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  1. The Village of Greenhills is the little engine that couldn't but complained about it afterwards. Everyone seems to have a perfect idea of what they want Greenhills to be. They want a nicer shopping center, more industry, more community events, however this ideal quickly declines with the care of our homes. What ever happened to taking care of our things and restoring Greenhills to the historic and tight-nit community it used to be. 
    The subject I am addressing today is the increasing amount of RV's added to the crackled driveways of our neighbors. It seems like everyone and their brother is getting an "amazing" RV that is an eyesore to the rest of the community. If you want to have an RV to go "glamping" a half a mile down the street at winton woods, store it somewhere else. Just because you love your RV doesn't mean that your neighbors love it too. I love Arby's so I think I'm going to buy one of the vintage signs, mount it to my truck, and park it in my driveway everyday. Lets all join the Gornickies and make Greenhills into a loving recreational motorcade of friendship. It seems that everyone is getting them now. Even the Greenhills "elite" are getting them (probabbly because of the money they save on their under valued home for taxes, but that's a different story). 
    Another point to consider is what it says for buyers in Greenhills. Trees and manicured lawns no more, Greenhills will soon be known as RV town. We need to call on our Greenhills leaders to create change and regulate these retched beings. How do you feel about this issue? Or is it an issue to you? Let me know your thoughts below.