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  1. I wanted to start a thread on what needs to be done to get something like a bond issue to pass. 
    First, I think it fair to say that 40% of the WW voters will never vote for any bond way.. no how.. Never ever ever. It is true no matter where you live... be it NCH, Mt. H, Fairfield ,Princeton, Ross, or any other place that has place that has passed a bond issue in recent years.  You start off with a 40% base of opposition.
    So, you need about 83% of the remaining voters (50%/ remaining 60%) to affirmatively come out and say YES to whatever the plan is.
    So where do you start?  How do you sell it?
    The truth is that there is a lot of merit and just push forward with the positive.  As someone that is an independent business owner, I am well versed on the concept that you sell "value" and not the product.  People will pay for value.   But how do you persuade those 83% that are "open minded" to approve more money?
    I don't make comments on here to anger people.  Remember, I have spent a lot of time on this project.. and really.. this is just a continuation of the same project.  I really hope that the administration is reading these posts.  They need to hear things that are unpleasant truths.  Perhaps they will pass this bond issue in a presidential election because a lot of people that don't pay property taxes will be voting.  I get that.  We tried that in 2008.  Perhaps if (in the future) the board trots out the ole "pass the operational levy or choir goes away" the choir voters will band together to pass THAT issue.  I am not saying that this will happen, but we've been down this road before, right?

    I have said many times that I want WW to win. I want Cicero to win.  I want Paula to win.  But obviously, I want the students of WW to win.

    However, this is a little like the failed McCain and Romney and possibly even Trump campaigns.  Nobody wants to listen to people that are interested in the success of the candidate but don't march lockstep behind every boneheaded thing that they do.  They blow them off and disregard their counsel.  Time after time after time.   I point out things that might sound negative.. but folks need to be honest with themselves when it comes to the real problems.  
    WW's problems aren't rooted in academics.  They are rooted in too many people being forced to play the "short game" and too many people that feel that are not welcome in the WW family.  The brass really should focus on developing a real Warrior family among their staff.

    Again, it's hard to build community spirit when you are playing a football team from Missouri.  Lakota West vs. Lakota East.  Oh yeah!    Fairfield vs. Hamilton?  Yes.
    It's hard to build teacher morale when you do things to make them feel like the grass is greener somewhere else.  This is true in any organization.

    it's much more than that. 

    Unless you are in Band, Choir, AGS, Gifted or a sport.. you don't feel the love.  Students really don't.  I've seen it.  So many students view WW from a prism of being isolated.  I speak with a lot of graduates.  Trust me.  WW has a real problem that places like Princeton don't seem to have.   As a teacher, we tried to get them involved in different things, but this is a huge problem.  I am NOT saying this is anybody's fault.. but instead of worrying about Lacrosse and Rugby, why not make it a goal to get 100% of the students involved in an extra curricular?

    When students are involved, grades improve.  When grades improve, self-esteem improves, families are more involved and taxpayers start to pay attention.

    Stop "Waiting for Superman".  

    You have 30,000 people that could be part of a great Warrior Family.. but how many of them are?

    It's the same with your teaching staff.  So many are there because they "can't afford to leave".. so they won't.   Is that good for morale which leads to student achievement?
    Others.. will simply leave on a hot July day without any notice...  requiring you to pay a huge premium to find a replacement at the last minute.

    Instead of blaming them, why not inspire them by lifting them up.. THE VERY SAME THING YOU LECTURE THEM TO DO WITH THEIR STUDENTS?

    Again,  I love the place.  WW needs to build some serious bridges of trust.  If they just try gimmicks to pass bond issues and levies, I don't think they will ever be successful and the state will have little choice.   Finally.. and again.. Cicero and Mad B HAVE been part of that solution.   True, I have sparred with them over the years and don't agree with them on everything.. but my time away from the place has inspired me and given me some insight as to ways that it can be done.
    I am well aware of the "strong personalities" that hold big chairs in the high command.  I know them very well.  I am not going to critique them personally, but... I wonder if the same things that are crushing Donald Trump right now could take down WW?   Does WW have a bit of a Trump complex when it comes to community relations?  Does the district pander or inform?  

    I remember the consultant that came into advice on this bond issue.  You do as well.  It wasn't good.

    Build a family and you build a school district.  Love your staff and they will inspire the children.  Don't pander to "communities"... uplift and unify everyone.

    One final thought.  Say what we will about Colerain, there is a real love of the students for that place.  It's not perfect, but there is a huge wall of love there.  Same at Princeton. Those are your neighbors to the left and to the right.   More than a few WW teachers went to work at both places.  A former WW assistant principal was the principal at Colerain.   The demographics aren't that far off from WW.  It can be done.

    Winton Woods can win if they are one team and everyone feels that they have a place at the table.  Right now, does anybody think that this is the case?  If not, what can be done about it?

    So.. to Cicero's point.  I think the talk about academics is analogous to framing the house before laying the foundation.

    Academics don't come before unity.  They are, in fact, a result of that.