAHM added a post in a topic 5000 Year Leap - a group study being planned   

    I'm in! I'll call you about getting together!
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  12. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Police & Fire Brotherhood   

    I can speak of the brotherhood of the police (I was raised in a police family) it is still strong. As for the fire department the brotherhood it is as strong as it ever was. I live my life being part of the fire family and we have received numerous calls when our family faced a difficult situation also countless well wishes and hugs to celebrate happy moments.
    Today the vote was to accept the offer to save officers jobs, but it's only a 13 to 14 week promise of saving jobs. Voting yes only put a temporay bandaid on helping.
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  13. IamSAHM added a post in a topic 9/11 Memorial Ceremony This Thursday   

    It seems that Saint James open house keeps falling on the day of the memorial. I was the in spirit and will be at a memorial tonight. Thank you for all of those who risk so much for our safety, it was clearly shown 8 years ago.
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  14. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Pediatric Doctor   

    I take my children to Group Health Associates, it's on Winton Rd just past the large Springfield Township fire house. Great, amazingly nice doctors, nurses that stay in the room and talk like friends. Always can get an appoinment, and I can't say enough about how great the doctors are, Dr. Bird and Dr. Robinson.
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  15. IamSAHM added a post in a topic Asking for help   

    I disagree that just because grant money is used this idea shouldn't be voted on. The up keep I'm sure will be the responsibility of the village and I'm pretty sure the land that it will be on is owned by the village. So please don't act like this is no concern of ours.
    I'm not against a skatepark I just feel that there are many other ideas that we could do that would appeal to a larger group.
    I agree with Christine that we need to have a masterplan or a vision of what the residents want to see in the community and how we can best use our resources to make it happen. Not just adding something here or there and seeing how it all turns out in the end
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