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The New Bible

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What are yor thoughts about this?

If the bible were re-written to be fashioned after the past 100 years;

Who would be the players?

What would be the scriptures?

To whom would the letters be written?

Who would encompass the 12 apostles?

I write this because I'm enthralled with the thought that Christians believe in a book that was written about 2000 years ago. Therefore, I ask these questions to see how modern day Christian beliefs capture the "modern" world.

I know that in my modern bible I would include John Paul II & Mother Teresa. I'm curious what input you mighgt have in this speculative discussion.

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The new bible would be written with only human intellect.

A seeing is believing attitude and scientific "proof" that man

is the master of his destiny.

No victories over evil....just compromise.

We would learn that love is a feeling.

Natural selection would give us the right to kill off the weak or helpless.

Don't homosexual to save the earth

from over population.

The teaching of collective salvation would be taught in honor of Mother Earth.

The individual must take a back seat to the Common purpose.

Government IS god.

There's a start. smile.gif

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