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Coyotes In Village

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There have been several reports of coyotes in the Village recently.  It is important to remain proactive to avoid conflicts with coyotes, but it is also important to understand how to manage an encounter on your property.  Removing attractants is the most important and effective way to lessen the chance of a coyote appearing on your property.

Attractants can include:

  • Loose or unattended pets, especially small dogs and free-ranging cats,
  • Food or food scraps of any kind, especially meat,
  • Food or water bowls for pets left outside,
  • Fallen fruit from trees or seed from bird feeders, 
  • Composting bins without tight-fitting lids, 
  • Garbage bags or cans without tight-fitting lids.

If you do encounter a coyote on your property, do not run from it.  Instead, stand your ground if you are in a safe location.  Coyotes are generally fearful of humans, so yell, wave your arms or throw things at the coyote to scare it off your property.  Effective deterrents include air horns, hoses or (in extreme cases) pepper spray.  If the coyote is not responding to your attempts to drive it away, or it appears aggressive, sick or injured,  DO NOT APPROACH IT.  If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, contact the Greenhills Police Department at 513-825-2101.  You may also contact the Ohio Division of Wildlife at 937-372-5639 for more information on coyotes and trappers.



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