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Dr. Nasbe Retiring

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Dr. Camille Nasbe, superintendent of Winton Woods City Schools, has announced her retirement at the end of the 2012 calendar year. “This was not an easy decision to make, but after much mediation and prayer, I realized it’s the right time,” said Nasbe. “The ten and a half years I’ve been at Winton Woods City Schools have been the highlight of my forty-year career.

“I will always hold this staff in high esteem for the work that they do, and will continue to do, on behalf of our students. I am confident that the leadership and professionalism of our staff will maintain the highest of expectations for our students and themselves through this transition. The Board has indicated that it will seek a new superintendent who embraces the course we have established and will continue to move us forward.”

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State Report Card Performance Index and Rating

2001 .....71.5 Academic Watch

2002 .....76.3 Academic Watch (Dr. Nasbe began Aug. 2002)

2003 .....79.5 Academic Watch

2004 .....87.6 Continuous Improvement (Levy passed)

2005 .....89.9 Continuous Improvement

2006 .....90.1 Effective

2007 .....90.3 Effective (State Budget Cuts Began & Continue, Elem. Reconfig.)

2008 .....86.3 Continuous Improvement

2009 .....86.9 Continuous Improvement (Levy passed)

2010 .....88.3 Continuous Improvement

2011 .....89.6 Continuous Improvement

% of Winton Woods Students Classified as Economically Disadvantaged

2001 ...14

2002 ...22

2003 ...24.5

2004 ...19.5

2005 ...35.9

2006 ...30.7

2007 ...35.7

2008 ...33.8

2009 ...45.5

2010 ...53.6

2011 ...57.7

% of Student Mobility (Students Moving in and out)

2001 ....10

2002 ....10.5

2003 ....11

2004 ....11.5

2005 ....13

2006 ....13

2007 ....13.5

2008 ....14.7

2009 ....16

2010 ....17.5


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Wow, this is surprising news. I must admit, I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I like Dr. Nasbe very much and I do think she is looking out for the best interests of the kids. But on the other hand, maybe its time to get some fresh ideas - fresh leadership. I personally don't think anyone can fix it unless the demographics change, but it can't hurt to keep changing it up.

My question: Steve Denny???

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Camille Nasbe


Dear Board, Students, Staff, and Community:

I am publicly announcing tonight my retirement at the end of calendar year 2012. It has been my honor to serve the students and community of Winton Woods City Schools. I want to thank the Board of Education for believing in me when they hired me as superintendent in 2002 and for supporting the vision I held for Winton Woods schools and students throughout the years. Together we made the following happen:

· an Alternative Education program that significantly increased graduation rates

· a monthly art gallery to showcase student art

· community forums to inform the public about multicultural topics, academic report cards, the achievement gap, budget cuts, and levies

· increased communication with stakeholders through a variety of media: Winton Woods Today, a revised district web site, Facebook, Twitter and automatic parent phone calls, emails, texts

· a uniform student dress code

· fiscally responsible budget cuts, levies, more budget cuts, more levies and even more budget cuts

· use of Progress Book to support parent’s involvement in their child’s education

· grade-level elementary schools, saving taxpayers over $1.6 million dollars annually

· addition of Chinese and Spanish during specials time at grades 3-6 to improve foreign language acquisition

· a partnership with UC’s Center for Economics that fosters economic awareness in the global society for elementary-age students

· creation of the Winton Woods Education Foundation and teacher mini-grant awards

· creation of a Financial Advisory Council to review, recommend, and articulate the district’s management of resources

· annual recognition of Superintendent’s Scholars & their Most Influential Teachers

· Varsity Ensemble performances during pre-Olympics festivities made possible by raising $100,000 in community donations

· a state football championship in 2009

· academic competitions such as Robotics, Mock Trial, and JETS Physics

· a new, research-based teacher evaluation system

· a Business Advisory Council and mentoring program that supports the Academy of Global Studies’ students

· open enrollment and part-time enrollment policies, generating additional enrollment and revenue

· a tuition-paying international student program that generates additional revenue and opportunity for cultural exchange

· community service projects through AGS and Key Club

· summer Chinese camps and other international exchanges

· school-based therapists in partnership with Talbert House

· an ESL teacher at every school for Limited English Proficient (LEP) students

· cloud technology which extends the life of our equipment and lays the foundation for staff and students to bring their own devices

· K-8 reading, math, and science programs, consistent with new Common Core Standards

· participation in the Freshmen Challenge, a summer STEM program of Great Oaks and UC

· shared services with Finneytown’s Transportation Department, generating additional revenue

· School of Business and Engineering pathways at WWHS

· dual enrollment and online courses that provide college credit to high school students

· monthly Board recognition of outstanding staff, community members, and students

· the Academy of Global Studies @WWHS

· a $750,000 state Innovative Programs Grant for a New Tech/Asia Society partnership

· numerous other grants, which provided Chinese teachers, materials and field trips, literature books and science equipment, STEM training for Winton Woods teachers, and a Latino Literacy Program for Latino families

· gender-based STEM conferences for young men and young women

· a project-based Humanities course at the Middle School

· a Gold Medal in the 2012 World Choir Games by our Varsity Ensemble

· a community-driven Strategic Plan with a strong vision and core values

· a community-driven facilities plan that resulted in an offer from the Ohio School Facilities Commission to encumber 31% of the total funds needed

· and increased scholarships for graduating seniors.

Despite my desire to see all of my vision realized, I am retiring at this time because it is the right time for me personally. I am moving to Oregon to be near my son and daughter-in-law, but I will always treasure the opportunities I’ve had here and the many wonderful students, staff, parents, and community members that I have met along the way.

I am leaving the Board a district in sound financial condition, able to postpone an operating levy for several years due to responsible budget cuts. I am leaving the Board prepared to take advantage of matching construction funds from the OSFC if the community so desires to pass a bond issue in 2013. I am leaving the Board with teachers and administrators who are working together to align our courses to national Common Core Standards and our evaluation systems to federal Race to the Top and state regulations. I am leaving the Board with staff who continue to refine their practice to meet student needs given limited resources, multiple demands on their time, and societal challenges. Most importantly, I am leaving you with great leaders whose skills and dedication ensure that children will succeed.

I will never forget the many churches, civic organizations, local businesses, and individual citizens that support our children. This is a community with many generous, caring people who continue to shore up our students through their contributions. That fact has kept me going as this job has been more than just a job to me. It has been my life’s work for the past 10 ½ years. Those who know me well know that it has always been about working for the students. I have recruited educators, opportunities, and support to provide them with the skills and character they will need to succeed in a global society. I believe that through our collective example they will learn our core values of academic excellence, integrity, and an appreciation for the unique talents of every individual. I have wanted for them the kind of well-rounded, diverse education I gave my own son and I sincerely hope that future Boards of Education, superintendents, and staffs will make decisions as if every student were their own child.

Over the years, our students have inspired me, surprised me, and on more than one occasion, made me laugh. As one serious child recently asked me, after hearing that the historical photo they were studying had been taken in 1878, “Is that when you were born? I told him, “No, that would make me about 134 years old”. He pondered this for a moment and then said, “My grandfather is 85.” I remember thinking afterward, “Boy, I must have looked really bad that day”. So you see, it really is my time to retire.

With that said, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the district’s children. It has been the highlight of my 40-year career. I have worked every day in Winton Woods City Schools with the personal goal of improving educational opportunities for all students and I will continue to do so until my last day in the office. I will never, ever forget the many wonderful people and interesting events of which I have been a part during my 10 ½ years as your superintendent. And as I have told many of you, time and time again, “You will all be in my book!” Thanks for a wonderful decade.


Camille A. Nasbe, Ed.D.



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Thank you to Dr Nasbe for your service, energy, compassion, and dedication to the community for your tireless work-

Much appreciation to you and wish you much deserved good fortune for the future!

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cool.gif A very graceful, dedicated and innovative lady whose primary objective was always her students. Godspeed and best wishes, Dr. Nasbe!

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What the Enquirer doesn't really mention is that a number of those Supts are "retired/ rehired". Janet Baker (Hamilton) is a good example. She will be there longer than the Castro brothers in Cuba.

Make no mistate though. The next supt. will demand some cash to run this operation... as well as a "free hand" to call the shots.

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