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  1. An Equalizer 9th anniversary special.
    If you look at the election between Clinton and Trump, very few people are going to vote based on numbers.  People aren't going to compare these candidates the way you might shopping lists at Kroger Vs. Meijer.   Voting is an emotional endeavor that really, at the end of the day, allows someone to express their deepest thoughts about a particular candidate or a subject.

    This week, you saw raw emotion bubble up in the form of resignation of the Orchestra Director.  To be clear, I thought that what he did was unprofessional.  You don't break a teacher contract.  It is actually a violation of ORC 3319.15 to do so without the consent of the board.  No doubt that this consent is going to be granted now as his continued presence is going to be a sideshow for as long as he remains with the district.  For as much as F M-T contributed to the district, no teacher has the right to create such chaos.  During my time at WW, (as a Union Rep.) I counseled a number of teachers that sought to do the same thing.  They stayed until the end of the year, resigned, and moved on. 

    That being said, I think a fundamental question should be asked and it is similar to the type of question that the Winton Woods administration liked to ask teachers when a student wouldn't comply with a teacher. 

    "What are you doing to cause them to disrespect you?"

    Winton Woods administration has no problem holding teachers accountable. The Winton Woods voter has a difficult time holding the administration accountable for results.  Even as people rail about performance, people are quick to defend the leadership?  Why?  You'd fire a teacher after one year.. but assume the high command is doing a great job because they tell you that?    Oh,now the Orchestra Director quits and it's WHY?  WHY? 

    A fundamental question that should be asked is this.  What kind of circumstances leads a popular Orchestra teacher to commit such an act that, really, is a form of professional malpractice... you don't openly trash your employer.  I don't care how much you hate them. 

    I have defended the new school buildings on here and the levies before that.  At the end of the day, people vote emotionally.   They see the attitudinal and leadership rot from within as being a far more serious problem than the obvious brick and mortar issues within.  I'm sorry.  How desperate are things when your board president decides that THIS is the time to run for another office?   How desperate is it when your administration allows a fairly junior member of the faculty to pull a stunt like that? 
    "Why can't the people see the need for new school construction"

    The voter believes  that the district's leadership holds them in contempt and, as such, will not trust them with any more money.   You can run a million spreadsheets and show how things are a "no brainer".. but letting the whole place crash down around them it or not.. an option as well. I hate to say that.  Your Chinese exchange students don't vote on this levy.  Your "open enrollment" students don't vote on this levy.  The parents of students who saw their favorite teachers leave will vote on it.  The Sims family (who are suing the district) will be voting on it (probably 3 nos right there).  And trust me when I tell you, the recent alumni are not happy either.  They know exactly what has been going on.  Before they removed the comments on facebook, they were weighing in on the Morales letter. Trust me on that.  Don't count on them rallying behind the cause either.

    People will vote emotionally on this one.  They aren't going to be impressed that GH can generate enough money to hire another patrol officer or two. 

    People also voted emotionally when they built those new schools in Princeton, Mt. H, NCH, Fairfield, West Chester, Mason, CPS.  They voted YES because the people that ran that school loved them and they loved the school back.  No, not perfect.. but there was some degree of love.

    Winton Woods administration views their teachers as widgets... as dispensable as any other commodity.  Morales sort of told you that, didn't he?  Why is anyone shocked that the community views their vision through the same lens?   Spare me the talk about "the children".  It doesn't wash.  If it did, there would be SOME focus on retaining a few people instead of treating them as if they were a bunch of thugs.

    I'm sorry.  Until the administration changes or some serious oversight is brought to bear by the board, you will never improve.   Even after you normalize race and Special Ed. (WWWarriors' data).. WW is still 8th out of 12.  Just above Mt. H, North College Hill and Lockland.   Wow.