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I'm not sure if this should be categorized in the Religion thread, the Favorite Recipes thread, or my own Blighty's Thoughts thread (which is the most viewed thread on, but here it goes anyway.

Tonight after dinner one of my call girls made me a wonderful dessert. And, alas, I nicknamed it the Devil Food because of the temptation to eat more. Could this have been the "apple" described in the bible? I don't know. And, since no one here was there it could have been.

First, get a bowl out - You know, the type of bowl you grabbed when you were 7 years old on a Saturday morning when your parents were still asleep and a fresh box of Fruity Pebbles still lay unopened in the bottom cabinet of the kitchen.

Line said bowl with Nutter Butters.

Place two scoops of extra crunchy Jif peanut butter on the bottom of the bowl.

Place two tablespoons of caramel topping on top of the peanut butter.

Place two big scoops of vanilla bean ice cream on top of that (And, none of that cheap crap ice cream)

Top that ice cream with dark chocolate topping.

Finally, spray the top with whipped cream and top with a Reese's cup.

The devil will spawn in your tummy and give you a loving hug.

You're Welcome!

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