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So, I rented Rush. Yep. I rented the movie from Family Video.

I initially had my doubts because how cool can a movie like this be? I like F1.

Watching the movie was interesting because at first I had no idea it was actually based on true events. And, true they were when after I got through about 3/4 of the movie I looked it up on Google. The movie had a new perspective when finding out it was true.

The background information and the realism of the race was incredible. The portrayals of the real people and the likeness of each were amazing.

What an incredible movie! I would suggest this movie to anyone wanting to watch just a great movie as "porch TV" with friends over drinks. Very enjoyable and because it was closely based on real events I would give it an A (3.5 stars).

Any avid race fan would love it!

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