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Can't stress this enough.  Parents MUST UNDERSTAND what is going on and how "New Tech" works.  I am a big fan of it and I think it gets results.


If folks are just expecting Dr. Holden (who has invested the better part of 6 years in this concept) to wave some kind of magic wand and test scores are going to skyrocket.. it will be a failure.  

It only works when the students, parents, teachers, community members, and administration are all on the same page with the same goal in mind.   Say one thing about some of the WW critics.. a number of them are huge boosters of AGS and the process... even as they rail for change.  

PBL requires a real "success" mindset as opposed to just granting easy "A"s to students.   Folks can protest about inequity.. or they can be part of the solution.  If folks think PBL is being force fed.. well.. that's when you elect a different school board. 

I think that I can speak for all of the AGS "Pioneers" when I say that PBL will only work when and if the students "buy in" to the concept.. this starts with asking hard questions and knowing the expectations in advance.  It really does raise the bar and will require students and parents to step out of the comfort zone.  It is not THE answer to EVERY problem (even we know that).. but it does provide a great learning opportunity for students.

One of our AGS graduates will be attending the Democrat Convention next week as a delegate.  I'm very proud of him even if I am not a huge liberal Democrat.

WW (like every school in America) will put on a "dog and pony" show to put the program in the best light.  That is their job.  BUT.. if you think there is an element that isn't quite your experience.. share it!!   New Tech only works with honest communication among all parties.  I know this from my own experience... which is why I think it can really work.   And yes.. that communication needs to be honest from ALL sides.. including the high command.

BUT... it is YOUR JOB to ask the tough questions and demand answers from anybody that is there.  If you all are too busy "looking for Pokemon characters".. well.. whose fault is that?

I had no problem answering those questions when I worked there and I am sure that those teachers that will be there will be honest with you as well.  You have a great staff at the HS.. many of them are personal friends of mine.

Again, I really want to encourage people to show up.. even if you think PBL totally sucks.   The discussion is absolutely essential and people need to be informed on all sides.  Many teachers are really looking this to be a "make or break" year for them at WW.  If the community wants to just sit back, do nothing, and whine.... the brain drain will continue.  Believe me.  Some of the WW staff is being heavily recruited in districts that pay more money.  I have been very open about that.

Good luck to you all.  I'm still rooting for PBL and WW.   

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I think we have arrived to a degree of desperation that we are selling the magic potions in the hopes that THIS silver bullet will solve all of our academic problems.   Having said that, I think that Dr. Holden as Curriculum Director has not shown sufficient inside and expertise necessary to construct a curriculum that will insure success for ALL the Winton Woods students.  Dr. Holden and the Superintendent have consistently tried to find quick solutions to the deep rooted problems that plague the Winton Woods System.  Together with that we have the total lack of involvement from the Board to ask important questions and to compound the problem in these so called OPEN MEETINGS and came you'll to ask your questions but please give the questions ahead to Mrs. Dennis or some one else to control the direction of the discussion has to stop.

It has reached the point where the entire system and specially the School Board has become dysfunctional, that includes the two liberal and the two "do gooders" from Greenhills, who seemed to be the  eternal cheerleaders for the system and consistently and myopically refuse to ask the necessary questions that would insure perhaps some positive change, and refuse to answer some direct questions addressed to them.

I have heard wild rumors that the Members of the Board are going to file worker's compensation for the carpel tunnel syndrome the got from rubber stamping all the policies put forth by the administration.

So, EQ, what is your prediction on attendance and management of this coming attraction and direction towards the old fashion freedom of speech allowing  legitimate dissent?

As always I value your response.  You seem to get it, in fact you went somewhere else that gets it.  I think when you had your fill with the administration so you  moved somewhere else as you did. 


The Mad Botanist

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Thank you for the kind words.   As for the board.. well.. people get who they elect.  At this point, PBL is the framework that will form the basis for learning in WW for at least the upcoming year.  As someone that believes in it, I really want parents to pay attention and students to clearly understand what the expectations are. 

Dr. Holden's role (at this point) really is inconsequential if parents and the community back and insist on high standards and classroom opposed to endless finger pointing and excuse making.   I am not naive.  I don't expect the kind of turnout you might get if you were talking about sports.   However, I do anticipate (and this is based on our AGS experience) that all sorts of rumblings will begin once students start to complain that "it's hard". 

I am only suggesting that people had better take an interest in what is going on and ask questions anyway.   If their child is involved in PBL (at any level), they should know what phrases like "Need to Know" and "rubric" mean.  They should know about groups.  The leadership can't say one thing in the summer and then back down / back peddle on standards or expectations as the year progresses when some loud parent rolls in and starts yelling about how their child is an honor roll student, and now they are getting "C"s, etc.  They also can't just "let crap roll downhill" when things get tough (and they will) as this process is rolled out.   This undermines what PBL is all about.


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