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  1. k-roman added a post in a topic Running radar on Winton Road   

    If I'm thinking of the same spot that you mentioned, they regularly sit laying and waiting. I have seen them sitting pretty frequently.  However, it was always my understanding that if they were actively taking radar, then the needed to have their lights on.
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  2. k-roman added a topic in Local Events   

    Bargin and Buyouts
    This Saturday Bargain and Buyouts is having a customer appreciation event.  They are giving away $2000.00 worth of free furniture to 4 customers.  Must register in advance.  They will also be having Food Trucks at the store.
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  3. k-roman added a post in a topic Equalizer's Retirement   

    As wrong as this is, it unfortunately happens more than you think.  My husband was laid off from his job due to a reduction in force after a company merger had occurred. In his final days with the company he went were ever they told him, and did what ever he asked.  Months later, he found out that a manager was "bad mouthing" him, and he never even worked for the manager.  Another occurrence of lack of morals....My husband filled out an assessment, one of the questions was "If a co-worker turned in his two weeks notice, and mentioned to you that he didn't plan on working the entire two weeks, would you tell your boss."   My husband said no, and guess what he didn't pass the assessment.  They only want people who will have their back, even when they skewed up, that want someone who will act as a mole.  There is no morals in the work force anymore.  Bossess and administrators think they can do what ever they want, because they can just hire someone else. 
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  4. k-roman added a post in a topic Report Card Comparison 2016   

    To fully understand this you have to know what each score measures, and means----
    Indicator Met - This is the percentage student who passed the AIR Test, and the Percent of test populations who met the target.   The target used to be 75% when it was the old state proficiency test.  Now you are considered having Met the Indicator if the percentage of students who passed is above the state average.  So in essence the target is always changing. 
    Performance Index - Is points given on the report card for the number of students who test scores fall in the following categories - Advance, Accelerated, Proficient, Basic and Limited.    You get points for Advance and Accelerated, and lose points for Basic and Limited.  I personally believe that a schools demographics have a large influence on this. 
    Graduation Rate - self- explanatory
    Value  Added - This goes all they way back to "No Child Left Behind" where the goal was that all students would pass reading and math tests.  Again this is a moving target it started at 75% and I believe it is now 92%.  That means that all students  in the following sub-groups who are African American, Economically Disadvantage, on an IEP, ESL.... ect have to met the target.  Again it's another moving target.
    The next set of scores, AMO is based on student growth...When a student takes the test in 3rd grade the score they get is linked to a percentile ranking.  They are ranked against all other 3rd graders in the state.  A student is considered to show growth if they keep or grow that percentile ranking.  So if a 3rd grader takes the test and scores at the 50th percentile, they have to keep scoring at the 50th percentile or above. 
         * For gifted if a student scores in the 99th percentile they have to keep scoring at the 99th percentile to be considered as a kids who showed growth.  This is one of the harderst areas for a district to show growth.
         *  For lowest 20th percent - the state decided that they are going to track the scores of our lowest scoring students.  This can include students with multiple disabilities and/or a intellectual disability.
        *  SWD - Students with Disabilities:  Again this included all students who has an IEP.  When a student have more than 1 disability - for Example the student is ADHD with a Learning disability and receives services for Speech and Language and occupational therapy, there growth may not be measurable by just a test score.
    *  AMO - this is again tracking student in the different sub-groups, and whether or not they showed growth.  So something to think about a minority student who is economically disadvantage, and on an IEP, score will count 3 separate times in this rating.
    K-3 Literacy - this is the measure of the number of student who passed the 3rd grade reading.  There is about 10-12 different ways that can exempt a student from the 3rd grade guarantee consequences.
    The crazy part about the data in a school report card is that it reports the same data multiple ways.  So an under performing school ends up a with a really negative reports.  The other thing is that the data in the report card is for the most part no longer valid to a district, as the kids are constantly changing. 
    Hopefully I brought meaning to understanding what this all means.
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  5. k-roman added a post in a topic Freddy's Restraunt   

    Sean Tuey - the real life father of the NFL football player Michael Orr.  He was the football player that the movie the Blindside was based on.
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  6. k-roman added a topic in Local Events   

    Freddy's Restraunt
    Freddy's Steakburgers and Frozen Custard opens tomorrow, at 10:30.  They serve variety of hamburgers, patty melts, and Chicago style hot dogs.  The frozen custards is smooth and creamy.  Taste more like ice cream than custards.  We tried it today at their friends and family event and I would say it's worth going to. 
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  7. k-roman added a post in a topic Grass Mowing   

    I would find a local kid with experience.  My neighbor had a negative experience with JMB.
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  8. k-roman added a topic in Trading Post/Classifieds   

    starter snare drum
    I have a snare drum set for Sale $100.00 firm in very good condition.  It includes drum, backpack style case, stand, multiple drum sticks and drum brushes.  Nice drum for someone just learning how to play the drum.
    Send message here if interested.
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  9. k-roman added a post in a topic Shopping center sold   

    I wonder what hoops the village made them go through just to get the now leasing sign up on Winton?
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  10. k-roman added a post in a topic Value of Dogs as Pets   

    Nothing beats the alertness of dogs.  They here stuff that we don't.  Glad all was ok. 
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  11. k-roman added a post in a topic Report card   

    Found this article to be interesting.   http://www.wlwt.com/news/Ohio-school-board-members-concerned-about-online-vs-paper-test-discrepancies/38400276
    Not sure this fully explains WW poor report card, but as a teacher I wish my student could take a paper and pencil test.  I feel too many kids just click and go, and don't really try to figure out the correct answer, but click on the one they think it should be. 
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  12. k-roman added a post in a topic Report card   

    "Most school districts are actually taking these new state test results with a grain of salt.. inasmuch as the new Federal law to replace "No Child Left Behind / no teacher left standing" has been replaced with something new.    The state (through their glossy brochures) is only interested in withholding money and using performance as the rationale.  Thank God the Supts of Mason and New Miami have been calling our great "positive aw shucks" Governor out on it.  Kind of ironic since they sure don't need to do that.  Perhaps Mr. Trump can call Kasich out on it next week."
    Since Kasich has taken office, the number of children living in poverty in Cincinnati and Hamilton County has grown to some of the highest levels in the country of any major city.  Ohio's school rating has dropped from 8th in the country to 23rd in the country.  When he 1st took office he took money from education fund to fund special interest and shore up the rain day fund.  This resulted in a greater tax burden for residents at the local level.  He worked to earn "Race to the Top" funds(we were one on the earliest states to get the money).  Common core, PARCC assessment, new teacher evaluation model all came from "Race to the Top". 
    The problems in WW, is the problem with education.  We don't hold the kids or their parents accountable for learning or the child behavior.  We also need to stop cookie cutter education models, that expects ALL kids are capable of performing at the same level.  Sometimes, growth can't be measured by a paper pencil test, that they take on a given day.  Until this changes, the performance levels at WW is not going to change. 
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  13. k-roman added a post in a topic Prescription Prices   

    My mom just sent me this information.  There are grants out there to get help with prescription cost.   She got help with her chemo meds at www.Panfoundation.org.  She wasn't sure if it's just for chemo or other meds.  They covered 3 months of her medication, and with co-pays at $4000.00 per month it will greatly help. So if your having trouble finding affordable medication, maybe you can find a grant to help cover the cost.  You doctors office might have other companies.
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  14. k-roman added a post in a topic Fallout   

    Discipline problems at WW or any school is a systematic problems.  The root cause can go back to elementary school.  It is a result of too many warnings, ineffective consequences given too late, and consequences being changed after parent complaint.  It's all about keeping the parents happy so they don't complain to district office, and keeping them happy so that they will vote for the next levy.  By the time kids get to the junior high and high school level, they have learned they can do just about anything and there will be no consequence, or that the parent will call and get it changed.  For change to happen the discipline policy that the district has established has to be the same from K -12 grade and enforced them same with no deviation.  From what I see they deviate too much.  In the elementary level, they don't want to give a consequence because they are just a kid still learning, or get the child labeled as a bad kid or it will give him a record.  All of these are why you should so that the child learns early from their mistakes. 
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  15. k-roman added a post in a topic I love Greenhills but,...I'm just PO'd..   

    Last night my husband saw an unknown vehicle stop right next to his car, and a female individual get out.  Right after that a GH police officer drove up and flash his lights.  The person got into the car, and drove off.  Nothing happened but unnerving at most.  Definitely, not leaving anything of value our cars, especially this time of year.  Just remember, don't leave Christmas presents hidden in the car, away from kids.
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