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  1. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Ferguson rants   

    This is one of those rare instances where you and I agree completely, Phro! :-)
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  2. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Bond Issue - May 5, 2015   

    A stand-alone ballot in May will draw only the most invested & passionate portion of the electorate, and that might be a strategy for the pro-levy side. It is a very risky one, as Forest Park turnout....the most supportive component of the district and a component that if properly motivated can pass the initiative on their own, cannot be counted on to show up in general elections let alone a May election. On the levy that last passed, Forest Park was motivated by the threatened loss of extra-circulars and the return of bus services previously lost. Those dynamics are no longer as critical with surrounding districts offering open enrollment and the fact that bus services (above elementary) were taken back as fast as the were reinstated.

    Until someone finds a "carrot" or a painful "stick" to use that will bring the Forest Park turnout and their YES percentages that can overpower the Springfield Township NO percentages - a much smaller constituency but one who turns out due to their hatred of increased taxes, especially for a school district that a high percentage of their residents choose not to use, this levy will not pass.
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  3. neveronsundays added a post in a topic School Bond Voter Results   

    % of voters & # of registered voters in Forest Park will always look bad on paper. You have to factor in that Forest Park has a very high transience rate due to their high % of rental properties/apartments. Many names are still on the rolls as registered voters who registered in 2008 and 2012 to vote in the presidential election who are either no longer living in FP, or were a "one trick pony" and have never voted since.

    Even when the last levy passed, SFT was soundly a NO vote but GH was a YES, and the combination of FP with its 60% YES and above average turnout due to threatening extra-circulars & bringing back bus service, and GH supporting it overrode SFT.

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  4. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    Cicero - you have said that you are semi-retired, and you certainly do not have a shortage of opinions. Why don't you run for a BOE position and become a part of the solution as opposed to launching grenades from the sidelines?

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  5. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Sultan's Mediterranean Cuisine   

    Love Sultan's!
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  6. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Homecoming WW v. LaSalle   

    The wife of a LaSalle coach works with me. She told me on Friday morning that the coaches have a "Dad's Club" where they meet with the parents weekly to talk about the upcoming week's game. Here was the message before this game, and I paraphrase....

    "WW is a very talented team, as talented as anyone we have or will play. This will be a 1-possession game at the half either way. They will implode due to their lack of discipline and composure, which is their Achilles Heel. Our mantra this week to the boys is "Fire & Ice". We want to stoke their lack of discipline by having our players draw the personal fouls and pre-snap penalties, but then walk away. If we do that, it will be a 7 point lead at the half, a 14 point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter and a 21 point win at the end".

    Pretty damn accurate.
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  7. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Bond Issue Information   

    My two WW graduates (2012, 2014) were in challenging classes with demanding instructors, supportive and encouraging administrators & counselors, and had every tool available to them with the possible exception of a focus on collaborative learning as they both pre-dated the AGS program. You are right on several points, but you need to stop speaking with assertion quoted below. The "best & brightest" at WW match up against their counterparts at X, Bacon, Moeller, Lakota, We just don't have their "depth". Our "best & brightest" goes only so deep per class where theirs go into the hundreds. That starts at HOME, and within the internal drive of the kid. EVERY TOOL NECESSARY TO SUCCEED IS AND HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG.
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  8. neveronsundays added a post in a topic WW vs. Bishop Chatard (Indy)   

    Thank goodness its Rock Bridge. I thought they were playing Rock Ridge. Their combo of Mongo and Hedley Lamar is a formidable pair.....
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  9. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    Oops. Corrected!
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  10. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Orga   

    The Constitution and the FCC allows Rush to broadcast what he chooses...within reason. The Constitution and the free market that Rush claims to support also allows others to attempt to take him down...within reason.
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  11. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    I liked the previous HS Principal, but she had one significant flaw which was "white guilt". She screwed up royally with going public in accusing the FAVC of racism, and she lost much of her staff when she relaxed some disciplinary rules after getting pummeled by angry parents whose kids were properly held accountable. The behind the scenes edict to the teachers a couple of years back not to discipline use of the word "Nigga" or the word "f***" due to their being "cultural" - and that did happen - was a mistake. Not enforcing dress code violations with students who might give you attitude but busting those who wouldn't for lesser violations happened often.

    Mr. Smith and Mr. Martin can do things that the former HS principal and Supt. had a more challenging time doing. The race card can't be played as easily against them, and they can have more honest exchange with parents. Mr. Smith is impressive.
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  12. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Thur. Marshall 39 WW 35   

    One more loss will be all they can afford, and both Elder and Lasalle are on the schedule. Pass defense has always been a challenge for this team. In years where they have a great pass rush, that and the speed/athleticism of their DBs covers up the horrible technique (they constantly turn their back to the QB) & coverage schemes. If the opposing QB had time to set & throw - as Lasalle does 20-25X a game, WW is in deep trouble.
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  13. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    Not to question the marketing strategy, but I'd want to get my traffic flowing in the cool weather before dark mornings and freezing weather hits.

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  14. neveronsundays added a post in a topic Academics in Winton Woods School District   

    I wish this were the case, Cicero, but it is not representative of a statistically significant percentage of the district. Ask any teacher at WWMS or WWHS what percentage of their classroom parents attend Meet The Teacher/Open House events...especially in the non-AP/Honors or music classes. I have had more than a few "one-on-ones" with teachers at those events. The not-so-funny joke at WWHS among staff was that the best way to boost attendance at these events would be to give the students after-school detention where the parent would always find their way to the building to scream at the teacher for disciplining their "baby".

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  15. neveronsundays added a post in a topic John Bolton: US Must Destroy Islamic State   

    What should the speech be then, Phro?
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