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    My husband and I don't have children but I thought I'd post another expert opinion article about education that was published last week by Business  It references other articles that I've posted already.   
    “An MIT psychologist explains why so many tech moguls send their kids to anti-tech schools”
    Also a friend of mine sent me this 5 minute interview on Fox News in September.  “Smartphones destroying generation?” 
    One professor argues that while post-millennials are physically safer than adolescents, they are more comfortable online than with real people - and are the verge of a mental breakdown.
    Good luck, y’all.
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  2. Monique added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    ligoriolivin,   It seems that many on this list are concerned about their children. These are not my personal opinions.  I'm simply providing links with statements by experts for those on this thread who are trying to determine all the reasons why children are having a difficult time learning.  It wasn't that long ago when people made fun of those who were concerned that tobacco use and asbestos were harmful as well.     
    “WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk”
    “Dr. Keith Black, chairman of neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angelos:  What microwave radiation does in most simplistic terms is similar to what happens to food in microwaves, essentially cooking the brain.  So in addition to leading to a development of cancer and tumors, there could be a whole host of other effects like cognitive memory function, since the memory temporal lobes are where we hold our cell phones." 
    In regard to children, Dr. Black states, "Children's skulls and scalps are thinner. So the radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain of children and young adults. Their cells are at a dividing faster rate, so the impact of radiation can be much larger."
    American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations to "Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones"Nation's largest group of children’s doctors responds to new government study linking cell phone radiation to cancer
    For those who aren't certain that radiation itself is harmful - there is plenty of research showing that increased "screen time" in children is affecting their ability to learn.   Even tech inventors seem to be concerned about the impacts on their own families:
    CoDesign:  Nest Founder: “I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?”Tony Fadell, one of the minds behind the iPod and the iPhone, mulls design’s unintended consequences. (7/07/2017)  “And I know when I take [technology] away from my kids what happens,” Fadell says. “They literally feel like you’re tearing a piece of their person away from them—they get emotional about it, very emotional. They go through withdrawal for two to three days.”
    From the Mayo Clinic in 2016:  “Sending Text Messages On Your Smartphone Changes The Rhythm Of Your Brain Waves”
    “Smartphones destroying generation?”
    Sep. 13, 2017 - 5:03 - One professor argues that while post-millennials are physically safer than adolescents, they are more comfortable online than with real people - and are the verge of a mental breakdown
    NPR – “All Things Considered” – How Smart Phones Are Making Kids Unhappy    
     May 29, 2017 Teenagers' sleep quality and mental health at risk over late-night mobile phone use:
    May 17, 2017:  ABC 20-20:  “Digital Addiction” 
    April 9, 2017:  CBS 60 Minutes:  Brain Hacking:  Why can't we stop looking at our smartphones? And are the designers of the apps and content on them using brain science to keep us hooked? Anderson Cooper reports.
    March 4, 2017:   Surge in children being admitted to hospital for sleeping disorders with many kept awake by technology  /
    CNN:  Half of teens think they're addicted to their smartphones  
    The New York Times:  Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? 
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  3. Monique added a post in a topic State rating of D   

    Hi  - I posted this on the Concerned Residents for Greenhills page today:
    Dr. Martha Herbert, Harvard Pediatric Neurologist, is one of many doctors who encourages replacing wireless internet (WiFi) in schools with wired internet and removing cell towers/antennas from school properties: "EMF/RFR from wifi and cell towers can exert a disorganizing effect on the ability to learn and remember, and can also be destabilizing to immune and metabolic function. This will make it harder for some children to learn, particularly those who are already having problems in the first place.":
    This has been discussed for many years overseas and many have already taken action:

    I posted these links yesterday in regard to the school rating:
    Do Laptops Help Learning? A Look At The Only Statewide School Laptop Program
    Yet, after a decade and a half, and at a cost of about $12 million annually (around one percent of the state's education budget), Maine has yet to see any measurable increases on statewide standardized test scores. That's part of why Maine's current governor, Paul LePage, has called the program a "massive failure."
    April 4, 2017:  Using laptops in class harms academic performance, study warns.   Researchers say students who use computers score half a grade lower than those who write notes. 
    Some I didn't yet post to Facebook that are related to this topic:
    Scientific American:  "Students are better off without a laptop in the Classroom" (study)
    2014:  New York Times:  “Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent”:
    2011:  New York Times: “A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute”
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