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  1. D HUE added a post in a topic Stop by and say howdy   

    Ego busting... hehheh… and here I thought it was just my wife...
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  2. D HUE added a post in a topic Stop by and say howdy   

    Well, thanks for checking in, it's nice to see your prose again. It is hard, but there's the rub - their thoughts are here for us to ponder, and some of them are hilarious. I can't take Facebook and miss the old days.
    By the way, T O T O  says hi.
    Tell Wolfie I said he's still a doodle.
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  3. D HUE added a post in a topic Stop by and say howdy   

    I guess nobody likes me.
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  4. D HUE added a topic in General Discussion   

    Stop by and say howdy
    I've been reading some of the old posts on here lately, a lot of which were written by friends who have since gone on to the big blog in the sky, and I must say, I sure do miss a lot of things about this site. Here's the short list:
    Greenhills News - first and usually factual.
    Open Mike Night Updates.
    Winton Woods Warriors musings, pro and con.
    Conspiracy Theories.
    Political bantering.
    Sports updates - Reds, Bengals, FC, Knothole, Soccer.
    Music, books, recipes, tips on Home Improvement, etc.
    Most of all, I miss the people - Unc, Cgrrl, P83, Phro, Wolfy, Screamin, WWW, Christine, NOS, Loon, WelshD, Coach, hell, I even miss busybody, Blighty, and PKM. And I really miss Dazed, Hair, the king, and Underdog.
    So, I was wondering; is anybody out there coming on here to re-read these old topics, and laughing their you know what off, as I am?
    If so, do me a great big fat favor, and write a reply on here.
    Thanks in advance,
    D HUE.
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  5. D HUE added a post in a topic Dazed & Confused No More   

    We're all gonna miss that old boy. Won't be the same around the old hills of green without seeing that old red pickup or that stupid red guitar. The number of people who showed up for his celebration of life was a testament to a life well lived.
    Long live the KING.
    And Underdog.
    R I P Dazey.
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  6. D HUE added a post in a topic Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour   

    Thanks for coming up, MB.
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  7. D HUE added a post in a topic Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour   

    Okay, that's kinda funny, WWW. Albeit in a wierd, non-Irish sort of fashion, though.
    BK and KD are back at the Troubadour (aka da place 2 be) this Saturday night, March 19, 7 to 9.
    Hope to see you there.
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  8. D HUE added a post in a topic Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour   

    Saturday, January 16th - 7 to 9, at the "Place To Be in Greenhills", The Troubador, we will be back, with bells on, for your musical enjoyment.
    Be there or be square.
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  9. D HUE added a post in a topic Prescription Prices   

    You may thank Obama and his liberal buddies for the astronomical increases in health care. Once again, they have screwed up a decent system with their "We know better than you what you need" power-grab. Everything they touch goes to shiite in a millisecond; just look at our education system, which used to be at or near the top in the world - enter the government, now we're 47th.
    Want to see it get worse?
    Vote for a Democrat - they can screw up an iron ball.
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  10. D HUE added a post in a topic Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour   

    Okay, Blighty, you're officially uninvited... especially after seeing you down by the daycare center with that bag of candy... truly disturbing...
    Phrosky and the Wolfmeister were there diggin' the scene, and didn't boo me more than two or three times.
    Thanks to all who showed up and helped make it fun.
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  11. D HUE added a post in a topic Clueless at Farmers Market   

    What's rude about that?
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  12. D HUE added a post in a topic From a contractors website.....   

    A Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walk into a pub. They each buy a pint of Guiness beer.
    Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy beverage three flies landed in each of their pints, and were stuck in the thick head.
    The Englishman pushed his beer away from him in disgust.
    The Scotsman fished the offending fly out of his beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had happened.
    The Irishman too, picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer and then started yelling, "SPIT IT OUT, SPIT IT OUT, YOU BASTARD
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  13. D HUE added a post in a topic Greenhills Fire Department 77th annual Turkey Raffle Nov 21st   

    To mix with your Jack Daniel's, no doubt?
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  14. D HUE added a post in a topic Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour   

    Donovans, Donocars, Donotrucks, Donowhoos,... all the good Irishmen will be attending.
    Your boss is usually there, too.
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  15. D HUE added a topic in Local Events   

    Bob @ Kev @ The Troubadour
    Now hear this...
    Come on up and give a listen to our new sets of tunes this Saturday Night, Dec 12th, 7:00 to 9:00 @‌ The Troubador in Greenhills.
    Blighty and John Merrick will be there, so don't miss out a chance to pelt them (or us) with vegetables.
    That is all.
    Carry on.
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