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  1. tisha added a post in a topic Who-who-who who.....who whoooo .....are you?   

    We heard one of them the other night in a tree right outside of the house when one of the dogs got us up to go out at 2 or 3 in the morning. I personally didn't want to quit listening for a good 10 minutes or so. You just don't encounter that kind of creature in that close of a proximity too often, and I viewed it as one of the unique charms of living in our naturally blessed little corner of the metropolis.
    We have not been privy, however, to any territorial taunting by the screech owls. That, I'm sure, would get old in a hurry. If any Junedale members play golf over at the Mill Course, there are competing families of Red-Tail Hawks that inhabit areas of the golf course, and you can't believe how much noise and how persistent they are in fussing back and forth with each other!
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  2. tisha added a post in a topic Coach Rasso   

    Thanks for posting. I had missed that news, and am very sorry to hear it. Coach Rasso was a great gentleman and a pretty darned good football coach.

    He and Dick Berning were St. X's football and basketball coaches, respectively, for many years, and sadly, Coach Berning's passing was much the same as Coach Rasso's. His cancer advanced so quickly he wasn't even able to take a golf trip to Ireland that the school had given him as a retirement gift. Coach Rasso was also the PA announcer for many years at the St. X basketball games.
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  3. tisha added a post in a topic Coffee Shop in Greenhills   

    My two YA daughters are hoping they host a poetry slam.
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  4. tisha added a post in a topic Heart wrenching accident on Saturday evening   

    I would like to relay a heart wrenching accident that I witnessed on Saturday evening at the stop sign at Junefield and January.

    I was walking my three dogs up the street towards Sharon Rd. As we passed by, the garage door on the house on the corner of Junefield and January was going up and out scooted a beagle from his owners grasp. His owner…an 11 year old boy. At that instant a Time Warner Cable van cruised THROUGH the stop sign and hit the little dog. The driver did pull over, look out of the van, and drove on. The driver needs to know that the dog died in the little boys arms on the way to the vet. It was a very unfortunate, and most likely, preventable accident, but people PLEASE STOP AT STOP SIGNS.

    I made a complaint to both the police department and Time Warner Cable.
    I walk my dogs every night and continually see people who think slowing down is as good as stopping. It is NOT. Would this whole incident been avoided if the TWC van stopped? I don’t know but the little fellow may have had a chance.

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  5. tisha added a post in a topic And on and on.....   

    Just to add to this, it appears that Pat and/or her minions have been out pamphleteering in the village. We received a flier in her name over on Junefield making every kind of accusation they could conjure up against Dave Moore and the slate of three council members running together.

    I'm sure I'll get someone's knickers in a twist by saying this, but I see a lot of parallels between the tactics/motivations of the Andwan/Treinen/Koller camp and the Tea Party extremists currently holding a gun to the head of the nation's fiscal well-being. It's one thing to be angry about what government does. It's another thing entirely, as we are now finding out, to actually be in position where you must govern effectively and actually do something beyond complain about everything you don't like. I personally have no doubts that were the Andwan faction to ever somehow gain control of the reins of the village, it would be among the darkest days in the history of Greenhills. And it wouldn't even be their policy choices that make me say that -- it's a matter of temperment, judgment and motivation that would in short order make it a disaster.
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  6. tisha added a post in a topic Greenhills on lockdown...   

    Wow, you get all kinds of reactions and opinions -- some informed, some not-so-much -- in this age of social media, don't you?

    I feel disturbed by this just like anyone else because it did occur in a place that we care about, but that's kind of the point -- Greenhills is traditionally a safe community to live in, and will almost certainly continue to be. I saw that "Cincy" magazine did a feature earlier this year on the 50 best communities to live in in the Tristate. We weren't on their first 50 for "best," but we were No. 21 on their list of "safest" (ahead of others of note, like Glendale). This is a quiet little community.

    There's something about our community that, despite having a significant percentage of our population made up of middle-class to lower middle-class residents (and, in some areas, even closer to the poverty line than that), we don't reflect the crime rates that nationally come with those segments of the population. I personally think the physical layout of the village has quite a bit to do with it -- because it is pastoral in character, it encourages a certain kind of mindset. Also, because of the greenbelt factor, it takes more effort for outsiders to come into the village and, if they are going to engage in antisocial behavior, they know there's more risk involved that they'll be identified before leaving the village. It's probably a small factor, but it is a deterrent.

    The fact this was a gun crime is probably the most unsettling factor in all this, but it's also true that there's no community in the U.S. where this isn't a risk factor today. We've had more gun crimes much more regularly in the very most affluent areas of our city. Without a pattern, there's not much you can do. You certainly can't full isolate yourself from the threat.

    I do personally believe, however, one of our most pressing problems in society is this love/hate relationship America has with this idea of a gun culture. Legal or illegal, there's not much difference when somebody ends up getting shot as a victim of violence. We know the perpetrators had a gun yesterday, and it's likely that the victim had one, too, in his residence. They may have been acquired legally or not, but the point becomes moot at a certain level when someone is injured or killed. If people want to responsibly own guns for their own protection, I have no problem with that. But I really think that anyone who believes we are going to "out-gun" our way out of this problem is sadly mistaken, and until we realize that the problem isn't firepower but attitude, we won't make any progress against this scourge that troubles all of us -- and, sadly, visited our quiet little village yesterday.

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  7. tisha added a post in a topic Greenhills on lockdown...   

    Great. Now how long will it be before it's safe for me to wear my fave pair of cossack pants in public again?

    On a serious note, we did get robo-called a bit ago by the city manager, who reported the details about today's incident. That was nice, and a smart move. She reports that the suspects are known to the police at this point, so that's good to hear.
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  8. tisha added a post in a topic Greenhills on lockdown...   

    Just a couple of facts to add:

    1) The house where this occurred is listed as a rental property by the auditor's Web site.

    2) The heroin problem is really an epidemic that is crossing the line in terms of traditional drug-abuse boundaries. If you read the series the Enquirer did a couple of months ago, it was pretty startling. Large numbers of those getting hooked are not "typical" drug abusers in terms of their background, but rather people who got hooked on the new classes of pain drugs like Oxycontin, and then had to find cheaper alternatives when they could no longer get prescriptions or afford to buy the real drugs on the black market.

    The most sobering statistic, by far, was that last year more people died in our state from drug overdoses than from automobile accidents.

    I'm sure you'll find some people in the village who also fit the traditional description of those most likely to abuse drugs, but if you are going to truly consider everyone who is impacted by the heroin problem, it could be anyone from any background.
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  9. tisha added a post in a topic Yard Sale Ordinance   

    Another Saturday...another yard sale
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  10. tisha added a post in a topic Dog found on Junefield   

    That is excellent news, Bridgette! Thanks for sharing.

    Please let the owner know we think Charley is a sweet old boy, and we hope he gets a collar with dog tags in case the situation ever repeats itself. (I walked him around for quite a while, and he didn't have much of a clue of where to go to get home.)
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  11. tisha added a post in a topic Dog found on Junefield   

    If anyone knows this dog, we came across him Tuesday night right after the rainstorm. (Pic is below).

    He's a chocolate lab, and has obviously been somebody's pet. He walked well on a leash, didn't bark in the house and was docile and decently socialized.

    He had no collar, so we took him down to Grady to see if he was chipped. He wasn't, but they said he weighed 77 lbs. He also has some kind of wound on his back, which Grady tended to. We have three dogs and had nowhere to keep him, so Grady was arranging for the SPCA to pick him up.

    Greenhills Police were notified, and I've put an item up on CraigsList along with this posting. We also contacted Cincinnati Lab Rescue, and they are trying to help him, but if you know anything of this dog, let us know.


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  12. tisha added a post in a topic Yard Sale Ordinance   

    The property is not rental. The people do own it and have lived there for a few years. Last year, they averaged yard sales 3 weekends a month and so far this year, they've had at least 4 since mid March. When finished, what doesn't fit back in the garage is piled up along the side of the house and the backyard.

    The parking is an issue, as peolpe tend to park on both sides of the street.
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  13. tisha added a post in a topic Drywall installation   

    We are having a floor drain installed in our lower level this week and they need to take out about 14 inches of drywall from the floor up. Can anyone recommend someone who can do drywall work? Thanks
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  14. tisha added a post in a topic The Naked Cowboy getting married   

    From the TMZ.com website:

    The Naked Cowboy done found himself a bride ... and now the iconic Times Square performer says he's all set to get hitched TOMORROW.

    Mr. Cowboy -- real name Robert Burck -- says he plans to marry Patricia Cruz tomorrow during a private ceremony at his manager's home in Los Angeles.

    TNC -- who became sorta famous by singing around NYC in his underwear -- has also hinted that he will hang up his tighty-whities if his bride-to-be asks him too ... but so far, no official decision has been made.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2KnKE4QkL
    Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com
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  15. tisha added a post in a topic McAuley Theater presents A LITTLE PRINCESS   

    McAuley Theater presents A LITTLE PRINCESS
    based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

    November 16 7:30PM
    November 17 7:30 PM
    November 18 2PM

    A Little Princess tells the tale of yound Sara Crewe who moves from India, where she lived with her beloved father, to an all-girls boarding school in London. There she encounters many girls, some sweet, some not so sweet and her world turns upside-down when Sara receives a letter from her father telling her he is very sick. Sara learns that through thick and thin, any girl can be a princess as long as she believes it to be true.

    Buy tickets online at www.showtix4u.com or at the door. Tickets are $6 for students and $8 for adults. Also, on Sunday any child/student who comes to the show dressed as a prince or princess will be admitted at half price and be entered to win a prize.

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