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District Sued Over Athletic Conference Dispute

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well, there were a lot of instances over the years of racism toward my children. So I'm sorry, but at the moment my focus is not on a school of mostly white kids and how the black kids feel, but how my children felt every day, as the minorities in the school. A black teacher and coach told my son he and his friends could not hang out togather in a corner of the cafeteria at lunch. because it might "cause trouble" and they shouldn't "congregate". It wasn't allowed for the white kids to congregate because it might cause a problem?

And then there was the fact that my kid wasn't allowed to wait for me outside the school, but had to leave the school and wait for me at the park, while the school kids who were black could wait outside anywhere they wanted too apparently

The first time I picked him up at the park, there were about forty kids hanging out outside the school all over the place, none of which were white. I asked my son why he wasn't allowed to wait by the school, and he said, "He said I couldn't wait outside the school because I wasn't an athlete." When I wanted to go say something, my son said, "No, Mom, don't say anything. You'll just make trouble for me, and I'm the one who has to live with things after you say something."

These are just two examples. Now if you were a mom, and you had spent your whole life as a parent teaching your kid God doesn't see color, wouldn't you be upset? I've never compared Greenhills schools to Forest Park schools, because our experience never had anything to do with seperate school districts. My kids came in halfway through elementary school and had no real experiences with life before the merge. But I'm gonna move heaven and earth with prayer and work to see that the baby of the family doesn't graduate from Winton Woods.

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