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  1. This was being sent out on a facebook message from AJ Wagner who is a KASICH appointee (heh heh..not for long) to the Ohio State board of education.  It was shared with me through another colleague.  This is in reference to the AIR tests that were just given last Spring.   Again, these are the thoughts from a KASICH appointee about the AIR test results. 

    THIS IS IMPORTANT and ask that you spread the word to parents, teachers, and school administrators.
    On Tuesday, June 14 (Flag Day), the Ohio Board of Education will take up the matter of resetting some cut scores for the recent AIR tests. These scores were set in January, before the tests were even given, but because preliminary results from the tests show disastrous results in Geometry and Math 2, an adjustment to the scores is being recommended by staff.
    In Geometry, the scores set in January predicted that 25% of our kids would be in the "limited" category, limited being the lowest score. Preliminary data show that 47% of students are in that lowest category. In "basic" 16% was predicted, but in actuality, it looks like 29% will end up in this second lowest category, For "proficient," we hoped 21% would make it, but only 16% did. "Accelerated" was predicted to be 23%, but is now looking like 7%. The top category, "advanced," went from a 15% prediction down to 1% actually making the highest score. Overall, the prediction was that 59% would be proficient or above, but the projection based on preliminary results is 24%.
    Now, let's look at Math 2 predicted/preliminary results. Limited: 28/60. Basic: 17/19. Proficient: 20/14. Accelerated: 23/6. Advanced: 13/1. Overall proficient and above: 56/21.
    So our guesses in January weren't so good. The arbitrary scores need to be arbitrarily adjusted to save some kids, but not too many - you know, rigor and all. Pursuant to a memo sent to the board this morning the current recommendation is to adjust the scores so that only 52% will be rated proficient or better at Geometry and 35% will be ranked as such in Math 2.
    With graduation in 2018 these recommended scores will be part of determining whether a student gets a diploma. We are headed for a train wreck! These scores and the arbitrary standards being set for rigor put as many as two-thirds of our students in jeopardy for graduation! That'll show the world how tough we are! That'll motivate them to try harder as we keep moving the bar!
    The plan is to have these recommendations voted on by the board next Tuesday as an emergency measure. There was no plan to let you see these figures in advance of Monday's Achievement Committee meeting just in case some of the scores are adjusted between now and then. In other words, there was to be little public notice or input on these recommendations. Can you say "Youngstown?"
    Please consider coming to the board meeting to testify against these standards. If you can't come, please email or call your board member to let them know your displeasure with the proposal to tell 65% of Ohio's kids that they are too dumb to graduate.
    Remember these scores not only effect the students, but they also impact teacher evaluations and school ratings.
    It has been shown, time and again, that these tests measure little more than economic standing. Mostly poor are at the bottom of these results and the rich come out on top. Enacting this recommendation assures the rich of success in life and assures the poor of failure and more poverty. You may hate the notion of class warfare, but this is exactly what it looks like.